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Altea real estate blog with humor 73/2020

Posted by Abel on 27/11/2020

Altea real estate blog with humor 73/2020


Good morning friends

We are here again

Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 73

Another week more ……

Or less depending on how you look at it ……

I don’t know if it happens to you,

but weeks fly by for me.

As it distracts me a little

I have to start writing the blog against the clock….

And there you see me

running for news and information to get some idea what to write about


Don’t think the blogger’s life is easy!

You have to work hard!


Let’s get to the point …

According to a report from the College of Registrars, and based on registered sales

The purchasing trend in Spain has changed due to the bug crisis.

  1. More homes are sold in less populated areas (escape of the bug)
  2. Most are more square meters (more comfort is sought)
  3. The sale of single-family homes increased with respect to that of apartments (the mother-in-law to the chicken coop noooo)

So far all logical, right?

According to Tinsa (Appraisal Society),

prices in the province of Alicante have suffered a year-on-year drop of -4.4% from October 2019 to the same month of 2020.

So far all logical, right?

According to the Idealista real estate portal,

prices in Altea HAVE RISED 2.3% from September to October of this year

and interannual in Altea town 0.2%.

And specifically in the Mascarat Urbanization a…. 7.8%!

While in Altea Hills they have dropped 0.8%!

All this, I repeat according to Idealista

That it is a place where everyone puts the price they want …

So far all logical, right? (although the latter does not seem very logical)

Well, I’m going to explain to you what the logic of all this is:

More people have come to Altea to live fleeing the confinement of the big cities.

More properties have been rented for telecommuting (good for investors)

We have no bug (good for everyone)

And in the particular case of Mascarat… ..

It is because at the time of the great construction boom 2000-2008 almost everything was built with two (small) bedrooms and very few with 3 and 4 bedrooms,

And now people are looking for bigger ones so the few that are for sale have gone up in price.

La Olla is more expensive because it is closer to the town and above all

for being on the edge of the sea.

As for Altea Hills, there each one puts the price that they think!

But because of the reality we have, prices are falling.

“House prices will weaken across Europe, especially in countries that depend on tourism and the United Kingdom,”

Moody’s Investors Service said.

And without wanting to be pessimistic, with which we have been economically speaking, next year we will see …


To give you an idea:

Average price per m2 according to Idealista:

Altea town € 2,086

Altea Hills € 2,198

Mascarat € 2,360

La Olla € 2,532

Keep in mind that these are average published prices, then the reality is that there is always a negotiation and lower prices are agreed….

and also, in this area each property is valued individually, depending on its location, distribution, condition and above all… views.


As always, I present you the property of the week:

Magnificent plot perfectly located near the sea

Completely flat and very easy to build

Next to the Mas y Mas supermarket

You can walk to the beach and Puerto Campomanes

Access to the highway at 50 meters and to the AP7 a few kilometers, which puts Alicante and Valencia within a stone’s throw.

There are 1,030 m2 and you can build a 381m2 two-story house

In an urbanization surrounded by wonderful houses …


With three new projects under construction in the area.

What more could you ask for?

Come on, it’s a bargain!



I leave the link to my website in case you want more information:



Two friends of mine, both named Enrique,

They think I’m a Francoist….

And they think I’m not posting it here out of fear or caution.


I can’t be a Francoist because I came to Spain very young four months after Franco died, so I lived through democracy without having any idea how to live with Franco.

The first thing I experienced was the transition of Suarez, then Felipe Gonzalez (whom I voted for in my first elections), and then everyone else.

Either way,

I doubt that I would have liked it, because I hate totalitarianism …

I consider myself liberal and I do not like at all the “take it, swallow it” that any government wants to impose on me, be it from the right or the left.

But as you know, now everyone has to be catalogued…

And if you do not practice goodness, feminism, animalism,….

You are FACHA ..

Simple as that!

Therefore, and from what I am seeing and hearing, the only thing I can say is that I have NOT experienced a worse government than the one we have now.


Now you can call me “facha….”

