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Blog 1 of the New World Order

Posted by Abel on 04/09/2020

Blog 1 of the New World Order


Good morning to all of you.

Nice to be back!

I feel sorry for you!

Although some other masochist told me he missed my blog!

In short, there must be everything in the Lord’s vineyard!

Here we are, more than a month after the last blog!

I must admit that I hardly took it out this week …

I’ve been about to leave it for the next …

Because of what one gets used to touching one’s nose….

Anyway, the good life …

The comfort zone …

But hey, I have decided to take the bull by the horns (forgive me the animalists), and here I start to sing….

AUTHOR’S NOTE: this blog will be somewhat different from the previous ones, because of: “because it comes out of my noses …”




What has happened in Altea in the real estate market during the month of August?

I’m going to give you some gossip so that you can draw your own conclusions:

According to the Notary of Beatriz Azpitarte Melero in Altea: they have been at full capacity with work, although not with many purchases but with work in general because since the other notary has died and until the substitute comes Beatriz is alone, therefore they are overwhelmed.

(I have just been informed that the new Notary Ignacio Torres López has already started this week to work together with Beatriz)

According to other real estate companies: (watch out here !!! because when I ask, they usually lie to me a lot, because of marketing and competition… ..), they have sold this, that and the other ……

(contrasted by me: a house on Calle Noruega de Altea Hills for € 1,640,000 and another on Calle Costa del Azahar for € 1,430,000)

According to what I have perceived: a lot of people in Altea.

It is as if this town had become fashionable while Benidorm was empty….

Many visits to properties, especially the first fortnight (the second came many people but from another social level), and all for expensive houses, very few for apartments.

The problem is the one that I already exposed in other blogs: buyers come to the fore thinking that they are going to buy bargains at half price!

And except for exceptional personal situations, sellers are not willing to accept such offers!

So much ado about nothing… ..

(I just received confirmation of the sale of a villa on Avenida Principal de la Sierra for € 3,750,000. I must admit that this pulls DOWN all my theories)

Based on what REALLY happened to me:

I have made a rent with option to buy a villa in Altea Hills 

I have reserved a villa in Altea Hills for € 1,390,000 marked with money.

Now the buyer is complaining about small questions and is postponing the closing of the operation.

This has been a new experience for me and it has never happened to me in all the years that I have been in this business.

Perhaps it had to see that we are all a little upset by the situation we are experiencing and that we have, myself included, a little strange reactions …

Or that he just found another property that he liked more …

And cheaper….

I do not know.

Although my 5G plasma ball tells me that: what the buyer really wants is a reduction in price.

It is clear …

We’ll see what happens……..

Maybe we already are before the New World Order?

That nobody knows exactly what it is but what we all talk about?

Will madness or good sense prevail?

Or just the power of money?

WHO knows it?

Conclusion of my 5G plasma ball:

bola plasma xl 9192 400x225 1


“Altea is such a special place that because of the bug it will be a recipient of rich people who seek tranquility, good weather, good food and a lot of peace… a huge peace!

It is what this site provides in abundance.

Now that the filling tourists are gone, we have only stayed those who have 10 months ahead of enjoyment.

We are privileged!

This is wonderful!

mar azul


I leave you an audio as a complement to the blog:



I do not want to leave the real estate part without presenting a very interesting property of which few are left:

A magnificent 1,520 m2 plot to build a large villa with amazing views surrounded by wonderful houses.

What are you waiting to drop the dough?

Here the link with my site:



This is a new part of my blog 1 of the New World Order that surely in the future I will separate from the web and go another way.

I will gradually give it shape because I have to learn things from a world that is totally new to me. (and I guess for most of you)

And this is the PRIMICIA that I promised you a few blogs ago:

Apart from being a Real Estate and blogger, now I will also be:



How life changes for a bug!

Although I must admit that the world was already changing before the Covid appeared.

What has happened is that the confinement has accelerated everything.

Now our customs are completely different from what we had before March 2020.

The question is if when the fear of the bug passes, we will forget everything and we will go back to our old ways …

Here my 5G Plasma ball tells me that yes, a large part of the population (the least intelligent to call it a very polite way),

bola plasma xl 9192 400x225 1


They will forget everything and go back to their old ways (that if they have money left and they are not in the fucking ruin), and they will return to the joke, the bars, tapas, beers, Netflix, little trips without much sense (simply to waste time because not they learn nothing)

in short, as if the bug had been a bad dream….

But my ball also tells me that a small part of the world population (which will be the one with the money),

will have learned from experience and will have acquired new customs and….

they will develop new professions, start new businesses and take the lead …

That is why I join the latter because although I am not among those who have money, I do want to be on their side to get a cut.

