Wellness and health coaching

Abel Micheletti

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As we live in a constantly changing world,

full of challenges and situations that can generate stress and discomfort,

and we are also continually bombarded with information about how to take care of ourselves,

what to eat, how much to exercise…

The logical thing is that we end up overwhelmed.

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Wellness and health coach

If you are one of those super busy people, with countless responsibilities and who spend the day running from one place to another…
and you feel that the hours of the day are not enough…
You strive to satisfy everyone around you and you don’t have a single minute for yourself…
and you feel like you are getting older and life passes by…..
And that you no longer have enough energy to get to the end of the day so you can relax and enjoy all your achievements?
And they also bombard you everywhere with advertising for this or that product, which will make you a good person,
and will provide you with extra energy,
and will help you enjoy life more…
And they eat the jar that you should be better, and play sports, and diet, and not eat this or that thing….
And if on top of that you swallow all the news that hits you everywhere…
In which they put you without you realizing it, that fear that everything will change for the worse…
It is aggravated by the fact that we live in a constantly changing world, full of challenges and situations that can generate stress and discomfort…
If you are not an alien you will surely not be happy….
My advice is that you consider sending away what bothers you and only focus on yourself.
And how to do it without your world completely falling apart?
If you are already thinking about it…
That’s when I can help you.
I will help you select your health and wellness goals in a comprehensive and conscious way.
Through motivation.
I will be your support and guide, promoting positive changes in your lifestyle, both physically and emotionally.
I can serve as an example for you!
I will help you find your own path to a healthier, more fulfilling life, tailored to your personal needs and circumstances.
With health and wellness coaching,
I won’t impose strict rules or miracle diets on you.
On the contrary, I will help you discover and develop your own capabilities and resources so that you can achieve the goals you set for yourself.
In this process, I will teach you tools and strategies, and always respecting your autonomy and your own pace, without forcing or forcing you to do anything you don’t want to do.
You will be able to acquire a philosophy of life through which you adopt healthy habits of behavior, that make it easier for you to build, day by day, the life you want.
The important thing is that these habits adapt to your personal needs and circumstances, and that they become a natural and pleasant part of your life.
It is likely that you will have to make some changes to your diet, incorporate physical activity, adopt relaxation and stress management techniques, among other things.
I can tell you my own life experience throughout my 74 years.
I can explain to you the changes I have had to make to feel good, and the difficult moments that I have experienced and overcome thanks to a few simple tricks, relatively easy to adopt and that are being of great help to many people.
And why I have so much desire to live even though sometimes life can become very hard…
I will help you find the enthusiasm that motivates you to wake up wanting to take on the world every day…….
I have already found it!

Whenever you want we can chat………….


If you want a free 30-minute session to get to know each other, send me a whatsapp at +34683248858