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Altea real estate blog with humor 68/2020

Posted by Abel on 23/10/2020
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Altea real estate blog with humor 68/2020


Hello friends

(Have you seen how modernized I am?)

Today is wednesday night

And I still haven’t written a single line!

And worst of all…

I don’t have the slightest idea about what I’m going to write!

On top of that I just saw Real Madrid lose (pathetic well-to-do rich men), so you can imagine my creativity (spurred on by the spirit), as it is!

At the moment the only thing I have done, for the SEO, is change the name of the blog, because I have done a Webinar on positioning and I have learned some extra tricks.

I hope they serve!

And for the Real Estate Blog of Altea with humor 68/2020

I search and search for some positive news and the truth is that it is difficult to find it!

And what can I tell you that I haven’t already said!

We are on the way to curfew and things are getting more complicated every moment.

The contagions and the bastards of the politicians rise, who receive their good salaries and their good diets, fighting among themselves like sluts from tenement houses! (in Spanish corralas), and to the country, and to the self-employed, and to small and medium-sized companies….

Fuck them all!

They only favor large companies.

Why will it be?

Doesn’t it ring a bell?

Rich and poor


14861514553937 pobre vs rico


Real estate sales are still very slow in Altea because there are very few people (clients), and even rents have slowed down a bit.

The truth is that the feeling is a bit depressing and if we add the panorama that is presented….

Already in itself November has always been a very lazy month of people and activity in this area, so this is fine….

I even run out of coffee in Miau …

They are closed indefinitely because the owner of the premises where the Mas y Mas is located will do work and will build several new commercial premises

Where is the Miau bar there are 4 premises and in the parking lot there are 9 new premises with parking on them.

An important work that will completely change the appearance of the site and therefore also the commercial activity.

New year, new life, new business ……

************************************************** ***********************************************************************

For my part I continue to show properties to clients with money who are looking for good houses.

That is the trend that comes.

Capital has to move …

And where better invested than in homes or commercial premises.

Do not doubt that there will be good opportunities (and ask the investment funds that are prepared with their weapons at the ready).

Altea real estate blog with humor 68


More than one owner will need to sell to have liquidity, and there will always be someone with money ready to be invested.

Of course at a good price!

Although I must confess that I have not seen any opportunity yet.

The owners in this area are very cool!

There is a small generalized price adjustment, especially in apartments, but the truth is that very little.

Many, unable to sell, try to rent.

What happens that they usually ask for a lot and that is why they do not rent it either.

In short, money is power!

Rent-to-own is now fashionable.

I have already seen several cases of very expensive houses …

We’ll see if they finally execute the purchase or stay in a simple rental, yes, a little expensive …


Today as I have no gossip about Altea and I have not seen anything new, I am going to present a store of organic products that I love and that Raúl runs so well.

Although it must be said that even though he is young, he has extensive experience in this type of business, so I assure you that he does it very well.

He is also a very smart and friendly guy

There you can find all kinds of organic products and natural food supplements.

Every day brings products from the garden and organic breads, as well as a lot of product for athletes who want to eat healthy.

I recommend you visit it and if you get the customer card then you benefit from a discount.

It’s called Bio Natural and it’s located at the end of Avenida Alt Rei En Jaume I when it turns and begins to climb towards the Old Town.

Altea real estate blog with humor 68 Altea real estate blog with humor 68

Bon profit!


As for the property of the week,

I present you a duplex apartment in the Isla de Altea Urbanization.

Altea real estate blog with humor 68

swimming pool

Altea real estate blog with humor 68


Altea real estate blog with humor 68


Altea real estate blog with humor 68


Altea real estate blog with humor 68


Altea real estate blog with humor 68


Altea real estate blog with humor 68


Altea real estate blog with humor 68


Altea real estate blog with humor 68


It is very large and has a private patio of 103 m3 that gives a lot of play.

It has 4 bedrooms and three bathrooms, parking space and storage room included in the price.

It is equipped with hot / cold air conditioning in all rooms and the Complex has a gym, swimming pool, children’s play area and paddle tennis court.

It is very interesting for large families or for rent.

It is very sweet because of its size and I can guarantee that you will not find something with those measures at the edge of the sea for that price:

€ 310,000

A very interesting opportunity!

Here you have the link to my website in case you are interested in further details:



Altea real estate blog with humor 68/2020

As I am still out of time or inspiration, this is perhaps the most positive blog I have ever written.

I will only dedicate myself to giving positive advice as a good “coach”

I will base them on my own experience since this situation is putting us to the test… ..

and how!

Every day I experiment with myself

As I have already said in other blogs, there are days when to get up I leave a record in the minutes “that I DO it against my will”

It costs me “God and help” to be able to do it.

But I do it!

And then I feel so much better.

The ideal thing for my age (I read it the other day), is to sleep between 7 and 8 hours. NO MORE.

And it’s true, the body and mind are much better than if I sleep 9 or 10 hours..

I have less back pain and I am much more positive.

I do my exercises when I get up and work longer hours and in better conditions.

Which of course improves my mood.

Knowing that you have worked well makes me feel good about myself …

I do not know if it will be a defect that I have incorporated as a child and not everyone has it, but the fact is that it is like that in me.

And really when I sleep well 7 or 8 am I wake up with much more energy and positivity, which allows me to handle all this shit in the best possible way.

Therefore friends, pay me some attention:

DO NOT be idle!

Do things that make you feel good

Positive things and with love

in a good mood everything is much better …

Forget the bad vibes



The envies ..

In short, all the negative thoughts that human beings are capable of feeling.

And try, even for a single day, to be in a very good mood and smiling, and making jokes,

And you will see the results …

They are immediate!

People receive you in a different way and give you back the good vibes on the fly

Even the nastiest ones change the chip when you treat them kindly!

You can see that they are not used to it and they are so surprised that they are misplaced!

Try it, listen to me!


I leave you with today’s unsolicited advice:

Have a good weekend





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