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Altea Real Estate blog with humor 71/20

Posted by Abel on 13/11/2020
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Altea real estate blog with humor 71/20


Well friends

We already have it packed again!

What a crazy world!

Enough is the simple announcement from the Pfizer laboratory that their vaccine has been tested with 90% success in humans,

so that madness breaks out in the stock exchange.

Altea real estate blog with humor 71/20

I wonder:

Are we so in need of positive news that in such a situation optimism suddenly comes to all of us?

You just have to see what is happening:

The euphoria unleashed in the stock market on Monday before the announcement has produced the highest rise in the same in the last decade: 8.57%

The protagonists of this rise are above all the banks, one of the sectors most affected by the stock exchange.

Bankia, CaixaBank and Santander rose around 7%, BBVA and Sabadell slightly less.

Those of JP Morgan have a positive view on European banking, due to the lower political risk with the United States and the vaccine, “which can give clarity on the capital projections,” said the entity.

An improvement in the health scenario can also unleash more euphoria

In addition, the prospect of reactivating tourism boosts the values ​​of the sector.

Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 71/20


IAG (Iberia and others) rose 10%, while Meliá, has been the one who has increased the most: 36%.

And so the other related companies, including Repsol with a 10% increase.

Come on,

we have it clear!

But not all, huh ..

Have you seen the money that the CEO of Pfizer took for selling a large part of his shares with the increase?

How stupid we normals are!


Author’s note:

according to the notaries,

property sales rose again in September by 5.4%

45,583 deals have been deeded

on the other hand our friends the banks have released more money to buy a house,

because the granting of loans increased by 8.3%,

but the most important:

house prices fell 7%.

On the other hand,

the sale of new apartments increased by 30.2%

against second-hand it fell by 3.5%,

that is to say,

much more new construction is sold than second hand

All translated into our vehicular language (for the moment),

It means that more properties are sold but at a lower price!

How simple and logical, right?


I must comment on the Altea Real Estate Blog with humor 71/20,

that my price has also risen (I do not say how much because otherwise you will envy me),

The wise men predict that next year we will be selling properties like crazy … (my 5G Plasma ball has not told me anything yet)

Well, it seems that there is a bag of buyers crouched waiting …

Altea real estate blog with humor 71/20


Is it true?


Because what is now ……

Altea real estate blog with humor 71/20



On the other hand, the political smartass continue fucking the staff:

Some Communities are waiting for the Government to legislate the “empty house” for the whole country (that is, if they are able to put all the vultures in agreement) with a “State Law”

Meanwhile, several of them are carrying out different initiatives in that direction.

Right now some are already defining the concept, ordering and even legislating to anticipate the mess that this country has to be able to promote “affordable rent.”

One of the leaders is the Valencian Community,

that finalizes a decree law to move the empty house to the lease, mainly the affordable one.

“We believe that there is a very high number of uninhabited housing, so we are determining the best legal element to encourage their move to rent, mainly that belonging to large holders,” explains the general director of Institutional Coordination of the Housing Council, Adoración Guamán.

So calm down, colleagues,

It is only for those who have more than 10 empty properties and above all, for banks.

(do you have more than 10 properties in Spain?)

The Valencian Community, Navarra and Aragon,

they are the most advanced in that sense

and they have fiscal mechanisms “to encourage” the transfer of empty properties to the market.

As explained by the general secretary of the Union of Technicians of the Ministry of Finance (Gestha), José María Mollinedo, they range “from coercive fines to very serious sanctions, which can reach up to € 900,000”

In our Community “the intention of the Generalitat is to negotiate before imposing sanctioning measures”


This is VERY important!

the problem, as always, is the lack of common criteria,

“There is not even a clear pattern in the definition of empty housing”,

says the legal advisor of the General Council of Real Estate Agents of Spain, Montse Junyent.

From the College of API’s they demand more legal security.

You can read the full article in CINCO DIAS-EL PAIS.


In the Altea Real Estate Blog with humor 71/20

I present you the property of the week:

A beautiful house on the beach in the same town of Altea.

It is located a few meters from the center of Altea and the promenade.

It has 240 m2 built and has been totally renovated by its current owner with top quality materials and exquisite taste.

It is sold fully furnished and has hot / cold air conditioning and underfloor heating.

This magnificent home is located close to all services (you can walk to town) and with direct access to the beach, which is only 10 meters away.

