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Posted by Abel on 17/03/2020
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Today start my blog Altea unpublished part 1

because the coronavirus..

As we are ALL at home, as it should be,

I will do this blog in at least TWO parts or more, I’ll see.

Overall, we all have plenty of time now….

As the competent authorities say, “it will depend on the evolution of the fucking bug

(The latter is mine, so far no politician has escaped)

Friends, thank God, I have not experienced any war, but I imagine this is the closest thing but with a very full belly….

that’s why I am going to relate it as such,


DAY 1: Friday, March 13, 2020

In the afternoon of today I receive a shock when I found out that the Generalitat Valenciana decreed that from 0 o’clock all the discotheques, pubs, restaurants, bars and cafes in the three provinces should close.

My God, I ran out of the three daily “cafelitos” that shot me in the body !!

whithout to go to LIVE, to The Lab, to……

And now? What was I going to do?

The world felt down over me!

I started to feel claustrophobic

I took the car and went to the center of Altea to say goodbye to Christian at the Internacional.

There we were all between stunned and sad for the one that was coming upon us!

In more than 40 years that I have been in this country I could NEVER have imagined it with the bars and restaurants closed.



Commenting on the great speech of the great President that we have: “the officials must rest easy because they are going to receive 100% of the salary” and then: “the self-employed and small businessmen also because they are going to PAY for everything but with a 6-month delay … yes , we are not going to charge interest “

that “good” the president we have.

I was not recovered from the shock when it occurred to me to go to Mas y Mas to buy …

I couldn’t believe what I saw there …

There are human specimens as close to the animals that exist.

Obviously for some humans (I would not call them people) their only and of course the first priority in life is to eat and drink, let’s say we put everything that fits into our bodies.

When I arrived at the checkout, I told the nice cashier (in this case Marga, but I must say ALL the staff is fantastic) that in 25 years that I went to that supermarket, I had never seen it this devastated.

She told me that neither and that even on the worst days of summer this happened …

And then she said: “what I don’t understand is the toilet paper”

There we all laugh

It is a worldwide phenomenon, all over the world people fighting over toilet paper … Even in Sydney (I have seen a video of two ladies waving for a roll of toilet paper)

Then at night I found an article in El Mundo that explained it:

Title: What are the compulsive purchases of toilet paper these days?

I recommend it, lose a few minutes and read it, so you will also understand it

DAY 2: Saturday, March 14

I’ve spent all day pissed off

In the morning Cecilia had canceled a performance at the Hotel Villa Gadea that same night.

(previously they had canceled a concert on April 6 in La Ruta de las Hermitas)

And a friend of mine who is prevented from working on his own has been prohibited from going alone in his boat to fish!


He could infect fish!

As if he didn’t know about the risks!

So the picture was complicated….

I was 5 or 6 times in the supermarket trying to buy eggs and it was a useless task.

ALWAYS full of people circling like animals trying to see what they can hunted!

They took what was, even if they could not find what they were looking for !!


I was in such bad milk that I finally gave up on the operation because I was running the risk of hooking up with someone, so in the name of rationality I decided in the middle of the afternoon and to seclude myself at home and not go out anymore.

I would buy eggs on Monday (if the animals have stayed in their houses, although I really think that at 8 they will be waiting for them to open)

At night, already calmer, we made a delicious dinner in which we realized a good bottle of wine and one begins to rationalize what is happening and begins to understand …

There is an article in the Clarin newspaper in Buenos Aires which, if we simply make a slight modification to the name, fits perfectly in Spain:

It is called: “the Coronavirus and the assholes” (change the name of “assholes” to “gilipollas”)

Losing a few minutes, read, now we all have plenty! Is very good.

DAY 3: Sunday, March 15


Great news (especially for Cecilia who has had to live with me this special moment)


I turned my head.

What did I think

Very simple

Something that serves me a lot

I am one of those stupid people with PAS (highly sensitive people) and I absorb everything, and since I have a lot of empathy, not only what happens to me affects me.

It also affects me what happens to EVERYONE!

Can you imagine such stupidity?

Well that’s me

All right

What did I see clearly at night?

The opportunity that I have never had in ALL my life!


See if I can explain it to you and that you understand it

I suddenly realized

That during all these days (we really don’t know how many there can be)

NO ONE is going to demand ANYTHING

NO person or institution can force me to anything (even the “Tax Office” canceled my appointments)

Therefore, I suddenly felt free from external pressures!

NO MORE APPOINTMENTS, no more commitments with clients ..

No more deadlines to meet

No more OBLIGATIONS of any kind.


The perfect vacation!

For the first time in my life, I will be able to dedicate myself to what I really like if God and the fucking bug let me

Sleep, play sports, read, write, meditate …

I really think that if I get out of this I will be really someone else, I hope better!

We spent the whole day laughing out loud at the whatsups we received, some truly hilarious …

What originality, creativity and grace some have, and more now with time!

They are great!

DAY 4 Monday March 16

Atypical Monday.

Above in bad weather (those of us who live in Altea hate bad weather)

I really don’t know what day I live on.

After getting up late, having my detox tea

(ginger and lemon, I recommend it on an empty stomach)

I start to make some other calls and I realize that until now we had taken it as a special weekend, but now the harsh reality began

To think that we will be locked up for several months (do not believe the 15 days at all)

And above all, to realize the reality that awaits us ..

It is starting to upset us, EVERYONE ..

I notice it, I perceive it, and believe me, I am very intuitive …

(to each one it gives somewhere, but I think that from this no one is saved)

I take the car and go to town, park in front of Mas y Mas on the avenue (there was plenty of room to do it) and go to the pharmacy, then to the supermarket.

In both places they passed one by one.

Queue on the street with a stinking old man coughing next door (I hope he didn’t have the bug)

I don’t know what I came in for, I could only buy bread, fruit, vegetables, and the famous eggs …

Returning home I stopped at the super highway and they had already looted him early in the morning.

I have no eggs….

I continue without them!

At home, I go out to the park in front to clear up a bit, think and call,

and I had to run back home so as not to end up in the Civil Guard barracks

There is no one in the urbanization, not even walking the famous dog, and they come to tell me that I should be home and not go out ..

Come on, I can’t be in the park any more than one o’clock or take walks inside a solitary urbanization in which you don’t cross anyone (and if someone came you move a few meters away), but I can go to work, to the bank , then to buy the bread, the newspaper, stand in line at bakeries, butchers, fishmongers, be in the supermarket touching everything and with a piggy who spits at you next door (and thank goodness they backed off and removed the hairdresser, because that already I was insane) and I can’t do sports in Altea Hills?

I wonder, the Civil Guard has nothing better to do than come to the Urbanization?

I must clarify that I COMPLETELY AGREE with the insulation, but not as it is being done.

In addition, in my opinion, it should have been done much earlier, this government already handled data to have taken drastic measures, but as always …

political conveniences!

More of the same, puppets in the hands of these politicians!

Now it seems that the government are studying how to help the self-employed and SMEs who are going to hell with the famous bug.

Come on, we are going to be worse than Venezuela, because here we don’t even have oil!

On Friday the WAR PART 2

A hug and Happy Confinement!





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