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Blog in positivity 6

Posted by Abel on 04/04/2021
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Blog in positivity 6

Good morning friends!

Today is Monday.

Here in the Valencian Community it’s a holiday.

So for the sleepyheads….

For the people of Madrid and others … go to work, it’s time.

A good coffee and get the batteries on!

That those who handle the puppets have already decided that in four weeks the Corona virus will be over

(confirmed to me by my new generation 5G Plasma ball)

Blog in posivity 6


We’ll see what they come out with later!

I hope they let us live in peace for at least a while before inventing something else!


Blog in positivity 6

Let’s get to the point …

How are you doing?

I hope that your health in general, and especially your mental health, has left you better than when we entered confinement more than a year ago.

And above all,

fully prepared to take advantage of the new opportunities that are going to be presented to us!


On my own, I’m in full health and on my head ...

With new ideas and a great advantage …

Because of my age and my accumulated experience,

I’m back from almost everything!

Also, if you add everything I’ve learned during confinement due to the number of webinars, masterclasses and videos of all kinds that I swallowed,

I’m like my friend Javier’s boat: Atopeisssion!

Ready for everything!

In addition, I’m very optimistic because on the real estate issue I am absolutely convinced that at least in this area, we are going to have a boom.

(also confirmed to me by my new generation 5G Plasma ball)

Blog in posivity 6


People are desperate to come here.

I know this from my clients, from what other realtors tell me, and from the samples that I have seen these days.

Despite the fact that at 6 pm you can no longer have a miserable coffee …

it’s full of people everywhere!

And that in theory you cannot enter the Community from other parts of Spain!

What will happen when they allow it?

I don’t even want to think about it.

I am particularly going to be desperate because we have gotten used to the tranquility and suddenly you look and feel invaded …

I hope we sell a lot, because to put up with all the diesel tourists (in Argentina they are called that, because they are like diesel cars that travel a lot and spend little) for nothing….

I have the problem especially when I go to the supermarket because they don’t even drink a beer, they do everything in their house or rental apartment.

(The one that is going to be covered this summer will be my friend Maida and her son selling ice cream in QVO, in the Old Town, because ice cream is taken, and those are the best in the entire Costa Blanca.)

Blog in posivity 6


Blog in posivity 6



Blog in positivity 6

Yesterday we were celebrating the success of Cecilia’s concert.

We went to De Lab in front of the sea and we had a movie lunch. As always.

And then we went to have a coffee to gossip, the new area that SHAH has just opened in Albir (Masa that opens next week and De Grill y 4 elementos renovados)

Blog in posivity 6



Blog en positividad 6


And I was lucky that Benji was there and he explained to me everything they are doing and will do soon, and I guarantee that we’ll be spectacular.

The new concept that is fashionable in the world.

In the same place, several areas with different types of food and services.

They make everything from bread to desserts and will make a zone for smoothies and healty food.

In 4 elements they have changed the menu with new dishes and even new prices, and there was also Shah’s monster in the kitchen supervising everything, which is a guarantee of eating from the movies.

Of course we have to thank people so they bet on innovation and novelties.

This area needs it.

If you want to be up-to-date, you can’t stop going to know it!


Blog in positivity 6

I hope and wish you all have a wonderful week.

Remember that EVERYTHING is within you.


If you can control your thoughts you will be the owner of the world …


Because remember that life is very short and you will only take what you enjoy …

Fucked up is not worth living.

And NEVER allow others to screw you.

Remove all toxic people from your life. That they go to annoy others.

Blog in posivity 6

“If my happiness bothers you, get ready because you are going to have a bad day!”

Be positive…

Of course you can!

A hug

ABEL MICHELETTI Gran Cacique Toro Sentado

PD: And always remember…

do sports!

Blog in posivity 6



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