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Blog coacher in positivity 2

Posted by Abel on 31/01/2021
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Blog coacher in positivity 2

Good morning everybody!

We started another week in confinement!

Better not say what I would do with politicians!

Just as I’m very positive, let’s say I send greetings … to all!

And for everyone (including politicians)….

Happy Monday

PS: I wrote this above last week … watch out for what comes next!


Blog coacher in positivity 2

This week I have swallowed hours and hours of online coaching of all colors and segments: digital marketing, web positioning, social networks, emotional intelligence, etc, etc….…

Even two hours for four days with the world’s number one in positivity: Tony Robbins.

I read his first book more than 30 years ago,

He started this at a very young age (he was 16 and now he is 60 years old),

and for me it was very interesting to see what he does live (it’s the first time I’ve seen him and I was very curious to meet him),

and I must confess that I have drawn very good conclusions.


After seeing and hearing so many people, some very good and others a fourth grade morning singer, I have really learned a lot.

Now I recognize that applying it to oneself has its difficulties ……

That’s why I’m going to tell you a story ……


Blog coacher in positivity 2

Already on Thursday night I turned off the computer tired of hearing positivity coachers always say the same thing.

They didn’t tell me anything that I didn’t already know.

The only thing that changes from one to another (and its success depends on it),

It is the way they say it, and how they are able to transmit it to people.

The best for the masses is for me, without a doubt, Tony Robbins.

For people who are very prepared and have a higher level of intelligence than the average, I really liked Maria Fernandez (she is a celebrity coach).


Going back to history …

On Friday I woke up very positive (I tell you that after taking a series of measures that I will explain in another blog, I rest wonderfully and sleep between 7 and 8 hours without problems),

and I began to finish the blog on Fridays that I send at 1 pm.

Without last minute stress because I have learned to manage my stress and my cravings, I prepared it in its two versions (Spanish and English), and it came out without problems.

So far so good …

Good food and to work again …

Until it occurred to me to ask several friends of mine about whattupp to see how they were …….

I must confess that I screwed up …

FOUR were screwed by the bug.

One had just recovered and was already feeling better, another had just left the hospital after three weeks on oxygen, another was in bed in a dusty state, and another had just been admitted and felt terrible!

What happened to me then?

That I was scared.

Until now I had only felt it in March and it lasted a few days,

In those days I worked my head and from then until now I had not been afraid of the bug (only of economic ruin)

Well, so far everything is clear.

To reassure myself, I thought if I had had coffee with any of them in the last ten days, and no, due to different circumstances I had not, although I must admit that I did not do it by luck or simply destiny

My good friend Mariano, owner of the Il Giardino restaurant, says: “if it touches you, even if you step aside… if it doesn’t touch you, even if you wear…”.

It seems that at the moment it does not touch me!

So far everything normal for most of the human beings on this planet.

At the end of the afternoon I have the great idea to take a look at the newspapers.

I screwed it up again.

I read that the soup face that governs us in the Valencian Community decrees another 15 days of confinement until February 15, and that even to play sports the mask will be mandatory …

And then I saw it coming …

then it will be another 15 days until the end of February,

and then another 15 until mid-March,

like this until they are sure to have their ass covered well …

And suddenly I saw myself as in March 2020,


It is said soon.

They do everything to cover their inefficiency and shenanigans that they do.

Come on, so that who voted them don’t realize how they are, they screw us all.

At that moment, fear mixed with indignation and I completely bounced …

Above all, I didn’t want to say anything to Cecilia so as not to annoy her too… ..

You can see that I swallowed it all and I had to go for a walk through the Urbanization to get a little tired and not burst!

Well friends

on Saturday the indignation and helplessness that I felt because of these S.O.A.B. turned into depression and I broke down,

which has not happened to me for a long time (I admit that because of the Italian blood that runs through my veins I get pissed off very easily, but I don’t get depressed easily)

We had a very bad day, me with my depression and Cecilia from having to be next to a depressed zombie.

Why did I get depressed?

I felt in prison again, unable to work or earn money to survive.

Without being able to make the life I want, without being able to socialize, without being able to buy a lot of things that I want …

in summary…

without being able to do practically anything that I like!

The world came over me.

Luckily, and based on a lot of meditation, at night I could fix it because I rested well and today, Sunday, I got up in good spirits again.

Thank goodness because if not tomorrow we had no blog.

As you can perfectly understand,

on Saturday it was impossible to write a single positive line, and to make matters worse,

I start to see the shit of Madrid and it is the first time that I do it: I turned it off when they tied it!

I can see that even football saturates me!

They don’t play anything, they’re bastards and I hope they kick out the coach and half the team now.

Blog coacher in positivity 2



Blog coacher in positivity 2

The bad time is over,

Today, Sunday, before I start writing, it occurs to me to take a look at the newspapers again and I see a piece of news that corroborates what I am telling you a few lines above.

And on top of that, it is published by a newspaper related to those who govern us:


“There are 6,000 toilets, 150 professionals in Public Health and 500 beds in the Valencian Community

The pandemic has surprised the hospitals with deficiencies that have dragged on for years – Experts call for measures to avoid a fourth wave ”

This is the real reason for the lockdown!

TO COVER THEIR INEFFICIENCY, they starve us and the poor in Health are killed by working without means and a lot of hours!



And they are doing it all over the world, so it doesn’t matter what ideology they have!

Politicians are all the same!

Please, read the complete news in DIARIO INFORMACION.

It has no waste!


Good friends..

I have just been informed that my four friends are already recovering and the bad drink has passed, so I have overcome the fear and have returned to positivity and joy for such good news.

I hope the anger goes away soon too!


This story I have told you for several reasons:

1.- So that you can see that when you go from anger to fear, and then to euphoria, and consequently to depression, all that throughout the day normally, you do not feel alone!

Almost the whole planet is the same!

2.- So that you realize how they manipulate us and try to control us to avoid a rebellion,

And they do it through fear, which is the only way to control the masses.

And thirdly because if this continues and they see me in the queue of hunger, pretend you don’t know me!

Blog coacher in positivity 2



I wish you all have a wonderful week despite everything.

I leave you with today’s unsolicited advice:

A hug


PD: This is a present:


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