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Altea real estate blog with humor 77/2021

Posted by Abel on 15/01/2021

Altea real estate blog with humor 77/2021


We start the year with what I consider great news for the town of Altea and for all of us who live and work in it.

The Altea City Council signed in December with the Alicante Provincial Council a collaboration agreement through which the municipality will be present in the GeoNet organization.

This system has the GIS tool or Geographic Information System (GIS is its acronym in English)

“Which will allow municipal technicians, in the field of city council management, and citizens, to consult information of their interest in the municipality of Altea”, according to the Councilor for Urban Planning, José Orozco,

The director of GeoNet, Pedro Barber, pointed out that this geographic information system “has already been launched in other municipalities such as Calpe and Finestrat”,

“The GIS improves the management and efficiency of the internal management of municipalities and also makes all information that is not protected” available to the public.

He stated that “once the system has absorbed the information transmitted by the different municipal departments of Altea, it may be fully operational in about four months.”

The GeoNet system will bring greater levels of efficiency, transparency and speed in responding to citizen demands.

The information that the system will offer “will be the consultation of the planning of the PGOU, where the different conditions are, the urban conditions of each plot, the protected buildings, the Assets of Cultural Interest (BIC) and the Assets of Local Relevance (BRL)” .

In Environment, you can consult “natural spaces and their protection, where are the monumental trees, the delimitation of green areas, lighting, or the need for new containers, among many other issues.”

In Tourism “it will allow us to analyze where the tourist homes are and check the saturation of some area”.

In Heritage, the citizen “may identify municipal assets.”

And for the Altea Local Police “it could be a very important internal work tool when delimiting complaints or criminal actions by areas.”

Altea real estate blog with humor 77/2021


This system is immediate, you click and you even know the material of a drinking water pipe, for example.

People who want some information from the Altea City Council will have a direct source, which will avoid requesting reports from different departments, from now on the neighbors will be able to have them at their fingertips with the press of a button.

Hopefully this is a major improvement in municipal services.

Of course, if this is how they paint it, we professionals will be greatly benefited in our work.

Congratulations to the local government team.


Breaking news in the Altea real estate blog with humor 77/2021:

The greatest decrease in second-hand real estate sales in the province of Alicante according to the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda has occurred in ……


What don’t you guess?

Benidorm -39.1%

Altea          -37.7%

La Vila       -36.6%

And my 5G Plasma ball tells me that in the fourth and last quarter of the year it will still be much more accentuated.



In Altea real estate blog with humor 77/2021

I put the property of the week:

A duplex penthouse in Mascarat very close to the beach and next to Puerto Campomanes (Marina Greenwich).

This duplex penthouse is located in the Los Jazmines complex and has beautiful views of Altea and the bay.

Altea real estate blog with humor 77/2021


On the entrance floor there are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (one en suite) with a comfortable kitchen and a large living room with a fireplace that opens onto a large terrace.

On the upper floor there is a large solarium.

Altea real estate blog with humor 77/2021


It has air conditioning and a garage on the ground floor of the same complex.

Residencial Jazmines is a complex of 4 buildings with several swimming pools and beautiful gardens.

Altea real estate blog with humor 77/2021

It is located in the upper part of the Mascarat Town and that piece already belongs to the Calpe City Council.

At the bottom of Pueblo Mascarat there is a beautiful pebble beach with two chringuitos located right next to Puerto Campomanes.

At the entrance of the urbanization there is a large supermarket and access to the AP7 motorway is a few kilometers away.

There are not many 3 bedroom properties like this at such a good price.


It is brand new for € 315,000

Here I put the link to my website in case you want to expand the information:



In Altea real estate blog with humor 77/2021

Good friends,

We start the year 2021.

Altea real estate blog with humor 77/2021

And half confined.

In the Valencian Community we have an intelligent, Martian virus, because it only attacks at night, in bars and restaurants …

It only attacks in the parking lots of shopping centers, restaurants and pubs, not in the supermarket….

Fucking fighting such a clever bug!


In the first Altea real estate blog with humor 77/2021

We all look forward to it being better than the one that just ended,

Although I recognize that not many things will have to happen to improve the shit of the year that has been 2020 …


Although I must confess that for me, except for the economic part, everything else has been super positive ..

As I have already mentioned in previous blogs,

I have undergone a great personal and even professional transformation.

On the personal side I have done like the eagle, I have changed my beak, my claws and my feathers to face the last part of my life with enthusiasm and happiness… ..

And in the professional I will tell you ……


Going back to the eagle,

I am going to tell you a little story, now that the storytelling thing takes place… ..

A history of eagles… ..

A beautiful story… ..

Of motivation and improvement… ..

«The golden eagle is a bird of great longevity, but when it reaches the middle of its life, it must make a serious and difficult decision.

