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Blog coacher in positivity 3

Posted by Abel on 07/02/2021
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Blog coacher in positivity 3

Hello tribe

Good morning from Altea Hills

(I’m like the cheap coachers in internet, they send you an email and right away they call you a tribe)

If one day I dedicate myself professionally to this as a complement to real estate, I promise that I will be more serious.

I won’t call you a tribe

maybe call you Indian …

And I call myself El Gran Cacique Toro Sentado (Sitting is because of not getting tired of waiting standing up for the Indians to hire me)

The question is to make it different… ..

and stand out a little….

We’ll see.


Blog coacher in positivity 3

Good tribe

Sorry indians

Ufff, friends

Fuck, it’s Monday morning and I can’t get serious!

Could it be that I have changed so much this past week with all the conferences, videos, talks and webinars that I swallowed, that I am a new man?

Blog coacher in positivity 3


I think so

I have seen wonderful things and have been practicing a lot of meditation

but very scientific, as recommended by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

For those of you who don’t believe in OMMMM and have a very analytical mind,

I recommend listening to this scientist.

If you follow his guidelines it can really change your life.

It is changing me, slowly, but it is changing!

At the moment I practice it three times a day: when I wake up, after eating and when I go to bed.

Sometimes I get better, and sometimes not so much, but the experts say that is normal.

You have to get used to your body and mind, and after a while you do it better and better.

The brain (the cortex) adapts to your orders through thought and the entire neural circuit begins to work better.

Obviously Dr. Joe Dispenza explains it better than I do,

so take my advice and take a look at him, you will not regret it.

As the situation outside, I mean outside of ourselves, it is so screwed up, that we have no choice but to make it much better within ourselves.

So Indians, get to work!

Because you already know that you cannot expect any change by always doing the same,

therefore any change that you want will cost you an effort and a small (or big) sacrifice….

For example:

If you have gained a lot during confinement, don’t expect to lose weight by doing the same.

Normally you get fat for three reasons:

1.- eat a lot

2.- eat badly

3.- you don’t move enough.

Therefore, I’m sorry to inform you that if there is no specific hormonal or other problem that causes you to become fat, what you should do if you want to lose weight is:

1.- Be really determined to achieve it (this is the most important thing)

2,. Dieting (the best thing is to go to a nutritionist doctor who will do an analytical control and give you specific recommendations because the needs of each one are different)

3.- Start an exercise routine (in this case I also recommend a personal trainer)

But always keep in mind that achieving it will take time and a lot of effort, with a great sacrifice on your part.

I am afraid that miracles do not exist!

So guys,

the decision is the most important thing.

For anything you want to achieve, you have to pay a price, and if you are not willing to pay it …

I would suggest you not even try it, because not only are you going to screw up your life, but on top of that you are going to screw up those who lives close to you.


Blog coacher in positivity 3

This blog today is very visual because I no longer want to extend myself more,

And as another great scientist I recommend reading: Gregg Braden says:

“Respect yourself enough to get away from what no longer serves you, does not make you grow, or does not make you happy”


Blog coacher in positivity 3

I leave you with the unsolicited advice of today,

And I sincerely wish you

that despite all the shit that is falling on us,

you have an excellent week.




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