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Altea real estate blog with humor 74/2020

Posted by Abel on 04/12/2020
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Altea real estate blog with humor 74/2020


What crazy world are we living in?

Let’s review this week’s news:

Monday, November 30:

The press:

“The Ibex signs the best month in its history with an increase of 25%”

“Advances in vaccines against Covid-19 and the commitment to values ​​more punished in the pandemic boost the index in November”

I must clarify that the issue of the Stock Market is not my thing.

I am absolutely ignorant of how this is going, therefore I cannot comment.

What I do see from outside the line is that when everything is most screwed up,

IBEX goes and breaks its record….

What does this mean?

Read the complete news in CINCO DIAS


We are going through the following headline in the same newspaper:

“Bitcoin revalidates its all-time highs”

“Over $ 19,600”

What the hell is that bitcoin?

A virtual currency?

I have no idea, maybe because….

I don’t see a coin even virtually!

Therefore, I still don’t understand anything …….

Read the complete news in CINCO DIAS


The third headline:

“The average rate of home mortgages marks its record low at 2.44%”

“The loan firm rebounded 18.4% year-on-year after six months of declines”

“The crisis in the mortgage market and the competition of the banks to attract customers have plunged the average interest rates of the new mortgages for the purchase of houses to historical lows”

according to the data published this Monday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

“The average rate was 2.44% in September, the lowest figure in the historical series.”

This I understand.

So far all logical.

Now is when mortgages that had been in the offices of risk analysts for months are being approved.

Also, our friends at the banks are glaring at each other for catching the few clients who can REALLY pay a mortgage.

As this continues, they will be less and less!

Read the complete news in CINCO DIAS


Let’s go through the fourth headline:

“One million freelancers declare having lost more than 30,000 euros due to the pandemic”

“35.7% of the self-employed with workers assure that at the moment they do not have liquidity to face layoffs, when a similar percentage does not know if they will be able to keep their workforce next year”

“Around 450,000 already know that they will make some kind of staff adjustment in the coming months.”

So each of them fired a single employee ……… ..

“More than half a million self-employed workers have asked for the extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity since last October 1.”

In other words, more than half a million are already in a quiet house… ..

Another piece of news that you don’t have to be as smart as me to understand it, right?

Read the complete news in CINCO DIAS


Let’s go through the fifth headline:

“The second wave of the coronavirus triggers the deposits of households and companies”

“The savings of families grew by 7.47% in October compared to the same month of 2019 and that of companies increased by 16%”

“The fear of the pandemic has once again triggered the savings of Spanish households, which are trying to gather liquidity due to the uncertainty in the face of the Covid-19 crisis.”

I also understand this because we are all cagaditos” and at most we spend on toilet paper!

Read the complete news in CINCO DIAS


Altea real estate blog with humor 74/2020

We’re doing fine, right?

On the other hand, my friends builders of De Luxe House, have put up for sale a house (see link on my website) that they were reforming in the Golf of Altea for € 1,250,000


Take it now!

And it seems that not even the guy is around here!

And also, as I have said in other blogs, there are many potential buyers crouched waiting for their opportunity.

The point is to catch it!

And after analyzing this news,

it is not clear to you that of …… ..


Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 74

Every day more!

But also, at least for me, every day it is more evident that the new or recently renovated is sold easily and the old (and not so old) costs a lot to sell, unless it is at a bargain price.

Therefore, dear owners of apartments and houses in this area,

IF YOU WANT to sell at a logical and reasonable price, think about giving your property a HOME STAGING.

That way you will not only sell it faster, but also defend the price much better.


In the Altea real estate blog with humor 74/2020

I present the property of the week:

built with more than 800m2 of plot each.

It is in Mascarat next to the plot that I presented last week and next to the Mas y Mas Supermarket

Will be three very beautiful and very comfortable houses,

And at an exceptional price,

from € 745,000 the cheapest to € 795,000 the most expensive.

Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 74/2020

And from 196 to 328 m2 built with more than 800m2 of plot each.

