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Altea real estate blog 7-22

Posted by Abel on 14 March, 2022
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Altea real estate blog 7-22

Hi friends

Happy Monday!

And happy week!


In these fifteen days that have passed since the last blog

Many things have happened…

Among others,

the son of a bitch Putin

has made Altea Hills be on everyone’s lips

For better or worse


And whether they like it or not

The fact is that we have become more famous than we were

I have already been interviewed by those of Cuatro, those of A Punt and this week TV3,

What do you think about?

(I’m liking that about being famous, hahaha)

Nobody has been able to certify that the character in question had really been here

But it that doesn’t matter

The question is to make news

For people to swallow

What a circus!


Of all the ones I read, this is one of the ones I liked the most:

First news of the Real Estate Blog of Altea 7-22

“Vladímir Putin’s luxury refuge on the coast of Alicante”

“The Russian president frequents a region with a large influx of citizens of his country where the largest Orthodox church in Spain is located ”

THIS IS TRUE! (what of the Orthodox Church)


“The views of the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains of the Marina Baixa draw a paradisiacal landscape around Altea Hills,

 the luxury complex where the Russian head of state has enjoyed his vacations years ago”


(about the sea views)

“Businessmen, politicians and other influential figures in Russian society have chosen this spectacular resort in the town of Altea”


“ for which an invitation from some of its neighbors is necessary to access its impressive facilities within the reach of a small group of people around the world.

“Some of its best homes can cost up to 7.5 million euros, being one of the most valued and desired areas of the entire Mediterranean arch.”


“an impregnable fortress with security 24 hours a day, a license plate control system and a circuit of cameras that ensure the privacy and tranquility of its neighbors. “

“A unique refuge on the Costa Blanca from which you can breathe fresh air and aromas of nature, where you can contemplate an intense range of colors and the most beautiful panoramic view of the bay”,

How beautiful!


Anyway, what can we do…

I’m liking that about fame…

The complete news on ABC


Second news of the Real Estate Blog of Altea 7-22

How I like to play fortune teller,

and do not forget that

I ALWAYS have behind my New Generation 5G ball,

that never fails…

Altea real estate blog 7-22


I pass you a piece of news that will mark a before and after with the Russians in Altea Hills.

“The Prosecutor’s Office increases its collaboration with Ukraine and begins to monitor cases of Russians in Spain”

The State Attorney General’s Office has begun a period of close collaboration with its counterparts in Ukraine as a result of the war that has lasted 13 endless days.

The head of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Dolores Delgado,

 has begun this cooperation on two fronts: on the one hand, analyzing what legal supports she can provide to the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office for hypothetical international judicial derivatives in the future;

 and on the other,

collecting information on all the causes of Russians in Spain for exhaustive monitoring in case they could have transnational implications, according to tax sources.”

As a consequence of all this

will we have more houses for sale?

I dare to guess yes.


Third and last news of the Real Estate Blog of Altea 7-22


“A British woman who tripled the rate of alcohol and circulated in a prohibited direction was arrested in Altea

“The Alicante Civil Guard has arrested a 44-year-old British woman in Altea for driving in the opposite direction on the Autopista del Mediterráneo.

Once she stopped the vehicle, the agents confirmed that she had used cocaine and that she had tripled the maximum allowed amount of alcohol.”

“The alleged author presented clear symptoms of having ingested alcoholic beverages, so the pertinent tests were carried out.”

“These tests yielded a positive result, exceeding three times the allowed rate.

“Given the seriousness of the situation and the state in which she was, she underwent a drug test, testing positive for cocaine.”

One that lost the pot! I’m not surprised!

With so much bad news and media manipulation…….

They come here and seeing so much beauty, so much tranquility, and so much good food…

they relax and hit the “escabio” (to suck in argentinian)

And so they go down driving…..

Full story on ABC


And as always I leave you with the featured property of the week:

Beautiful duplex apartment in Campomanes

Duplex en la playa de Campomanes

The site is one of the most impressive in the entire Costa Blanca.

Altea real estate blog 7-22


It is located in the very Port Campomanes, today called Marina Greenwich

You cross the street and you can take a dip (or swim for several hours, depending on what you want)

then you can have breakfast in any of the spectacular places inside the port,

And if you are one of those privileged people who has a boat…

a walk by the sea to complete the morning….

or the afternoon as you like.

Then a little shower in the duplex on Campomanes beach…

and enjoy the terrace with spectacular views!

You will be in the middle of the port!

you can walk to the supermarket if you want.

A privilege.

You can join the 68 m2 undistributed lower part with an internal staircase and do it as you like, and you are left with a property of more than 160m2 on the very first line of the sea.

Price: €325,000


The unsolicited advice from Monday in the Altea Real Estate Blog 7-22:
Altea real estate blog 7-22

“life is NOT to wait, it is to live it and take advantage of it until the end”


That there is much to enjoy out there.

A hug



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