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Posted by Abel on 06/09/2019

This blog is going to be different from everyone else,

Because it will not have pictures.

Rather, it will carry only one,

For that of “script requirements”


Because I just don’t feel like putting them …

Yes, I do it with two balls!

And as the previous blog I ended it with an unknown:

in this I will try to clarify it,

The question was:

What is the solution to attract customers in our area?

Very easy..

We hope they come!. Hahaha

Did you think I had the magic wand? Or the crystal ball?

Well no, I don’t have them

Neither one nor the other.

As I say on my website, I do what we all do, or at least try.

Work the best we can, and we know

Although I repeat, each time we know less, or at least me.

New jobs or professions come out every day.

Have you heard that new word, or job, or profession?


What does it sound nice to?

And weird..

Well, these are the ones who are comfortably seated at home in their gowns or briefs in front of the computer and put content on social networks to companies or individuals who do not have time or desire to do so.

What do you think?

Great, right?

They earn money by putting, most of the time, stupid things on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Eye, the stupid things that I put on I prepare them by myself, huh? For that I don’t need help, let alone pay for it ..

And returning to the magic solution to have customers who promise internet gurus, copywritters and others,

The solution is:

Chachan chachan

Work hard, and well, and be patience (a lot), and be honest, and a little (quite) a psychiatrist, and manage social networks well, and have a good and well positioned website, invest a lot of money in SEO and portals, be always prepared for new changes, and guess the future a bit (especially economic), and get into Trump’s head, and the politicians we have …

And if this were not enough …

To be very, very lucky.

Doesn’t it sound like a character named Superman? (also Superwoman for that of the genre)

superman worlds finest 1

All this at my age only gives you three options according to my point of view:

1.- you retire. It is not my case because besides not being able to do it because I would starve to death, my head is not prepared for that situation …

2.- you shoot yourself. It is not my case because my head is not prepared for that situation.

3.- You take everything to mess. What is my case. My head is ready for that situation.

And here you have me, holding on to the guy .. Until when? Who knows?

Well, and now a little more seriously, the reality of this area of ​​Altea Hills, Mascarat, Campomanes and Sierra de Altea is that this summer has been sold very little.

The few clients that have come (not dirty tourists, that many have come) have gone round and round and said they will return …

Like the dark swallows …

That is why we always have the hope that autumn will be better in sales than summer.

Hope is the last thing you lose!

A hug and good weekend


2 thoughts on “INTERNET FOR HOUSES part 2

  • Serge
    on 06/09/2019

    Hi, Abel!
    Do you remember? I’m with you! We understood each other and this is more than a Main point, right?!!!
    As to yr blog today, yes, you are again right! In everything.
    Probably, in addition to those clients that you described so colourful, there is another one. Like me. Watching the situation and having a finger on a button. 🙂
    It is true that this summer was sold just a few properties. You know why! The prices are too high from the market situation and the quality of the properties, is not equal to that prices. Yes, probably these owners paid these prices 20 years ago, but it was 20 years ago! 🙂 Now these houses become older, as well as their owners, who has no more strength to keep them maintained. The only what has left is a nice view and The Sun!!!
    The same story is with constructors! 🙂 Before they were dreaming abt millionaires, and now abt multy millionaires that are blind! 🙂 They construct simple constructions without architecture ideas and, moreover, use cheap materials saying ” Look, it is GREAT”!!!! Ha-Ha
    So your job is just to explain that opinion to those who want to sell their houses.
    Others, it is Friday! And I like to hear from you again. 🙂

    • Abel
      on 06/09/2019

      Hi Serge. Of course I remember you.
      I totally agree with you, and many times we talk about with other agents about thos question. But it is difficult to convince owners (specially old people).
      This is the fight we have!
      Hope see you soon

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