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Blog in positivity 2

Posted by Abel on 07/03/2021
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Blog in positivity 2

Hello Indians

Here Great Cacique Bull Sitting greets you

Happy Monday!!

Blog in posivity 2

“have a nice day and a wonderful start to the week”

How did you spend the weekend?

I hope it’s ok!

Are you ready to start a new week?

Do you have the right humor?

Are you already in machine mode?

Let’s go there!

Blog in posivity 2

“Since we are passing through, let’s leave pretty footprints”


Blog in positivity 2

How about your new life?

I hope you are happy with it …

Blog in positivity 2


Because if not, turn off and let’s go!

Surely you have many doubts ..

Surely many of you are in a constant up and down

That is, from becoming very well because you see how positive this new situation can have, to the sadness of what we had before …

I guess there will be everything!


Blog in positivity 2

I’m going to tell you a little story so you can see what happens to some …

If you see yourself reflected in it, think that everything is absolutely normal in this time that we have had to live!

Crazy world!

And so we are!

All a little crazy!

Or some a lot !!!!


The story is about a very experienced real estate agent and already hardened in life… It’s me!

I’m in a very good moment of energy, clarity of criteria, positivity, very defined objectives….

And during the pandemic I did a lot of coaching work and has defined my career goals very clearly, so my current emotional state is, let’s say, pretty good.

I realize that everything that happened during the confinement has been very positive for me,

absolutely everything except, of course, the economic part, which for everyone, with the exception of a few privileged people who have been lucky enough to be in the health-related business, has been a disaster (and logical in a situation like the one that we are living)

Now I handling clients of great economic capacity, therefore my optimism regarding the future real estate in altea is very high.

So far everything normal.

Well, on Friday afternoon I’ve showed two houses to some Russian clients of 2,650,000 and another of 3,500,000 in Urbanización Mascarat.

Which gives me an added positivism.

I’m optimistic because I have very good expectations for the near future …

After the visits with nothing strange to review …

I went shopping at the supermarket Mas Y Mas as I normally do every day in my new life.

Well, we don’t know what the hell happened to me, which suddenly gave me a hell of a downfall.

And on the way back home, I was so sad that I started crying while driving …

I could not stop thinking about my previous life, about what I no longer had … about the sadness that I perceived around me … about friends who are no longer there ….

All the worst came together

and I only focused on what was wrong with my current situation,

instead of thinking a little,

Blog in posivity 2

“enjoy life today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come”

instead of focusing on all the good that was happening to me ..

that was a lot!

and not even in the super good that would come later …

Only what I no longer had, what I had lost …

I cried inconsolably all afternoon, until exhausted, I went to sleep without dinner.

I had such a bad night that the next day I could not get up from the pains I had in the whole body … I was devastated!

When I woke up, I could barely move in bed,

And I told myself:

Blog in positivy 2

“Get up, smile at life and go on your way, it is not time to cry, it is time to go forward and be happy”

And I thought:

With much effort I managed to get into the lotus position and meditate for a long time.

There I was able to collect my thoughts and face the new day in better conditions.

Blog in positivity 2

“life has given you a new day to fill it with happy moments”

Luckily I already know a lot about how to handle my thoughts, and finally at the end of the next day, I was able to regain my good mood and positivity.


Blog in positivity 2


This shitty life that we are leading, although apparently everything is fine in our personal situation, WE DON’T LIKE IT.

Blog in posivity 2

“life is made to enjoy every moment, not survive”

And that is why at some point the mood drop is inevitable….

We lack that joy that we use to have…

They have taken it from us !!


It’s a shitty life simply because of the fact that we CANNOT socialize the way we humans like it.

We need to feel the affection of loved ones through kisses and hugs that WE DO NOT HAVE and that we miss a lot (at least I),

If we add to that the fear of illness, bad political news, economic ruin (for the majority), and that Real Madrid does not beat anyone … we are screwed yes or yes

Sometimes I think about how much loneliness and pain there will be there.

How many people will be having a much worse time than me …

Even going hungry and cold….

That is why I feel privileged for everything I have, and I do not stop thanking God for how well I am.

So friends, think a little about everything you have, and give thanks, thank you very much to anyone for being able to enjoy it.

Blog in posivity 2

“many times life will not give you what you deserve, not because you do not deserve it, but because you deserve much more than that”

Because tomorrow, chi lo sa?


I leave you with today’s unsolicited advice:

Blog in posivity 2

“whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy”

Have a wonderful week.

Blog in posivity 2

“I wish so many good things happen to you this week that you don’t have time for sad thoughts”

ABEL MICHELETTI Gran Cacique Toro Sentado


Blog in posivity 2

“I left to be happy, I do not know when I will return”

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