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Posted by Abel on 20/03/2020
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Altea unpublished part 2  20/03/20

Continuing with the blog on Tuesday, I will try to be as explicit as possible,

and entertaining, which now we all need like bread …


DAY 5 Tuesday March 17

I woke up late.

Last night it was 2:30 and I couldn’t sleep.

Finally I got it

I could hear raining intensely, which made me happier in bed.

Curious, what life is like and what the circumstances are like, what bothered me so much when I lived in Gijón, here it is so exceptional that it gives me pleasure

(but I must clarify that only when I’m in bed)

As it was raining in the morning, I thought:

“I have all the time in the world for myself, what a wonder”

No appointments, no duties, no obligations …

I recognize that I am a privileged person because I do not have to take care of, entertain or walk anyone, so I have all the time in the world for myself, I suppose other people will have many obligations to family and animals,

I thank God, no.

Also, now I’m writing this blog and I’m listening to Cecilia play her piano and I’m in glory ..

doing what I like and with wonderful music!

What more can I ask for?

Only one thing.

Don’t the fucking bug grab me!

So today I have not left home and Cecilia went to the supermarket for the famous eggs and something else.

(so that I get registered I got other eggs, not the organic ones we always eat)

It’s something

And now I can proclaim to the four winds:


They are not like mine but they are worth me!

Now I ask all of you:

Doesn’t this whole procedure seem a bit ridiculous?

I’m not going to the supermarket because I belong to a risk group:

According to social parameters, I am a shitty old man, for scrapping, regardless of whether my biological age is 12 years less and the mental age 40 less!

And spite off I’m fantastic (if we remove back pain)

I have followed the protocol, I’m good

Cecilia has gone, she is much younger than me and on top of that she is an athlete, therefore everyone is safe.

Shit, if she brings the bug even if it does not give her symptoms because I do not think there is an easier place to spread than in the supermarket (unless here we do not have a tube)

Who do you think will be the first one to be infected?

The security staff, the postman? Or my grandmother, who is no longer in this world?

Come on, I have it clear … today I didn’t go out because I really didn’t feel like it, but tomorrow neither Saint Peter will take it from me, I say my walk through the town, and more than now they have suspended to pay for the HORA, so parking is free.

Total, I do not care, if I have to get it, it will be, if not I will get rid off.

Of course, you have to take NO RISK AT ALL, but….


Only God or fate knows it.

And I trust that if I catch it, my defenses will save me, and if not, you know, one less!

In addition I must change the Cuponazo that has given me reinstatement, although I do not know if the Once continues or has been suspended.

I’ll find out.

It is not going to be that I also lose for the fucking bug € 9,000,000 more was missing!

I’m tired of writing and for today I leave you with the news that I will assimilate tomorrow and that they have approved in the Council of Ministers.

They sound good.

We’ll see

DAY 6 Wednesday March 18

Shall I tell you about my dinner last night?

a purifying smothie (I don’t know if it’s spelled well) with spinach, celery, parsley and pineapple with a little water, nothing more.

If you have not tried it, I recommend it.

It goes great, you are not hungry and you clean well.


I also made some artichokes in the microwave that are delicious and come out spectacular (if someone wants the recipe, all you have to do is ask me).

It takes no more than 15 minutes and they are delicious.


No drink, no wine, nothing more… ..


I made the copious dinner at 9 at night.

As I fell asleep relatively early (12.30 or so), at 7.30 I was already doing my exercises, those corresponding to my age! More was missing!

of plates, abs and stretches…. (weights for when I’m a little more hysterical)

Then I did a few minutes of meditation and a shower….

I had breakfast at 10, which is very good for not eating for many hours (in this case 13), which they say keeps you slim (OMG, how handsome I am going to get!)

I got handsome (more if possible) and I went on an adventure, to challenge the fucking bug …

I took the fireball and went to town, (it turns out that now they can go 2 in the car but the competent authorities say they should be seated as far away as possible, so I thought I would buy a cart to tie it to the Smart and take someone there as far as possible] in case I need it)

First to the City Hall pharmacy (yesterday as everyone thought that you had to pay in the blue zone there was a lot of free space, today as they have already learned that they do not charge, it is impossible to find a place) and then to the herbalist of Raul (BIONATURAL) to for organic vegetables , thus avoiding me to go to Mas y Mas.

On the way, the Civil Guard stopped me twice. (For those who think I sent them to hell, they are wrong, because I spoke kindly to them!)


