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Altea Real Estate Blog

Another month.

We are already in March 2024.

Wow, how old we are getting!!

Well, let’s not get into those topics!
At least we’re still here, at the foot of the canyon…
Some I knew can no longer say the same, unfortunately!
So friends,
give thanks to God, Allah, nature or whoever you believe in, to be able to live day to day…
Always remember…
Living Mindfulness…
And enjoy every minute of your life as if it were your last…
Why it could be,
and we don’t know!

Long live health!


Hey Abel, don’t go off on a tangent!

I’m already getting the Stoic shock….

I can’t help it!!!

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This is a Real Estate blog, so let’s get to the point.


For those who are not in Altea, and who after reading this are going to quickly pack their bags:

Summer is coming!!!

According to the newspaper Information:

“With just a few days left until spring arrives, the Spanish Meteorological Agency announced that this has been one of the warmest winters in the historical series in Spain. And in the province of Alicante and the Valencian Community, temperatures have been above the national average. In Alicante it has been the warmest winter since 1869 with temperatures up to 2.3 degrees above normal on these dates.” original 3be e40 47f 3bee4047f85caafc4a18ea208a0c6239
“On Saturday we will reach maximum temperatures of 27 degrees in Orihuela, 26 in Pinoso and Elda and 25 in Villena.
On the coast, Alicante and Torrevieja stand out with 22.
On the other hand, on Sunday we will have cloudy skies but with a notable rise: 29 degrees in the south-west provincial area, even reaching 27 degrees in Elche and 28 in Elda.
In Alicante we will reach 24 and Benidorm will not exceed 21. Light variable wind, with a predominance of the east and south components in the afternoon.”
And I can attest to this, because yesterday the tourists in Altea were already naked!


A news item that appeared yesterday in La Razón:

The rental index starts: “A real estate suicide”

“The real estate sector denounces that its values are far from the market and that it will further reduce supply, pushing prices to new highs”

“Fewer rental homes, the rise of the illegal market and unwanted price increases.

The reference price index to limit rental income in areas declared as stressed, which comes into force this Saturday, has sparked concern among owners, tenants and experts in the real estate sector.

Its interventionist design has sparked criticism from the Federation of Real Estate Associations (FAI) and real estate portals such as Idealista, Fotocasa or, which predict the opposite effect to the desired one, fewer and more expensive apartments for rent, as well as from the Popular Party, who has insisted that none of the 10 regions in which he governs will declare stressed areas, as it is a “real estate suicide” that would destabilize the market.

However, the potential negative impact of this mechanism will be limited, since so far only Catalonia has requested the declaration of stressed areas that will affect 140 municipalities. Sumar and Podemos have also joined the criticism although, in their case, due to the lack of forcefulness of the measure, which will “only” have an effect on the highest prices and will not allow “significant” drops. “Discontent is widespread.”

As luckily in the Valencian Community the PP governs, here for the moment we are saved a bit, although I tell you from my own experience, there are practically NO properties to rent, and the little that there is is VERY EXPENSIVE.
Furthermore, as I suppose you already know, in Altea the City Council suspended granting new permits for tourist homes for this entire year, which has stopped many investors.
Although “the Law is made, the trap is made….”
If anyone wants to know it…




Evolution of property prices in Altea according to Idealista:

Look especially at what they have uploaded in ONE year!

Precios Idealista 2 scaled
Any comments?
Those who wait for prices to drop in the area to buy…
They are clear about it!



At the moment the Real Estate market in Altea is very quiet for several reasons:

1.- The international

So many conflicts and general uncertainty make people afraid and blocked. Doesn’t move chip.

2.-The banks are taking advantage of this and offering high interests to raise capital, which is attractive to the fearful.

3.-There are few properties for sale so prices do not drop.

The owners usually have money and know the market, so when faced with a lower offer they always tell you the phrase that sentences us real estate agents: “I’m not in a hurry.”


That means that the chance of reaching an agreement is: ZERO

Therefore, what is sold is either very special and because it is unique there is always someone willing to pay for it, or because it is a bargain that the owner, due to various circumstances, has been forced to sell it.

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I do not understand anything….

Am I so famous??

The other day I received a comment on the form on my website from a guy who had taken a lot of trouble to make it.

It was in English and he told me that he had detected that I was using his photographs without paying royalties….

He gave me the name of a famous American photographer (he put his website verifiable and that of some lawyers also verifiable) and he told me to avoid problems to pay him in bit coins… ..

It was so well done that if I had been a little bit stupid, and also didn’t just use my photos, maybe I would have fallen….

That means that the chance of reaching an agreement is: ZERO
Therefore, what is sold is either very special and because it is unique there is always someone willing to pay for it, or because it is a bargain that the owner, due to various circumstances, has been forced to sell it.
************************************************** **************************************************
Although thinking about it, I must have been very stupid not to realize that this was not the way to proceed in a real case…
I tell this because I continue to be amazed by the Internet….
You have to see the number of visitors I have on my website from the United States!
************************************************** *************************************************
An apartment for sale in Mascarat like a house!!
The house has 133 m2 built with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large living room and closed kitchen, both rooms with direct access to the 67m2 terrace/garden, perfect for enjoying the sun and its wonderful views.
The terrace/garden has a door that leads directly to the street, which allows it to be individualized as if it were an independent house.
20240308 104933 2
20240308 104943
20240308 105326
*All this in a closed, very quiet residential area, with a swimming pool and with good access from the national N-332, near the Mas y Mas supermarket and near the port of Campomanes where you can enjoy all the services offered in restaurants, leisure, sports. nautical and much more…
A few meters walk away there is a spectacular beach with a beach bar included.
Mascarat verano scaled

Abel Micheletti C.