Urbanización Mascarat

Urbanización Mascarat

This paradisiacal urbanization is as if far from the world but at the same time so close to everything.
Part of it belongs to Altea and part to Calpe.
It is located next to Puerto Campomanes (MARINA GREENWICH) and surrounded by beautiful coves for swimming and diving.

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According to Wikipedia, this is the story (copy and paste):

“Another of the legends has to do with the Mascarat mountain, between Altea and Calpe. According to local tradition, it was about a bandit whose mask gave its name to the place, although, according to some historians, the term only comes from maka- as, an Iberian word that means “cut stone.” According to legend, as soon as the criminal appeared to leave, he found, shortly after his “departure” and on the mountain where he used to carry out his job as a criminal, the corpse of a man unrecognizable due to leprosy.

Some ventured to say that it was “El Mascarat”, whom they had previously tried to identify with a young man who disappeared from the nearby town, but the most daring version of the legend says that he was none other than Judas Iscariot himself. Without giving credence to the biblical version of the death of the traitor, the legend leaves Judas alive and leads him to Mascarat itself, still lacking such a name, and in this flight, seeking rest in his attempt to Crossing the ravine, he sat on a stone and remained on the mountain until, centuries later, he was found dead with all the signs of having been the masked thief.”

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The reality is that the Pueblo de Mascarat Urbanization has magnificent views, beautiful beaches, beach bars where you can have some beers that will make you forget about the world… or why not some delicious paellas by the sea…

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What more can you ask?

Quiet and privileged place.

The housing complex is closed with barriers and security cameras will now be installed.

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It has two janitors dedicated to its maintenance.
It enjoys incredible views of the sea and the bay of Altea and is within walking distance of Campomanes port.

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If you like tranquility and enjoy unique views in an environment of quality and comfort, then this is your place.

Apartments, bungalows and luxurious villas all surrounded by wonderful nature, will give your days and nights an incalculable value, and will add meaning to your investment.

Allow yourself that luxury…