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Posted by Abel on 30/03/2020
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Altea unpublished part 5 30/03/20

Day 15 Friday, March 27

Today I spent the whole morning finishing the blog on Friday.

With nothing to review

My mood has been good because I have changed my way of thinking (let’s see how long it lasts).

This morning, when I woke up, I was feeling very well and I realized that I was on vacation …

altea inedita parte 5


I could do whatever I wanted (except go of course)

To say it in the way you understand it.

I could stay more in bed, I could get up and do my usual gymnastics, I could start reading, or writing, or… ..

I felt in a free aspect, without obligations as I have already said in some other blog, and that I had at least (hopefully so) 15 more days of vacation, because what is clear is that when this ends I will have to get to work against the clock, like a sucker, to earn money and be able to live, and to be able to pay all the debts that we are going to incur for the famous bug!

altea inedita parte 5


Of course I got up, I did my usual gymnastics, shower (I hope you do too, don’t be dirty), good breakfast and work!

It is very important, according to psychologists, not to abandon yourself, not to stay in your pajamas all day, and to take a shower, yes, taking a shower because otherwise that can eventually lead to sadness and depression.

altea inedita parte 5


Let’s listen to them.

That they know.

So everyone has to be very clean and presentable, as if we were expecting a flirt (who could, right?) That nobody escapes!

altea inedita parte 5


In the afternoon an unusual event occurred to me in these times:

As I have already commented on other blogs, nobody calls me, nor do I call anyone.

It is as if we were all without the desire to speak, or with nothing to say.

In addition to many friends, I have colleagues with a very close relationship and we hardly send whattsups, and less and less.

It shows that we are already tired of the subject ..

But I also have a family locked up in Argentina and a nephew in London, and we hardly speak either.

It is seen that there is nothing to comment ..

On the one hand, it’s positive, isn’t it?

“No news good news” say the English,

“Pas de nouvelles, bon nouvelle” the French.

Going back to the unusual event that happened to me on Friday afternoon,

I received a call from an unregistered mobile number!

He was a former customer!

A man who has been behind a property in Altea Hills for more than a year.

And he made me an offer for it!

Very low at the moment, but we’ll see how things are when this fucking bug ends….

The fact is that I was happy with the day, because it gave me hope.

He made me see that there will be life after this slow death to which we are being subjected.

Maybe there is a future …


Thinking that there is a future

My fitness continues its way.

I do not know if it is clear to you that in the morning when I get up I do a series of exercises to strengthen the core (whoever does not know what it is, it will be because he is ignorant of modernity, he is not updated),

altea inedita parte 5


And I don’t skip a day

It is very important for my back.

Well, in the afternoon I walked 1 hour on the terrace!

To complete it

A marvel.

I am privileged.

They say that right now the one with a terrace has a treasure, and it’s true.

Being locked in an apartment in a city is not the same as having this terrace on this site.

Day 16 Saturday March 28

Today I got up very well, I did my gymnastics for the “core”

altea inedita parte 5


Do you still not know what it is?

At 12 o’clock I was already showered and had a good breakfast (to Enrique’s knowledge: omelette with egg whites, whole wheat toast with Italian ham of the good kind, three nuts and red tea)

And what happened?

I really wanted to go out, terrible!

What to do?

Well, I decided to take more risk and take a walk around the town with the intention of going to Mercadona to see if I could get what I don’t usually get in the afternoon, or rather at Mas y Mas on the avenue.

If I saw it very complicated because there were many people I would turn around and go home, at least I would have aired a little.

I parked the car far away so I walked a bit and went with a bag (thinking that I would get almost nothing at best) to Mercadona, absolutely convinced that I would turn around.

Well, to my surprise there was almost nobody ..

With the difference that I found everything I was looking for, which I did not expect ..

And there you see me, like a fool who could have gone with the car, loaded to the teeth, I walked about 500 meters.

altea inedita parte 5


I arrived destroyed to the car!

But glad to have everything I wanted!

Conclusion: one is satisfied with little right now!

After eating I slept an fantastic “siesta”, about two hours.

As I was full of energy, in the afternoon I did a good weight training.

altea inedita parte 5


Follow my set-up.

After dinner I stayed up working very late.

Day 17 Sunday March 29

I slept well, I got up well, it was that simple …

I did my set of exercises for the “core” (have you already found out what it is?)

Two things make me happy:

Sun first!

The sun has finally risen! As appreciated! How much we missed him!

The second: a news that comes to us from Madrid in the afternoon … …

A friend of ours who is enrolled is improving.

He has been in the ICU for several days with the typical lung problem caused by the bloody bug.

Hopefully everything works out well.

************************************************** *********************

At last! Today we have eaten on the terrace in the sun.

We haven’t seen him since last Sunday… ..

Of course this place is wonderful.

We thought of the poor people crowded in the cities in small apartments, some with windows that only open to inner courtyards, and without being able to show their nose to the street!

altea inedita parte 5


We are privileged!

Also I do not know if you have noticed, but the quality of the air you breathe now is amazing.

Altea has always had that component ..

very clean air from pollution

Since living here I have not had any more respiratory or throat problems (in Madrid I lived in the ENT clinic), but now these days when there is no traffic and much less people, the air you breathe is wonderful.


Those who do not live here can already think about how they come, now that we will all be experts in teleworking, it will be easier, I say….

Today I have walked 1 hour on the terrace again!

Like an inmate he does it in the prison yard.

altea inedita parte 5


The issue is not falling because the first 15 days have passed and it has been relatively easy, but what is coming I guess it can be more difficult if we do not take certain precautions.

altea inedita parte 5


I will heed the recommendations of those who know and tomorrow I will get up early, I will do my routine for the core, shower and I will dress handsome as if I were going to the office, and to work!

altea inedita parte 5


Let it not decay!

All together we are going to beat this fucking bug.

My encouragement to all the staff who are directly involved in the fight.

I think of the effort that so many people are making, not only health personnel, but also transporters, police, civil guards, firefighters, laboratory personnel, factory personnel of all kinds, all those who are involved in the food chain, etc. etc. etc.

Those are anonymous heroes.

When all this nightmare is over, their effort should be somehow recognized by all of us who are very comfortable at home and who complain because we can’t get out.

We should make them a monument and be eternally grateful, because without all of them, nothing would be possible, so let us make their work as easy as possible.

And to the politicians, what if they stop collecting their salaries for 1 month, just as we all self-employed people will do? And they could donate it for medical supplies, for example.

A good money would be collected ..

Don’t you think it would be okay?

altea inedita parte 5


I’m afraid that’s like asking the elm for pears.

Something impossible

Here I leave you

Happy confinement


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