Do you have excess capital and don’t know where to invest it?

And are you attracted to the real estate market?

I’m not a financial guru… or anything like that.

But I do tell you that I have been in Altea for more than 30 years and that I know very well what I am talking about.

In these times of global uncertainty, this may be one of the best places to keep your money safe.

You will be investing in an area with great present and future potential.

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And you will achieve short-term returns of between 15 and 30% on your investment, always with the guarantee of real estate.

If you wish, you can recover your money in a short time.

I’m not going to tell you movies.

The best thing is that you come with your own eyes and see it…

We are a group of experts with extensive business history and extensive experience in real estate advice to individual and business investors.

Enough rambling, I’m going to give you some strokes as examples of operations carried out in Altea:

Two plots in Altea Hills purchased in 2023 for 185,000 both together.

Today their current owner has put them up for sale for 400,000 each.

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A house purchased in March 2021 in Altea Hills for €400,000 to which its owner has made improvements with a very low investment, is today for sale for €990,000

I could give you many more examples but I don’t want to be accused of revealing data.

In any case, whether you believe me or think I’m selling you smoke, the best thing is that you come over here and buy me a coffee (or a meal if you want) so I can tell you more lies.

It won’t be very expensive…And I’m also very nice!

Abel Micheletti

Invest safely