It would be foolish if not …

Damn, I already went through the branches …


Going back to the influencer thing, I came up with the idea because of the proposals I have had thanks to the blog.

Two American companies

from New York for more inri, and that I have no idea how they have located me,

They have offered to help me by putting on my blog that I am sponsored by them.

That would give me cache.

I do not doubt it.

At the moment they have not offered me money but the idea was very interesting …

You will ask me why I have not accepted it …

Basically for two reasons:

1.- I believe that I am not yet prepared as I want to do things with a certain guarantee of success.

2.-Because I want much more.

I suppose that at this moment you will ask yourselves: influencer of what?

That is the key!

I will be an influencer of the good life, health and integral well-being for old men and women over 60 years old

I will give them advice on “how to be happier” and at the same time feel more useful in that stage of life that seems to us that EVERYTHING is going to shit …

Starting with physical deterioration …

Continuing for the mental deterioration …

And ending with the lack of incentives and incentives to enjoy the last years of life.

And stop being old men and women … .. that they can still live many more years, and with a good vibes!

And become simply older “marchosos” … (cool, as young people would say …)

Obviously everything happens through the personal situation of each one, which means that what works for some does not work for others.

An elderly person without a family and with little money is not the same as one who has a large family with children and grandchildren and a lot of money in the bank to live without financial worries for the rest of his life.

But there is a common issue that affects us all as we get older: and it is the irreparable loss of youth …

We are feeling how faculties are being lost, in some cases slowly and in others quickly, depending on many different factors:

1.- Health in general

2.- Food

3.- Physical activity

4.- Genetics

5.- Family situation

6.- Sentimental situation

7.- Economic situation

8.-If you are a fan of Real Madrid or Barza (I can’t help it, it was Messi hahaha)


At this point I must clarify that I have not gone crazy (or a little yes?) …

Apart from the fact that I see the possibility of extra income,

I think I’m going to have a lot of fun advising people (even younger than me) who are devastated by the kind of life they have led and that we can add the stupid situation that politicians have put us in.

As of today OFFICIALLY in Altea there have been 5 cases of Covid-19 declared.

Do you think it was necessary to sink an entire industry dedicated to tourism (real estate included) for 5 cases?

And what we do not know is how many deaths there will be from the common flu from November to March that confined us (according to a doctor in all of Spain 60,000, I do not know if it will be true, they seem too many)

Are we going to continue being idiots and allow ourselves to be manipulated like sheep so that they can continue doing whatever they want as they please?

(I recommend Orwell’s 1984 book again)

While entrepreneurs, freelancers and workers: garlic and water?

Do you remember her?

altea inedita parte 3


Anyway, each one to his own …

It is what it is.

Therefore friends, we only have one possibility:

focus on ourselves and….



Many tell me that before confinement the situation was different, that everything was better, that this, that and that …

And I tell you TWO things:

FORGET completely the previous life and what the world was like in those moments, and be REALISTIC.

Now we live in a COMPLETELY different world, with other realities … and other OPTIONS.

The second thing I tell you is that if you change the chip and go into positive mode, there are many things that are better than before.

EVERYTHING is a matter of focusing correctly.

For that reason and as TOMORROW we do not know what can happen, it is foolish to make too many plans (or make them too demanding), because all the work may be in vain,

and the effort and concern that those plans will give us so that later circumstances change everything, it DOES NOT MAKE SENSE,

You only have to make short plans, of those that can be easily fulfilled,

and not impossible….

Therefore, friends, it only makes sense to live and enjoy today, what we have now, in these moments

blog 1 of the New World Order

That you have a wonderful family and you have a great time with them? ENJOY….

That you have a partner that is worth gold? ENJOY….

That today you have a good house with a good bed to sleep in? ENJOY….

You can eat what you want? ENJOY…. (here I disagree … be careful with the diet!)

Anyway, a thousand other things I could name and surely you would have to agree with me ……

Therefore, if we don’t want to succumb in the attempt to survive the Covid …

We only have to be positive and enjoy what we have, to the fullest.

Here I finish the blog 1 of the New World Order, but…..


We follow it on following blogs.


Now I leave you with today’s unsolicited advice:

blog 1 of the New World Order

Happy weekend

A hug





2 thoughts on “Blog 1 of the New World Order

  • on 05/09/2020

    Hi Abel,
    Thank you for your positive text again. We planned to come in Oktober, but Spain stil does not look that safe….we will wait…We really miss Altea soo much.
    But are happy that you keep us informed, which feels very close. Good luck with your sales , and wish you all good, peace and great health, Grace

    • Abel
      on 07/09/2020

      Hola Grace.
      Nice to hear from you!
      Altea is really safe! we don’t have virus here! It is full of people from everywhere.
      You can come with no fear!
      Hope see you soon.

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