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Altea real estate blog with humor 70/2020

Posted by Abel on 06/11/2020
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Altea real estate blog with humor 70/2020



Every day I verify that my 5G plasma ball is more infallible

Altea real estate blog with humor 70/2020


Last week it predicted the effects of rent price regulation that the great “mismanagement” we have will bring out.

We are making progress


It has been a month that they do it in Catalonia and it is the only place in Spain where rental prices have risen.

In the rest of the country they have dropped …

Bobcats …

Or Son of a bitch!

Nobody is going to convince me that they are stupid and do not know …….. and that their large groups of “maintained experts” do not warn them ….

Altea real estate blog with humor 70/2020


You just have to see the example of Berlin

It is wise!

I copy and paste part of the article published by El Mundo this week:

“Catalonia launched a law a little over a month ago to cap the rents of tenants and during this time, some market players have taken the temperature of its consequences:

confusion, uncertainty and risk of supply decline

are some of the effects that they indicate.

Without forgetting the prices.

From their experience these days, many owners are withdrawing their homes from the rental market,

good to sell them, “because economically it compensates them more”,

or because they prefer to wait for the situation to clear up and be free to establish their income.

On the contrary, those who have properties in worse condition choose not to reform them because it does not compensate them for the rent they receive.

The result in the medium term is a deterioration in the available housing stock. “

And continues:

“Black market risk”

Other consequences are already evident.

“The signing of many contracts that were about to be closed due to the confusion generated by the change has been postponed,” explains Antonio Carroza, CEO of Alquiler Seguro.

“Carroza also warns of the risk of promoting alternatives to skirt the law.

“There are owners who are beginning to request that they sign leases for 11 months, instead of a year.”

This type of contract would be considered seasonal, halfway between tourism and residential, and would not be subject to the rule that limits prices.

As a counterpoint, yes, tenants cannot register in the town where they reside. ”

“There are also those who request that a part of the rent be charged outside of what is stipulated,

thus promoting a kind of black market in the manner of what happened in cities like Berlin ”.

“Whether for one reason or another, the main injured party will continue to be the tenant, who will have less offer to choose from.

But there is more.

Beatriz Toribio warns that “the law may hinder access to housing for groups that are experiencing more difficulties with the crisis, for example young people or families with lower incomes, because the owners, when choosing their tenant, the one who is more solvent will prevail. “

“Most of the tenants have opted to switch to seasonal rental, a legal figure halfway between the residential and the tourist. “If they changed to residential they would be obliged to make a contract of five or seven years, but with the seasonal one they can have a rental of a minimum duration of one month and a maximum of one year,” explain Idealista sources.

“The owners hope that tourism will return”

What did I tell you in the previous blog?

I nailed it, right?

And that because of the Covid the real estate market has slowed down a lot … otherwise the rise would have been brutal!



In the real estate blog of Altea with humor 70/2020 I comment on the problem that many will have …

many of those who rent tourist apartments is that they will have to behave very well!

Guys, no doing “weird” things …

Altea real estate blog with humor 70/2020


As for example not declaring everything to the “big brother” Keep reading if you don’t believe me:

“The Ministry of Finance is still determined to carry out fiscal control over the rental of tourist flats.”

Big cheese ….

they don’t want to lose the big chunk … .

Because the Supreme Court will oblige the Tax Agency to suppress form 179, known as “quarterly informative statement of the transfer of use of housing for tourist purposes”

Therefore, the good guys will use the so-called Tobin Tax,

to create a new informative return

to be delivered by people, entities and “in particular” platforms such as Airbnb.

The identity of the property owners will have to be provided;

that of those who enjoy it, whether by lease, sublease, timeshare contract, part-time ownership or similar;

detailing the cadastral reference of the house, the number of days of transfer and the amount paid.

so you know:

if you publish it …..

you will be controlled!

Altea real estate blog with humor 70/2020



And if that were not enough:

Be careful with bank accounts …

They are going to force financial institutions

to file an informative return

of clients with an account with tax residence in another European state;

or any country with tax information exchange agreements with the EU,

either with Spain or with other states ………

Altea real estate blog with humor 70/2020


The entities must present the declaration annually, even when there is no specific information to communicate.

Come on, you can now go to the Treasury to the brand of underpants / panties (because of the difference in genders), which you use …

Altea real estate blog with humor 70/2020



In the real estate blog of Altea with humor 70/2020 I present you the property of the week:

Beautiful brand new house in Monterrico (Altea la Vella)

It has 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms and a toilet

Closed garage and a large storage room.

Three terraces

Underfloor heating….

and a lot of more things……

all for ………..

€ 785,000!

It is price shot !!!!!!!

Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 70/2020

Se vende casa chalet nuevo en Altea Se vende casa chalet nuevo en Altea Se vende casa chalet nuevo en Altea Se vende casa chalet nuevo en Altea

Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 70/2020











I leave you the link to my website in case you want more information:


Today in the real estate blog of Altea with humor 70/2020,

I put you photos of a beautiful afternoon / night that I lived the weekend:

first a walk through some streets of this beautiful town called Altea,

Then a very tasty pizza at the El Castell restaurant with those beautiful views ……..

Later a baroque music concert in the Church of Altea,

And finally dinner at Live 4 elements of Albir

Round night… ..



Genial. Today is Friday !!!!

Come out to enjoy life !!! (even if it’s to the balcony)

Change your face!

Forget all the problems!


Give yourself two days off!

Do what you want!

(Watch out in the kitchen)

You have my permission! Forget about the banks,  the politicians, the fucking bug, and even your mother! (on Monday we’ll see)… .

Think ONLY about yourselves!

And don’t take into account what others think!

Forget even Real Madrid, or Barza, or Valencia, or Mallorca (Enrique goes for you),

or whoever it is!


they do not care if they lose …

They leave the locker room just as rich as before, they get into their wonderful cars and go to their splendid houses …

And the only idiot who gets fucked pissed off is you (and me).

to think how stupid we are?

For my part I have it clear:

Grant yourself that wonderful pleasure of exacerbated hedonism.

Dedicate ALL the time in the world to satisfy your desires (yes, it is forbidden to lock your mother-in-law in the chicken coop)

Try it for a couple of days… .

Then you will tell me about your experience …… .

But attention :

be careful with this:

Altea real estate blog with humor 70/2020



A friend of mine told me that he isolated himself at home for three days until he had the test result for having been in contact with a positive test,

he gave negative,

nothing to highlight,

the anecdote is that he looked so bad that he arranged papers for his family in case he patted her and once this was done, he calmed down and relaxed …

During those three days he took things differently and spent it doing yoga so well that now his perspective and even his way of living has changed …

Altea real estate blog with humor 70/2020


You see that “there is no harm that does not come”, as the popular saying goes …

There is no way to “see the wolf’s ears” to react …

having to go to those extremes …

why don’t we consider a change now?

Why not see the world from another perspective?

I assure you that it is possible I am achieving it ..

And if I can achieve it myself, you can too…

******************************************************************************* ****************************************

And since today is Friday




Next week more …

I leave you with TWO unsolicited tips from today:

Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 70/2020



Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 70/2020


A hug and… Enjoy a great weekendBLOG 59NUEVA REALIDAD 2



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