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Posted by Abel on 06/04/2020

Altea unpublished part 7


Day 16 Friday April 3

After doing all “my jobs” that you already know.

Get up with great effort, detox, gymnastics for the core, (by the way, you have found out what it is, bunch of bums!) Shower and breakfast,

I finished the blog and launched it.

At 12 o’clock we did a Banco de Sabadell webinar on “how companies are adapting due to isolation with i-commerce.”


I sincerely believe that after the imposed prison a new world will emerge, a new way of relating, and a new way of consuming, buying and living.

Everything will be much more digitized, and as I already predicted in blog number 18, from October the 9th of 2019 (TO BUY OR TO RENT), 5G together with the Coronavirus will have changed our lives, and it will be a life of and for young people, because the “old” (at least in mind) , among those who will have “loaded” the crown and those who will leave out 5G (for not being able to adapt), they have it clear …

The small shop either specializes a lot and provides excellent service with good value for money, or they have it very poorly.

altea inedita parte 7


They go to the slaughterhouse for sure.

I repeat again,

And repeat with me:

“We will have to be very good at what we do”

Give very good product quality, very good service, and also a lot of sympathy for those who are facing the public …

altea inedita parte 7


And don’t forget:

Excellent value for money, as NO ONE will be willing to feel ripped off.

Also, consumers will have learned a lot after this.

I deduce that we will have very little patience, and due to the large amount of supply that there will be,

We can choose, and the change of provider will be very easy!

altea inedita parte 7


And without trauma!


In the afternoon NOTHING to review.

The only thing I DIDN’T do anymore gymnastics. My body was tired!


One more afternoon, and they go….

Day 17 Saturday April 4

Today I got up energetically.

At 10 I was “ready to go”

And where do you want to go Abelito?

Now I realize that we have actually been confined for 22 days, and if I am honest, I have no idea why I mark day 17

I will try to find out

I will have to read all my blogs again….

As I was saying before, I kept wanting to go out and I started working on the internet until 1:00 p.m.

Then I decided to go to the supermarket, but when I arrived I saw that there were many cars and I went back home.

I don’t want to have any incident with anyone.

I will explain what happens to me

I don’t know if the same thing happens to you:

As this is a “save yourself who can”, if I go to Mas y Mas de Mascarat (the same does not happen to me on the Avenida), as it is very small and the area where the bread and vegetables are, the space to move it is tiny, I hate meeting people there,

altea inedita parte 7


And there I must admit that the worst of me comes out, when I see someone getting too close, it makes me want to … (I better not say it)

The other day one by mistake took my car from me … I don’t tell you about my reaction! I’m even ashamed of myself!

The case that at 4pm I went to Mercadona.

There, as it is well organized and very large, I have no problem.

Then I went to the other and it was fine, few people, I use a scale to enter or not, the number of cars in the parking lot.

It depends on what I see I enter or not.

Well, I made the purchase.

Then the paranoia when you get home and …

wash hands, remove all wrappers, disinfect everything, put everything in its place, disinfect the car, wallet, money, etc.

God, what a paranoia!

And all to fart, because if the bug is close, it is almost impossible not to get caught!

And then the Security in the Urbanisation or the Civil Guard come to tell me that I cannot walk alone in Altea Hills, where even the squirrels have disappeared!

When I have a thousand more options to get infected by making the purchase.

Come on, these measures are for fools, not for smart people.

altea inedita parte 7


In the afternoon I did not feel very well.

General discomfort and a little sore throat.


With how hypochondriacal I am

I immediately called a doctor friend. Since he knows me well, he sent me for a ride!

And as always, he was right.

At night I did therapy and turned off the phone.

I did meditation and slept like an angel …

altea inedita parte 7


Day 18 Sunday April 5

I got up super happy.

Feeling good and knowing that I had nothing more than an excess of physical activity.

From which I deduce that I must lower the piston a little.

I’m not 20 years old anymore!

What a pity!

Anyway, let’s get back to reality!

As I was tired and a little bored, I lay down on the bed to which it gives all the sun in the evening, and I was groggy.

I got up hungry and Cecilia, when she saw what I was eating, asked me if I was okay.

At 7pm eating an omelette with lentils!

Come on, tonigth I’ll make a soomothie and directly to bed.

altea inedita parte 7



I have had to look at all the coronavirus blogs I wrote and count the days I put in to find out where the error was.

And I discovered that I did like the government!

I left a few days blank without counting !!


I’m learning!

Actually, the correct date is:

Day 24 Sunday April 5


Since the decree they are 22 days, but for me they are 24 because I count (and for me it really started) from Friday the 13th when I found out that all the bars and restaurants were closing.

There began my ordeal!

And that of many millions more!

olympus digital camera


So you know, I’ve been TWO days more in prison than you.

************************************************** *******************************************************************************************************

Again sitting at the computer and working.

I have many pending tasks.

Do the technical part of the blog:

1.-) translate to english (although I use the translator I have to check it well because sometimes it puts anything)

2.-) choose photos: this is where I spend my time. I really have a lot of fun.

3.-) look for the links when I have to put them

4.-) put the texts on the web in both languages ​​and see that everything is correct, check the size of the photos, see how it looks aesthetically, etc etc

5.-) prepare the mail to send tomorrow

And leave everything ready for tomorrow morning to take the last look before launching it.

I really like doing it, but I tell you in case you haven’t done the calculations yet, which takes me a lot of hours of work.

You have to want, and above all like yourself, if not, you leave it quickly.



and to sleep that tomorrow will be another day.

same? different?

That already depends on each one of us.

Before going to bed I am going to tell you a secret, and I hope that as my friends, you are not telling anyone:

I begin to be fed up of this situation, and if I think about what is still remaining, I get mad.

altea inedita parte 7


And you?

Here I leave you with the views to the right and left of my prison.

altea inedita parte 7


altea inedita parte 7


Not bad, right?

altea inedita parte 7


A hug



  • Grace De Pesters
    on 07/04/2020

    Keep goiing Abel, you do a good job and itis fun to read for us all.
    Holland is not as bad yet ,and no lock down, but we all take the same care….and stick to the rules.
    Bart and I have been nowhere in 3 weeks, and the groceries get delivered now at the doorstep.
    Luckily we have a big garden and nature everywhere to go for walks, very blessed…..!
    We miss you and Mascarat, and pray for better times, with love Grace

    • Abel
      on 07/04/2020

      Hi Grace
      Thanks a lot, you’re always present!
      Bart and you have what you deserve!
      You’re really a very nice people and we’ll meet in Mascarat very soon!
      Keep fit and next time when you are here, we’ll take a exquisite coffée!

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