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Altea real estate blog with humor Dec/22

Posted by Abel on 1 December, 2022
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Altea real estate blog with humor Dec/22

Hello people

I am here again.

And before we get fully into the maelstrom of Christmas…

Altea real estate blog with humor Dec/22



I’m going to say goodbye to the year with the last blog…..

Altea real estate blog with humor Dec/22


After a long time without writing one,

I’ve decided to get my hands on it again…


but recovering the forms that it had long ago.

Mix Altea (and general) news with hints of humour.


Because life is already fucked up enough

As for us to take it very seriously

I don’t know if it happens to you

but I’m already so fed up with the news, real and fake,


It’s that I can’t even read the MARCA anymore

if they don’t know

they invent it up…..

so it doesn’t matter!

Let’s make fun of what we can

and what we can’t deal with it

we have to suffer it!

(like the government!)


Let’s get to the point…

You will wonder how the real estate market is in Altea,

now that the situation is so upset in the world


And there is news that in England and some other European countries property prices are falling…..


Well, it will be in England, and perhaps in Extremadura or Conchinchina,

Because what is in Altea…

And less in Altea Hills and Mascarat

Altea real estate blog with humor Dec/22

where even the doghouses that were there have been sold!


There is nothing left for sale,

and what has not yet been sold is

because it is very bad or its price is too high for what the market is asking for.


I can guarantee you, that what goes on sale, if it is good and within a logical price,

is sold inmediatly….


This area is characterized by having a high percentage of potential buyers, crouching, waiting for the opportunity…

It seems that there were no customers but as soon as something interesting appears, buyers immediately come out behind the stones….







Altea Hills is in fashion thanks to Putin, and also, due to the climate and quality of life, we are only behind (in prices) Ibiza, Mallorca and Marbella.

And you can take a look at the prices they have for properties……



If you want more information, read this article:



And to endorse what I said before, read this article in IDEALISTA:

Especially what it says in bold:

“supply in Spain will continue to be lower than demand, so the plummet does not seem to be happening.”

I think it’s all said.



I inform you that I have decided to show myself as I am (Let more than one be prepared, and some, and some…)


And say things without a filter

I shoot emeroteca so that my way of thinking is clear:

I am going to remind you of what I wrote in a blog from November 2020 (now two years ago…):


“Two friends of mine,  both called Enrique,

They think I’m a Francoist….

And they think I’m not posting it here out of fear or caution.


I cannot be a Francoist because I came to Spain at a very young age four months after Franco died,

so I lived through all of democracy without having any idea how to live with Franco.

The first thing I experienced was the transition of Suarez, then Felipe Gonzalez (whom I voted for in my first elections), and then all the others.

In any case, I doubt very much that I would have liked it, because I hate totalitarianisms…

I consider myself a liberal and I do not like at all the “take it, swallow it” that any government wants to impose on me, whether it is from the right or the left.

But as you know, now you have to catalog everyone…

And if you don’t practice goodism, feminism, animalism, boludismo…(argentinian expression)

You are “FACHA”..(people from extreme right)

It’s that simple!

Therefore, and from what I am seeing and hearing, the only thing I can say is that I have NOT experienced a worse government than the one we have now.

Hala, now you can call me facha….

I follow…..

Politicians lie like Cossacks and remain so relaxed….

That didn’t happen before.

There was an ethic, a decency.

What is that today?

They go to what interests them….

today they say white and tomorrow black… and they stay so calmed…

Although it is recorded in the newspaper library..

They don’t give a fuck!

That’s why I don’t believe in ANY politician.

I don’t care what party they are…

With rare exceptions… (there always are) THE GREAT MAJORITY lie…

They go to what interests them.

And the self-employed and small businessmen… to pay…

That’s what we’re for!

More was missing!

If it weren’t for the idiots we paid for, they wouldn’t be able to keep sucking on the boat.”

I think this makes my position very clear.



As I have been threatening for a long time,

I see myself more and more as a coach.

For several reasons.

The main one is that because of what I am experiencing, feeling, doing and above all, learning,

I am acquiring a super positive mentality despite the current adversity and the depressing times we are going through.

The way to success is attitude.


therefore I believe, better said, I’m sure It will help me to help people improve themselves and what surrounds them.

To extract from within that powerful force that we ALL carry within.


Altea real estate blog with humor Dec/22

Do not expect anything from anyone, expect EVERYTHING from you.


To give the best of themselves, so that they can live a life full of satisfaction and personal achievements.

To stop suffering uselessly for their own thoughts…..

To make them HAPPY!


That will be my second occupation in what remains of my life.

I hope I can do well.


And so that you can see the effect that I cause in some people

I am going to tell you about a curious fact that happened to me today:

every day I receive one or more comments that are made directly to me on the blogs

And since before they are published on the web, I have to give my approval (I can approve, delete or mark them as spam), and since most of them are spam, they are not published (almost all are covert advertising, drugs or pornography). ,

today has been great

He gives me a name that I don’t know if it’s a man or a woman and says verbatim in English:

“I calmly wait for you to come and fuck me”

And he (or she) gives me an email.


I knew I had a lot of haters,

but I did not know that they wanted me so much!



And coinciding with my new philosophy

What is simply:

working for those who have money….

(because thanks to our good friend President and his henchmen, the rest will only be able to eat pizza and at most watch Netflix) and besides,

for those who are stiff, It’s enough with me!


I am going to present you a house that has dazzled me:


“This is not just another house with stunning views of the sea,

It is a house show located in one of the best streets of the best exclusive residence ALTEA HILLS,

 the most famous and prestigious residential complex on the Costa Blanca,

Private security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and with beautiful green areas where you can breathe a calm and peaceful environment.

 It is located very close to restaurants, schools, hotels, shops and entertainment venues.

It is south facing with the best views of the Mediterranean Sea.

House area: 739 m2

Land surface: 1,461 m2

The house consists of 3 levels, in the construction of the Villa the most modern technologies and high-quality materials from Italy were used.

Number of bedrooms 6,

number of bathrooms 6,

total number of parking spaces (garage and car park) 11,

spacious living room divided into zones, 2 luxurious fully equipped kitchens: kitchen-dining room + additionally separate professional kitchen, wine cellar, dressing rooms, storage rooms, laundry room, SPA area with hydromassage bathtub, Finnish sauna and massage room, home cinema.

A well-kept subtropical garden with landscaped areas and automated irrigation and lighting systems, recreation area and barbecue area with outdoor kitchen, large covered and open terraces, a 113m2 infinity pool with lighting and ocean views.

A modern central air conditioning and ventilation system, sound and heat insulation, panoramic windows with anti-glare double glazing, second light, elevator, video surveillance and burglar alarm system, high-quality electric shutters, automatic home control system were installed. For my taste it is spectacular”


(The Spa area is amazing)

Near from everything:

Port Campomanes (hoy Marina Greenwich), el Club de golf de Altea, supermarket Mas y Mas, farmacies, bank, etc, etc


And as a future investment…..

Long story!

next year they open the ZEM,

Super luxury wellness hotel-clinic that will be a reference throughout the world


How much will neighboring properties go up in the very near future?

(you can ask the neighboring owners of the SHA Wellness Clinic in Albir)


I leave you the link to my website in case you want more information:


leave you with today’s unsolicited advice:

Do not adapt to what does not make you happy


Have a great weekend

From here I desire you MERRY CHRISTMAS!


(How boring man! Come up with something less traditional!!!)

A hug



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