From any of these houses you can walk to the beach and Puerto Campomanes

Access to the highway at 50 meters and to the AP7 a few kilometers,

which puts Alicante and Valencia within a stone’s throw.

Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 74/2020

How about some drinks on this beautiful terrace?

Ideal for investors who want to get a rental yield, either tourist (when the bug is over) or residential

I leave you the link to my website in case you want more information:


This week in the Altea real estate blog with humor 74/2020

I am going to change and I will not present any new place

Only for those who do not know the Mascarat beach area

here I leave a photographic report of that paradisiacal place….

Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 74/2020

The calm and tranquility that is breathed there, it is difficult to find it anywhere else!

Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 74/2020

You can walk from Puerto Campomanes (Marina Greenwich),

or go down the steps from the same Urbanization.

Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 74/2020

Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 74/2020 Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 74/2020 Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 74/2020 Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 74/2020 Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 74/2020 Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 74/2020

A lovely ride!

Enjoy it!


Altea real estate blog with humor 74/2020


These days I have been to several conferences and coaching webinars.

Every day I have things a little clearer …

Especially that there is a lot of “chanta” (liers in Argentinian),

trying to get the dough out of the unwary….

To people who do not know what to do with their lives and in a moment of clarity,

they believe that they are capable of changing the lives of others!

As if that was easy!

They tell you:

“Sign up for my course and you will see the colored stars….”

“If you buy my master class you can tell your brother-in-law how happy you are”

“Take advantage of Black Friday with a 30% discount and reach for the sky”


So far I have seen very few serious and professionally trained people.

Personalities who have it all as coachers.

People really capable of changing lives.

For now, point TWO, and if I see any more, I’ll tell you:


Two monsters!

Two incredible women and great professionals ..

Two coachers like the crown of a pine tree.

Visit their websites!


For my part, I keep doing my first steps on the subject.

And I do not do it thinking that in the future I will live from it, although I do not rule out the possibility of making money as a coach,

Well, my business has been, is and will be real estate.

The sale of luxury properties in this beautiful enclave, paradisiacal and ideal to live called Altea …

But if I mention that I hope to have a lot of fun as a coach and model …

At my age!

That’s great!

Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 74/2020


To be superpositive and a lot of fun when the vast majority of people (especially men) of my age are already “viejos” and all scared with fear that at any moment the grim reaper will visit them …


Blog inmobiliario de Altea con humor 74/2020


I don’t get it…

As if that was not the only safe thing and that we can sign before a Notary …

That we are going to die anyway!.

One day or another …

Isn’t it better until that happens to have a good time?

Having fun, instead of being all screwed up waiting for the moment to come?

Rather hoping that that moment will NOT ever come?

I at least plan to be VERY busy until it touches me!

Uffff …

Change the chip!

Have fun!

Enjoy it!


Toast to life and to EVERYTHING you have! That sure is a lot!

And if you’re alone ….

Have you stopped to think about it?

Have you taken stock of your life?

Of your possessions?

Whether material or sentimental?

If you haven’t done it yet ..

Do it right now ..

And if not, read how the great God Maradona ended ..

Alone and depressed locked in a horrible room without wanting to see anyone when he had everything to be happy and enjoy his glory and his possessions….

Fought with everyone …

Without being able to trust anyone …

So sad!

And now all the suckers fighting over inheritance …

The acquaintances and the new ones that will come to light at any moment …

Isn’t it ridiculous?

Hopefully it will serve as an example for what NOT to do.

Wouldn’t it be better to GIVE?

Give love…

Give understanding ….

Give love…..

Give money if you can…

And even if your hand is empty …

at least you can hand it to whoever needs it …

And above all,

don’t forget to be grateful …

To life for being alive,

To your partner …

to your friends……

And to the whole world for everything and everything it gives you … …

And if you do it from the heart, I guarantee that you will be happier!

Think about it…..


Well guys and girls!

Next week, more!

I leave you with the advice NOT requested today:

Have a great weekend.


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