At those times its nails deteriorate and it cannot catch its prey with which it feeds.

Their long, pointed beak curves against the chest, their wings age and become heavy and thick-feathered.

Fly is too hard for them.

So the eagle has only two alternatives: either to let itself die or to face its difficult process of renewal, which will last 140-150 days.

The process consists of flying to the top of a mountain and staying there, in a nest on the rocky summit, where she doesn’t have the need to fly.

Already installed at the top of the summit, she begins to hit the rock with its peak until it starts.

Once this is done, she has to wait for a new one to grow with which she will detach your old nails one by one.

With the new, tough dewclaws it will remove its heavy feathers and thus grow strong and firm its new wings.

After about five months of transformation and changes, she begins a majestic imperial flight that will bring her a completely renewed new life.

Altea real estate blog with humor 77/2021


Is it true?

Is it a lie?

It does not matter…

What matters is the message …

Stay with the charm of history… ..


The fact is that I loved it!

And it has come to me like a glove… ..

Because in February 2020 I had to make the decision of the eagle:

Or began a process of slow death, of agony in life,

or was undergoing a major transformation.

And almost certainly,

I can tell you that if it hadn’t been for the confinement that happened to us in March, my path would probably have been the first.

When you reach a certain age (in some before and in others after),

One day you find yourself at a crossroads in your life and before which you have two paths to choose from:

Or you become a grumpy old man (or old because of that of the genders) and you spend the day protesting everything (shitty government, young people don’t know anything, nobody knows how to drive, in my time everything was better… .etc, etc, etc),

Or you decide to adapt to what life offers you and you become super funky!

You accept the continuous changes that occur daily with sportsmanship and you try to solve the problems that living brings us,

because life is that ..

You will only stop having problems, and that I can assure you, the day you go to the other world….

There is a moment in life when it seems that we have already emptied ourselves, given everything we had inside, the same in our work as with the family or even personally.

It’s as if our creativity ran out and we no longer have much to contribute.

We become gray and sad, dull, aged … …

Altea real estate blog with humor 77/2021

If to that we add the ailments of age and those due to lack of movement and excess weight …

There comes a time when we find ourselves at the crossroads I referred to earlier:

Either we transform like eagles, or we will be condemned to die alive … slowly.

The transformation requires, first, to stop for some time and make a profound change… ..

Very deep….

Fly to the top and begin a process of renewal.

We must shed our skin and from the depths of our being, direct the change.

Only then can we get rid of those old nails and heavy feathers to continue a flight of rebirth and victory.

And what are those feathers and nails that we have to get rid of?

The mental frames that each one carries inside and that we have absorbed from the third week of gestation to 7 years or so.

Plus the lived experiences, vices and customs acquired throughout life,

If to that we add the lack of energy due to a nutrient deficient diet and sedentary lifestyle …… ..

What a cocktail!

all together are the ties that prevent us from changing.

They are huge, they tie us to the past, to mediocrity, to the lack of courage to leave the comfort zone and start the fight.

Only when we remove the weight of the past can we enjoy the result that a renewal always brings.

That is why the process of the eagle is very hard.

Tremendously hard!

But if you want results, I’m afraid there is no other way …

You have to take courage and face it, like the eagle …

And be willing to suffer ……

And to give up small pleasures in pursuit of the goal….

I have been in the transformation process for several months, and I confess that I still have a few old feathers to remove …

But even so and everything I can assure you that I’m already another, nothing to do with the previous one …

I hope I can still take off the ones I have left!

Throughout future blogs I will tell the whole process


In another blog I have already told you about two very good personal trainers in Altea …

Gabriel and Guillermo… ..

Two machines!

Altea real estate blog with humor 77/2021


They have a gym called Fitmii Altea

Altea real estate blog with humor 77/2021


Is on the street

They are personal trainers and train to the “crem de la crem alteana” (and from outside also)

I recommend it to you.

I don’t go because I am very self-taught and I like to train on my own (I am a bit lazy), although I recognize that with a coach better results are achieved

I put some photos of the site.

It is worth knowing.


I leave you with the unsolicited advice of the week:

Good luck and great encouragement for this year that begins.


PS: DON’T forget to be thankful.

Give thanks for EVERYTHING you have.

And even if you’re having a hard time (like most human beings on this planet), you sure have A LOT of things to be thankful for and A LOT of people to thank for what they do for you.



2 thoughts on “Altea real estate blog with humor 77/2021

  • Jay
    on 16/01/2021

    The Eagle has landed ?

    • Abel
      on 17/01/2021

      Thanks to all of you.
      Will never forguet this moment in my life.
      From now to the end, a new life began.
      You are an eagle too, and I really happy to share nice moments with “birds” like you!
      Small contribution to change the world.
      We keep going on.
      The eagle

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