As I did not get everything I needed, I entered the supermarket here.


Either the animals are gone, or they already have the pantries full !!


At last a sign of normality, from our previous life!

There I met Javier De Céspedes (MARINA GREENWICH) and I think it gave us both so much joy to find a friend instead of the fucking bug, that for respecting distances we greeted each other with the elbow, but at least it made me want to give him a hug…

Obviously I cannot know how others feel,

but I assure you that I sit on a carousel of very varied sensations,

and I deduce that it happens to many people, because yesterday and today I hardly receive whattsups,


But I have not called anyone either!

What happen?

We don’t want to talk to anyone?

When do we have all the time in the world to do it?

We dare not ask anyone how is he?

What do we feel?

Ufff, good question, huh?

I suppose that we will know it as the days go by.

I want to make a subsection here to comment that I am very proud to be an API, that is, a Real Estate Agent, Collegiate Nº 879 of the Alicante COAPI.

Thanks to them, I maintain the connection with my profession, since they are informing us almost instantly of ALL THE VARIATIONS, legal and legislative changes that this government is constantly making fun of.


That sets us apart… ..

By the way, I don’t know if it happens to you, but I have been THREE whole days, without working in my profession, doing nothing laborically speaking ..


Not even get into my website, update properties, gossip on the internet to see what is happening there,


Let’s say total job gap,

Am I lazy?

Or do I need that rest?

Or since I know that I am not going to eat a bagel in a long time, have I completely neglected the business?

I do not know

But it does seem totally out of place to put on Instagram or any other site any of the wonderful properties that I sell.

I don’t think there is anyone right now who is interested in what I sell.

I think that each one of us is very focused on what happens to ourselves, our family, friends, the economy and the evolution of the pandemic, that we have neither the time nor the desire for more things.

At least that’s what it looks like to me.

I’ll tell you.

Before dinner I read in ABC: (copy and past):

“The Government has modified Royal Decree RD 463/20 so that from midnight on March 18, 2020, only the driver will be able to circulate the car, prohibiting travel with companions. In case of not complying with this rule, the sanction could amount to a minimum amount of 300 euros, and a maximum of 1,000 euros.”


DAY 7 Thursday, March 19

Today is holliday in the Valencian Community and in some others. Saint Joseph’s Day, Father’s Day.

Last night I had dinner very similar to the previous night, with the only exception that instead of the artichokes I ate an ear of corn.

And I tell you a secret? But aren’t you going to tell anyone?

I sinned with a glass of wine and a piece of chocolate, yes, 70%

Returning to the subject that concerns us, a lot …

Today here we have neither the excuse of the purchase, only the pharmacy, or to put gasoline and little more …

Very difficult to avoid controls…..

Either way, I recommend being at home, it is the best ..

And I don’t know if it happens to you, but I like going out less and less.

I do not know if it will be because of fear or what, but I prefer not to risk, because time passes quickly, at least to me.

Today, since it’s holliday in this Comunidad Valenciana, I got up later …

curious mind, what is the difference between yesterday, today and tomorrow in this state of siege that we live? For my head to decide that since today is a party, can you get up later?

We are scheduled!

The fact is that I must confess one thing: my body can no longer tolerate a glass of wine.

I’m eating so healthy that if I eat something to which he is not accustomed, he complains!

And he complained.

He gave me the night. I slept horrible!

I think that’s why I got up later.

The fact is that it was difficult for me to get out of bed and that is not good for me.

When that happens to me it is because I am in poor health or I am in a bad head.

Today was the second

I did not go out home.

In the afternoon I took a walk on the terrace back and forth (it is about 15 meters), thus half an hour.

If any neighbor saw me, surely they have it clear: “Abel has already lost his mind … and only a few days go by, poor man …”

Of course, I have returned to work on the web, in SEO and also put a new property that has returned for sale,

in short, occupy the mind, don’t think about, and above all, DO NOT READ THE NEWS, because one can go crazy!

The one who takes it better is Cecilia (as always the women are smarter than men, and more practical), in addition to doing her exercise routines, she doesn’t stop playing the piano, and she became a machine, every day with new programs !

This will bring her a lot of concerts. Lucky

Because in ours business, that is the real estate, we will see ..

Well, dinner just like the other day: artichokes and smothiee but today WITHOUT wine

One more day. Or another day less, depending on how you look at it …

Until the next.

Happy confinement



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