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Posted by Abel on 31/01/2020
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Yes friends,

The time has come,

The moment of great change

You will forgive me but this blog will be more personal than any.

I will talk about the great change that I am making in my life ..

Let them all prepare!


I throw myself into my new life.

I’ve been crazy for a week throwing my old life in the trash.

ironman 1

                                                                 ALL MY “OLD LIFE” IN THIS BOX

Today I deliver the office to its owners Vicenta and Salvador.

By the way, what great people they are.

Hardworking, honest and lovely.

Also, in case you don’t know it, they are the owners of that beautiful charming hotel called El Tossal de Altea. I recommend you try their restaurant L’Almassara… great!

Returning to throwing “my old life” is because I’ve been throwing away what doesn’t work all week, because as I’ve told you in other blogs, I’m going to work from my house in Altea Hills and

I don’t want to take anything useless.

ironman 1

                                                                                           THIS IS ME THIS LAST WEEK!

Only the essential

How many unusable things one accumulates over the years

When you start checking you realize that you keep things that in my case, I have not used in the last 20 years .. and for what?

We should throw EVERYTHING we haven’t used in the last 6 months.

I think I’m going to follow the advice and now that I’m going to be home longer, I will.

I REALLY want to start A NEW LIFE focused on the moment, the present, without thinking about tomorrow (which may never come) and erase the past completely.

                                                               THIS IS I’M FEELING NOW!

It’s great

Do you know the relief that I AM ALREADY feeling with the new way of living and thinking?


And at work?

I am working NOW in the new real estate era, and I feel very much better

Better professional, more efficient and productive.

ironman 1

                                            THIS IS ME IN 10 YEARS!

I waste much less time, that is to say, that the time I dedicate to work is less hours and better used, which allows me to have more time for me and that, friends, is what gives me an incredible sense of freedom!

I guess next week when all this mess is over, I’m going to fly.

ironman 1

                                                                                      ME NEXT MONDAY!

I will tell you!

So you are going to forgive me if in this blog I am not very inspired, but as you will understand, it has been a crazy week.

 What I am going to do is try to raise the average I read the other day.

I explain it:

“Spain is the OECD country with the lowest percentage of workers over 65 years of age still active, with a quota of just 2.1% at the end of 2018 compared to 11% who accounted on average for all their countries, according to Crédit Suisse details in a study where reforms in the pension system are needed on a global scale to guarantee its viability. ”

You see:

I plan to continue until the body endures.

I really like my work as I am starting to do now.

And I don’t tell you when I handle the Mass Media much better!

ironman 1

                                                               I’M YOUNGER AND HANDSOME!

I will have a lot of fun

In addition, having more time for me and being at home, I can take care of myself much more in diet and exercise, lots of vegetable smoothies, broccoli, quinoa, fish …

ironman 1

                                                                                I WILL BE REALLY HAPPY!

Anyway, I’m going to be healthy.

And also as I am a friend of the best antiaging doctor in Spain (Dr. Angel Durántez), I don’t tell you how I’m going to wear!

Anyway, if nothing unexpected happens, ABEL MICHELETTI inmo consulting will work hard!

Continuing with the article, you see that in Spain and other countries in Europe people are not much for the work.

“The second lowest participation in the labor market for the elderly corresponds to Belgium, (ha, that’s why the Costa Blanca is full of Belgians… the good mood and dolce far niente!) With 2.6% of the elderly citizens 65 years of workforce; above the existing 3% in France and 4% in Italy, and while in Germany it reached 7.2% and far exceeded 10% in the United Kingdom or Portugal. ”

What does this mean? that in Europe one lives of “puta” mother!

And I don’t tell you in Altea !!

They prefer to watch Netflix and walk the puppy … and occasionally a little travel …

Every crazy person with your subject, right?

“On the other side of the ranking are countries like Indonesia, with around 40% of people over 65 still entering the workforce, 31.4% in South Korea and in Singapore, India and Chile bordering or exceeded 25%. In Canada it was close to 15% and almost 20% in the United States. ”

These are not so much about walking the puppy …

They lack twine !!

I feel like a kid, I need new projects that occupy my head and much of my time, because as I told you in another blog, I just sit in front of the TV to watch the games of Real Madrid. Nothing else

ironman 1

                                                                                              I DON’T NEED THEM!

And less now

I don’t even read the newspapers, it’s disgusting …

As them lie, and no problem … What examples!

As my friend Georges Sanchez of Sigma says, he has already done the same as me:

“It seems that we get rich just by not paying expenses”

That is why in a short time Ironman will REALLY be in Altea!

ironman 1

                                                                                                                                               NEXT WEEK IN ALTEA!

When I am full, I will give advice on how to achieve it!

A hug to all and ..

Have a nice weekend



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