Emotional and life's Coaching.

Abel Micheletti



We all have an unsuspected strength within us.

Know your weak points and eliminate them.

Learn how to control your thoughts and change them.

Act now.

Don’t put it off anymore

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Emotional and life coaching

As we all know,

 life is full of challenges and difficult situations that can affect our emotional and mental well-being.

But if we apply Stoic Philosophy,

we can develop an infallible weapon:

The resilience:

that is,

the ability to face and overcome life’s adversities,

and how to learn and grow from them.

As a stoic coach, and trained by the blows of life,

I can help you develop tools and skills that allow you to manage emotions,

face your fears and challenges,

and adapt to the different situations that may arise,

because as Epictetus said:

“It is not the circumstances of life that affect us, but the opinion we have of them”

By having the power to change our perspective,

we can change our reality.

If we train ourselves to see challenges as opportunities for growth,

losses as valuable lessons,

and difficulties as an inevitable part of life,

we will be better prepared to face any situation calmly and wisely.

As an emotional coach I can help you strengthen your self-confidence and, above all, help you identify and confront adverse emotions and situations s

o that you can transform them into positive ones for yourself.

You will better manage your anxiety, your fears, sadness or anger.

In our sessions I can help you establish vital goals on a personal or professional level.

We will discover your skills and abilities so that you can use them to your advantage.

You will clarify hidden desires and better manage emotions.

You will be able to change harmful habits deeply rooted in you.

You will also improve your way of communicating with people, and, something very important nowadays,

I will help you balance your personal life with your professional life.

The main task that is carried out when a person uses emotional coaching is self-knowledge.

We often do this process in small groups.

In this way,

the components generate empathy among themselves,

in addition to motivating each other and feeling accompanied during the process.

If you want a free 30-minute session to get to know each other, send me a whatsapp at +34683248858