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Altea Real Estate Blog

It seems like summer has arrived!

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At least in Altea!

When I am writing this, we had in Altea two or three days that are a sample of what are coming to us right now!

The truth is that most people are delighted.

Logical, if the weather were to remain like this until October or November

This would be, without a doubt, a glorious paradise.

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But I fear, and it is what most of us who live here fear, that the summer is going to be great!

Unbearable heat, unbearable amount of tourists, unbearable traffic, and best of all, very easy and problem-free parking!

Oh my God

Can I see how much I like Altea to become popular?

Thank goodness that within all the tourist trash, we also believe that people with very high purchasing power will come.


There are several reasons that prove this:

1.- Everything that is being cooked:

ZEM Wellness Retreat in Altea Hills, Personalized and very exclusive Gym in Cap Negret, Super luxury complex with Beach Club in Albir, improvement of Puerto Campomanes, super VIP and very expensive restaurants, etc, etc


2.- The price of the properties:

They don’t stop going up and there are few of them for sale.


3.- The new trend of this world and this society.

High-level people have already had enough of the Internet, social networks, misleading advertising, etc.

And they look for very personalized treatment in EVERYTHING. It doesn’t matter what you sell. If you want to be successful you must seek excellence.

And there are already many who have realized this!

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Since I have already satisfied my need to give my opinion without being asked by anyone, and this is a Real Estate blog, I will get to the point.

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Altea is positioned as the third municipality with the highest prices in the province of Alicante.

  According to the College of Property Registrars:

1.- Jávea= €2,788/m2

2.- Benidorm= €2,674/m2

3.- Altea = €2,407/m2

It must be emphasized that these are average prices because here in Altea Hills or Porto Senso I have houses at €10,000/m2

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Fact to take into account:

When the ZEM Wellness Retreat in Altea Hills opens, prices will increase by a minimum of 20%

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Do we have something at stake?

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Ferrocarrils de la Generalit Valenciana (FGV) has begun repair and conditioning works on the Alicante-Denia train tracks.

The works will last several months and at the moment they have put buses between the L’Olla station and Calpe to condition the Mascarat tunnel.

Later the bridges will change at the exit from Altea and the bus journey will have to be made between Garganes and Calpe.

The works will be completed towards the end of the year.

Then the journey will be made by modern Series 5000 diesel-electric propulsion units.



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In case you didn’t know, the neighbors who live facing the sea in Altea between the port and the Chiringuito have been screwed alive!

They have removed that stupid traffic light

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and given them the perfect solution!

Unique sense Altea Albir.

So if you go to have a drink at the LAB (it’s next door), to get back home you have to go around Spain!

Isn’t it great??

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A company has donated 5 (yes, you read correctly, no less than five) hotels to the Altea City Council for…..


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We are all in this beloved town.

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I am considering applying for a license for a campsite….



Well Stoic friends, I hope and wish very strongly that you have a lot of HEALTH, without ever forgetting to always practice…….HAPPINESS!

See you soon