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Blog 52 Start again 1

Posted by Abel on 29/05/2020
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Blog 52 Start again 1


how funny!


depositphotos 139840912 stock illustration laughing with tears and pointing


I was explain in the last blog my punctuality of EVERY Friday at 1pm

And comment that only one time I had failed….

And I’m going and that same blog on Friday 05/19/20 …

I SEND IT AT 13:30 !!!


Do you know what happened?


The confinement in one aspect has relaxed me so much …

1582899009 508681 1582899250 miniatura normal


That I trusted and I couldn’t finish it until 1.30pm!

What do you think?

I don’t know if it happens to you, but it seems to me that I have all the time in the world ahead and then I do everything much slower … more relaxed …

I think: “total, why I am going to hurry if I’m plenty of time …”

and I miscalculated, let’s say I screwed it up!


A master….

I got up late and at about 11 I got to work, but of course, I was missing some details, some photos, recording the audios and above all …

the technical part of the English translation, which takes a long time because you have to go through it step by step

because the translator, as I write a little strange and often with metaphors, interprets it in its own way and often puts any nosense …

And there you see me, trying not to suffocate and keeping calm so as not to obfuscate myself and screw up…

frases positivas 3


because it is enough that one becomes nervous and obfuscated to put the leg up to the cap!

And in logical consequence you lose much more time, which on top makes you more nervous and really is when you start doing it very badly!



And that’s when you really screw it up, and what you wanted to do in a hurry because you’re short on time, takes twice as long!

In short, paradoxes of life.

And I tell them that I managed, as far as possible, not to get very nervous, otherwise it would have taken at least half an hour more.

But hey, there is no need to dramatize because surely the vast majority of you have not even noticed the delay

In the end, what is half an hour more with this life plan that we have?

Different is that it would have been in the previous life, that we did not even have time to go to the bathroom.

But now, what difference does it make?

Now everything seems dead….

There are still many closed businesses and people leave home very little

There is still a lot of fear and little activity.

Now I go out a little more but to more precise, very specific things.

Before, I used to go around a lot more, let’s say I wasted much more time (I called it public relations)

Now I go much more to the point, “I call bread to bread and wine to wine”

And the truth is that I don’t feel like having coffee in the places as they are today,

Uncrowded and far from each other.

It is all very soulless ..

And if you sit down with a friend, unconsciously you move away a little (one meter minimum), just in case …

The truth is that this way I prefer to stay at home and not go out if it is not essential.

As everyone thinks so, the poor catering businessmen do it badly …

At least in mine bussiness there is hope that everything will return to normal in a not very long time….

We’ll see…

This week I have already had some movement, and at least where there is life there is hope….

frases positivas 6



I am going to make this blog a little shorter because I have to finish it today (Wednesday) because on Thursday and Friday I have appointments to show properties, we will see if we are lucky!

Now I will put an audio with my unsolicited opinion and you know, if you feel like listening, and if not …


By the way, I promise you that someday I will put the podcast as it should be, but you know …. I have so many things to do that I lack time!



I will not miss the opportunity to present a very interesting property and within reach of any pocket, except mine!

Special investors (you can rent very well) and people who want a stomp to spend the summer (or winter) in this wonderful land enjoying the beach and this incomparable climate

(by the way, we are one of the best Communities in the Covid theme and that is why on Monday we will go to phase II)

I must tell you that the photos of the apartment are some of the worst I have taken in my career as a property photographer (sic), and are due to the fact that I took them very quickly (I was in a hurry) and the day was very ugly,

but perhaps this is good because later when you see it on the spot, it is better than what you see in the photos.

And although in the photos it looks a bit dark (it had rained), the reality is that it is very bright because it is completely exterior and full of windows everywhere

In addition you have to imagine it clean, well painted and with modern furniture, let’s say with a home staging well done and without spending a lot of money.


dsc 0019


There may be a “nothing to see”(There is… .. I had a “super pija” expression…)

It is located in the Isla de Altea Urbanization, between Villa Gadea, Portosenso and the Campomanes port

It has a very good communication and the accesses to it are spectacular.

AP7 and supermarket very close.

Altea La Vella, Altea Centro and Calpe, about 4 kms each,

The urbanization for those who do not know it has large swimming pools, children’s play area, gym (located right next to the apartment) and is on the seafront, so it has direct access to the beach

dsc 0007


dsc 0010


It is a low duplex with 4 bedrooms all exterior with large windows

and three bathrooms with 214m2 in total interior (can you imagine this size?)


plus 103 m2 of a spectacular patio for private and exclusive use


that if you put some beautiful boat sail awnings and artificial grass you have a wonderful garden with gazebo.

In addition, a parking space and a storage room are included in the price.

I have been commissioned to sell it exclusively by some good friends of mine (property traders-refrain) and it has an incredible price:


                                                                                          € 235,000

Yes, you have seen it well,


I challenge you to find something similar in the area for that price!

Run, because it will flies!

Here I put the link of the property on my website in case you need more information.


I leave you with a video of an incredible artist.

There are amazing people in this world!

Take a look at it, it’s worth it

And the positive advice that should never be missing:

frases positivas 2


Have a good weekend

las imagenes mas divertidas un saludo gente 472412e994102b6f5ef06bf3b6fe57d4893602ea


A hug to all




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