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Are we talking about microclimate?

Posted by Abel on 21/06/2019

Ladies and Gentlemen

First of all, I want to apologize for my bad English. It is too difficult to translate my bad Spanish!

Now I change for the serious side … (go from boys and girls to ladies and gentlemen!)

My first serious blog is about this beautiful town located on the Costa Blanca called Altea

Small street in Old Town of Altea

Those who know it, already know what I’m talking about, surely they have been captivated by its beauty, its climate, its gastronomy and the tranquility that is breathed.

If you don’t know Altea … well, I’m sorry, you do not know what you’ve lost.

Take the car, the plane or the AVE and in a moment you can leave behind the boredom, routine and stress of daily life.

I did it, it’s true that I changed my life several times, but I already have it clear, from here they take me out with my feet forward!

Do I tell you a little story about any day in my hard life in Altea?

I get up between 7.30 and 8.30, depending on whether the night was hard, or soft …) I do my exercise routine.

at my age it is more important than eat!

and to have breakfast in the kitchen or on the terrace ..

Beautifull terrace in Campomanes penthouse

300 days a year with sun …

Can you imagine it?

And I do not tell you what it is to have breakfast with these beautiful views of the sea and the bay of Altea with the figures of the skyscrapers of Benidorm in the background !.

That sea so blue and that light so typical of the Mediterranean …

The one who reads this and is not in the area is allowed to dream a little …

Views from a house….

If I don’t have an appointment, I’ll go to the office in Puerto Campomanes

and to enter the labor orbit, I do not forgive my coffee with exquisite milk that they prepare in Miau.

Once in the office I get to work very hard, eh?

Don’t think badly,

If I can and I do not have clients, at 14:30 I go home where I eat ecological broccoli with quinoa, buckwheat and tuna or mackerel or sardines

how do you think I keep the type?

After the coffee back to the office until 8 or 9 at night.

Working hard!

Some days I have luck and I eat very light at home but many don’t and my wife, who is much younger than me, she pulls me out of my hair to the car again….

how do you think I keep the type?

To drink something by a gastrobar or restaurant fantastic that there is around here.

img 20190623 222022 resized 20190624 125936091 1
Do you want a drink?

If I go to Altea it normally takes 5 minutes, except in summer I get really angry about the amount of cars there are, and instead of 5 minutes it takes 10!

Anyway, I keep telling you?

Better not, I’ll release it little by little and in several chapters so you do not hate me!

Are we talking about a microclimate?

A friend of mine, from Altea, released me one day that they have done a study, I do not know where, and that Altea is one of the five best microclimates in the world.

 I do not know if it’s true or not,

about the study ..

But what about the microclimate, of that I can give faith.

I have lived in many places in the world, and none like this one.

A cup of beer?

I must clarify that I like change, I do not always want heat or always cold, and Altea has an average temperature of 19 degrees. In summer it does not rise more than 26-27 degrees in the hottest time of noon and in winter it does not go below 7 or 8 in the coldest hours of the night (during the 12-14th day)

Overwhelming, right?

And what can I tell you about the sea and beaches of Altea?

The seafront of Altea and its beaches

The truth is that I have already been to the beach a lot, and now, and especially on medical recommendation, I almost do not go.

Could it be that I’m getting older?

But if you like the beach and the serene and warm sea,

already knows…

has to enjoy about 8 kms of calm and transparent waters in which areas of cliffs and small coves alternate with stretches of beach, usually gravel and pebbles. The Pot, Cap Negret, Mascarat, La Roda, Cap Blanc …

Mascarat beach with a bar and restaurant

They are perfect beaches for relaxing and sunbathing without large crowds of people, as can happen in other areas such as Benidorm.

If you like nature …

Living in Altea is living with nature,

The mountains and the sea merge and the incredible views that form … .. You can not even imagine it if you do not see it.

For the intellectuals …

Altea has been named City of culture in 2019-20

Altea has an artistic-cultural charm that characterizes it, and in spite of the urban changes that the whole Costa Blanca has suffered, it has always known how to preserve a bohemian atmosphere for what is considered the cultural capital of the Valencian Community.

Without a doubt, if you decide to buy or rent a house to live in Altea, you will enjoy the very special artistic and bohemian atmosphere.

For athletes …

Sea, clean air and exceptional weather … what more can sports lovers ask for?

There is everything: water sports, scuba diving, mountaineering, paragliding, golf … etc, etc

Altea’s golf Club

Whatever you want…

In short, living here is a privilege enjoyed by some 25,000 people. No more.

If you want … you know. Do not think twice and come with us.

A greeting from one who is very lucky to be able to live here.

See you next week.


8 thoughts on “Are we talking about microclimate?

  • Serge
    on 21/06/2019

    Dear Abel, it is a pleasure to read your Blog and to hear from you every Friday! Thank you very much for your time and nice mood! Very sunny greetings, Serge

    • Abel
      on 21/06/2019

      Dear Serge. Thanks for your words. I hope I can do it every friday better and better. We keep in touch. Regards

  • Jay
    on 21/06/2019

    Good to read a little on your thoughts . Thank you .

    • Abel
      on 22/06/2019

      Hi Jay. It is always a pleasure to have any news from you!Regards

  • David
    on 23/06/2019

    Hi Abel, thank you so much for reminding us about this beautiful part of Spain. Especially now with the grey June English skies! Very best wishes….

    • Abel
      on 24/06/2019

      Hola David. Hope you are well, despite the gray weather in England. Come and buy another house in Altea. You will live better! jajaja. Regards

  • Grace
    on 25/06/2019

    Hi Abel,
    It sounds all great and true and makes me homesick now for Altea. Look so much forward to come again to our appartement in October , to feel healthy and alive again…
    See you then and Good luck and warm wishes, Grace and Bart

    • Abel
      on 25/06/2019

      Hi Grace. Thanks for your words. Hope see you soon. regards

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