It is a unique villa on the beach in the city of Altea, with direct access to the sea 10 meters from the house, at the same time it is a super quiet and peaceful place in the heart of Altea.

They are 240 m2 built on a 2,000 m2 plot, including a large terrace-solarium with views of the sea and the garden of the house.

The villa has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, one of which is a guest toilet.

Altea real estate blog with humor 71/20

The master bedroom has its own dressing room and bathroom.

Large modern style open kitchen with living room and dining room, as well as a rest room at the entrance of the house.


The design of the house combines modern and classic (rather rustic) style, and has been completely restored with high-end materials and modern design.

Altea real estate blog with humor 71/20

Each room and each bathroom has been decorated with great taste and finesse, giving it a modern touch but with a very pleasant rustic air.

Altea real estate blog with humor 71/20

On the plot there is 1 closed garage for one car and several parking spaces.

Private garden with beautiful furniture, ideal for relaxing and having breakfast on those wonderful and unique Altean mornings that allow us to enjoy life in its small details, enjoying the proximity of the sea and its benefits.

Can you imagine a swim in that wonderful beach after a nice breakfast in the garden?

or the other way around if you prefer …

If you are one of those who likes to take a bath in the sea first thing in the morning and then have breakfast …


Altea real estate blog with humor 71/20

How many can give that pleasure?

The property has permission from the City Council to build a pool in the large garden at the back of the house, although the truth is that with the sea so close, few will want a pool …

As an investment for tourist rental it has no rival!

Terrace on the top floor with views of the sea and the beach.

Why don’t you take a look at it?

You won’t find many houses like this for this price!

€ 760,000

I leave you the link to my website in case you want to expand the information:



The same TWO news from the real estate blog but viewed positively:

Isn’t it great that the market reacts so well to the news of the vaccine?

Doesn’t that mean we’re all looking forward to this shit happening ASAP?

But according to what my 5G Plasma ball tells me until March we will not see the light …

It is all programmed.

In December for that of Christmas they will leave us a little loose

(especially so that the staff do not rebel and start causing problems)

and then in January they will tell us that how we wake up at parties….

they must lock us up again….

In March, as they will already have the business of vaccines cooked…. (And others related)

wing, all to produce, useless bunch!

Doesn’t that sound like 1984? Orwell?

And now that they have created the “Ministry of Truth”… ..

Well guys …

My big 5G Plasma ball tells me that TWO types (basically speaking) of personalities are clearly forming:

One, belonging to the Great Mass… ..

Who will blindly obey the System (mostly out of fear)

And that he is simply waiting for time to pass so he can enjoy his previous life…. (beer included)

And another much smaller Thinking People who will rebel and go a little against the current

and he will not be carried away by the “right” thing.

And who understands that there is a new world, different, perhaps worse, or perhaps better depending on how you look at it …

And that nothing is going to be like before….

at least economically speaking… ..

will become part of the Superior Community ...

These people will be the ones who know how to take advantage of the opportunities that will present themselves (which will be many), and who will take the lead…

************************************************* ***********************************************************************

Well, if you think a little (you don’t need to think much)

and you are one of those who rebel against all the reigning stupidity …

And you see everything with a prism of positivity,

and above all thanks to what you have and can enjoy …

Then you have great possibilities to be part of the Superior Community

Because I guarantee you that in the next four months a lot of people will fall,

Winter is going to be very hard …

many are going to stay on the road ..

Not only because of the Covid19 virus (or 20 or 21 or….)

But for depression, sadness or illnesses produced by these two.

So friends

Let’s become part of the Superior Community …….

This requires a super positive attitude….

This attitude is what allows you to see the bottle half full instead of half empty….

And that is essential so that the results of what we do daily are different …

If you think positive, it seems that you attract the positive and then the results are better

If you think negative you know ……

So therefore you have to have Faith and Hope that everything will go well …

And you will see how it will be like that!

It’s not worth living scared!

If total, you will not care

It’s up to you.

Live one way or another… ..

Reaction to,

Rebellion to sadness, bitterness and manage your fears ..

Let’s go ahead!


Now I recommend a beautiful place where it seems that everything is going well

It makes you forget the prevailing sadness and you can have a very pleasant moment (or several).

I’m sure most of you know it,

if not,

go quickly to meet it.

It is in Puerto Campomanes (Marina Greenwich), on the edge of the sea.

And my friend Raul is still doing wonderfully well



And I leave you with today’s unsolicited advice:

Altea real estate blog with humor 71/20



Have a great weekend.




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