I follow…..

Most of the politicians lie.

That did not happen before.

There was an ethic, a decency.

What is that today?

They go to what interests them….

today they say white and tomorrow black … and they stay so calmed ..

Although it is recorded in the newspaper library ..

They don’t give a damn!

That is why I DO NOT believe in ANY politician.

I don’t care what party they are …

Except for rare exceptions … (there always are)

Most of them lies..

They go to what interests them.

And the self-employed and small businessmen .. to pay ..

That is what we are for!

More was missing!

If it weren’t for the idiots we paid, they couldn’t keep sucking off the pot.

And as Luis Figo says in his controversy with Rufian:

“Stop sucking on the boat and worry about the companies that left Catalonia !!! The flight of companies from Catalonia has now risen to 5,567 since 1-O”

And before his reply:

“Here the Ministry of Culture and Sports of VOX explains the negotiation of Esquerra Republicana”.

Figo replies:

“Caro” deputy Gabriel Rufián. You are still misinformed. I have no political affiliation, but I admire and identify with the great managers, which I do not include you. And I don’t know what bothered you the most, if you stopped sucking on the boat or the companies that already left Catalonia “.

Like Figo, I believe and value good managers, and I think that Amancio Ortega, Isla or the owner of Mercadona, like any other great businessman, would make Spain a great power, and we would stop so much stupidity!

I think that with this I make my position very clear.



As you can see, I have changed from micro influencer to coacher.

For several reasons.

The main one is that because of what I am experiencing, feeling, doing and above all, learning,

I am getting a super positive mentality despite the current adversity and the very depressing moments that we are going through.

Therefore I believe,

rather I am sure,

It will help me to help people to improve themselves and their surroundings.

To extract from within that powerful force that we ALL carry within.

To give the best of themselves, so that they can live a life full of satisfaction and personal achievements.

To stop suffering uselessly for your own thoughts …

May they be more HAPPY!

That will be my mission for the rest of my life.

I hope I can do it right.

On the other hand, the influencer thing will be something very secondary that perhaps comes only for everything else.

But the reality is that I don’t see myself doing bullshit every day on social media.

It is not mine.

And to climb the step you have to be aware of that all day.

“Today we went with Pepita to have coffee at …”

“Today I wear this shirt of …”

“Today I made the O with a joint …”


Uff, what a burden

No way.

I have seen that I am now a nanoinfluencer (300-10,000 followers)

If I wanted to become a micro-influencer (10,000-50,000)

or interinfluencer (50,000-200,000)

or macroinfluencer (200,000-1 million)

or already the top:

megainfluencer (more than 1 million),

I should post videos of me dancing naked

would cause a sensation

and there I do not pass….

no way!

I assure you !!



I recommend a new place in Altea La Vella to buy organic and natural products:

Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 73

Herbolario ALHAMA BIO

Before it was the herbalist of Ingo Fries and it was in a place next door, but now it belongs to Rosa Borja and they have expanded it.

It is called Alhama Bio and it is a little before reaching the town just after passing the first roundabout after fuel station.

Ingo continues as an advisor.

It’s great.

It has everything.

They also open on Sundays from 9am to 2pm



In the Altea real estate blog with humor 73/2020

today are TWO unsolicited tips:

Have a great weekend

A hug



2 thoughts on “Altea real estate blog with humor 73/2020

  • Barraclough
    on 28/11/2020

    What’s happening with the Altea Hills security barriers ( Mr campomanes? ) also the refurbishment of the Altea Hills Hotel ( Altea Mayor? ).

    Can you tell us all here in Altea Hills more about these subjects.

    • Abel
      on 29/11/2020

      Hi Frederic
      The hotel is originally scheduled to open in the spring of 2022, if it is not delayed because now there is a judicial problem in the middle.
      As for the barriers, it is also in court.
      There is a complaint filed by Luis Campomanes.
      Interests created by water issue.
      Whenever you want we have a coffee and I will explain it to you in more detail.
      You can call me.
      a greeting

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