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Altea real estate blog with humor 69/2020

Posted by Abel on 30/10/2020
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Altea real estate blog with humor 69/2020


Today I am going to start the real estate part in a very serious way….

Just out of education I’m going to wish you a good morning …

Because the reality is that I’m not in the mood for jokes.

I just read the latest news from this great government that we have.

They will regulate the price of rents.

But not only of the new contracts that are signed in the future … but also of those that are already signed!

Ala, fuck you!

You are so calm in your house collecting a rent from your rented apartment …

Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 69/2020


(luckily you’ve got a tenant who pays you correctly),

and these politicians come and tell you that you are not going to continue charging X,

but from now on you will charge “X less what I say!”


Here we are.

This is going to favor the rent!


As if there were no examples (read Berlin)

Does that sound like gentrification?

The owners are so dumb they are going to play along with these smartass.

Because everyone is so good that they will put their properties up for rent …

And at a cheap price….

And nobody is going to ask for a part of the rent in black …

Nooooo, that never!


Illusions …

And I believe in Little Red Riding Hood and the 7 dwarfs!

Well, everyone who believes what he wants to believe.

So it goes.



many owners instead of renting will put their properties for sale,

which will increase the supply and therefore favor the price drop.

Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 69/2020

In Alicante and many municipalities on the Costa Blanca in my opinion it should be between 20 and 30% decrease in the next year

Although in Altea they will not lower that,

at most and in some specific cases or that are already overvalued, between 10 and 15%

but always talking about apartments and bungalows or small chalets,

never about unique, singular properties!

There are friends, those will always be highly sought after, because they are that,

SINGULAR properties


In the Altea real estate blog with humor 69/2020 I will tell you one small story:

this morning I was with a builder friend in a structure that he bought unfinished

and of which he is making some changes in the project to finish it and put it on sale.

He told me that the starting price will be above three million euros.

And the truth is that the house will be so spectacular and it is in such an amazing place, that if I were rich I wouldn’t even think about it …

You can feel the owner of the world on your terrace!

And that is exactly what happens …

Those houses are sold to people who do not have any financial problems,

and they are sold for sensations …

That is why they are unique.

Because they make the owner feel a series of emotions that compensates for the price paid.

Another world…

Another market …


On the other hand, these gurus of social networks who try to sell you online marketing courses and real estate puppets who say they make a lot of sales via digital make me laugh.

Who anticipate what is coming …

In one of the houses that I am negotiating we have already been THREE times! (and not counting a fourth that I went with a builder sent by buyers)

Even the family dog ​​will go on a (I guess) fourth / fifth visit to give the go-ahead to see if he feels comfortable in it!

Do you really think that someone is going to buy a house without visiting it?

just by videoconference and without seeing what you feel?

and feel and see and touch everything?

and imagine moments in it?

I’ve only lived that once

we sold two apartments to an American investor as an investment,

he didn’t come, but he had his secretary for a whole week looking at properties and sending videos….

busy people who delegate these minor things …

but a big house ……



in Altea real estate blog with humor 69/2020 today I am going to present you something:

that is not new but is like new….

And that because of this situation the fucking bug is not having the impact it should!

I am referring to the new (and already veteran) MACAO in the Campomanes port, current Marina Greenwich.

My friend Richard and his wife Naily have redecorated it and it really is very, very beautiful …

A very pleasant place to have a drink or coffee during the day, with a magnificent terrace facing the sea ……..

And an ideal place to have a drink at night (when they leave us)

now they have also made the Oysters bar where they serve,



cheeses and various delicacies that are ideal to accompany those little drinks by the sea that we like so much!

The photos give you an idea of ​​what the site is like but the ideal is that you go visit it to see the changes in situ and enjoy that wonderful corner in the port.

I recommend it.

I leave the link with its website:

MACAO Lounge bar


in Altea real estate blog with humor 69/2020 I will present you:

as property of the week one villa that is being refurbished in the Golf de Altea.

Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 69/2020

A really beautiful house that will be finished by the end of the year, although I think it will be for the beginning of next year.

I was the other day visiting it and taking photos.

You can draw your own conclusions in view of the state of the works and the final renders.

A spectacularly beautiful site!

and with beautiful views of the golf … and the sea!

and not only for golf lovers

because I don’t play games and yet I would really enjoy living in it.

I imagine the breakfasts in that kitchen and the barbeque baths on those summer nights….


What a treat!

Enjoy your imagination even if it is!

I leave you the link to my website in case you want more information:



Now we change the chip and… ..





Ala, some music

and to move the skeleton!

Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 69/2020

And to prepare for the weekend,

That although we may not be able to do everything we want,

But we do relax

Focus on ourselves

Do what we like the most …

And enjoy this life that we have alone or with the family.

Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 69/2020

Of what there is …

Because yes friends, what there is is what there is

And if we spend our time regretting everything we don’t have,

Of what we cannot do …

That what we want and is not within our reach …

We take it clear.

Time passes and goes

And it doesn’t come back …


Take stock of EVERYTHING you have …

Rate it …

And take advantage of it!

You will see that it is a lot !!

Let us have confidence and faith in a better future and let us focus on our goals with determination and perseverance,

Looking for our dream

but NEVER go over the present suffering …


************************************************* ***********************************************************************

I leave you with the advice NOT requested today:

Hope you enjoy the weekend

A strong hug


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