New prices in Altea Hills

New prices in Altea Hills

Real Estate blog June 2024

In theory, sales have stopped in the area.

I see this from the movement of properties that other real estate agencies have and that they publish on the portals.

This is a proven fact.

Regardless of how many real estate puppets go around crowing that they sell a lot…


You know there are plenty of turnips everywhere…


It is full of shoppers crouched behind the screens….

And when a property appears at an interesting price, it doesn’t even last 10 minutes on sale!

That literally happened to me the other day.

A colleague of mine publishes a house near the Altea Golf on a very good street surrounded by good houses, at a price, in my opinion, ridiculous. (cheap)

It was an opportunity that with an investment in renovation in a few months the capital invested could be doubled.

I sent it to my investor friends (too bad I didn’t have the money) and the next day when I tried to visit one of them, they told me that they were already removing it from the sale because they had TWO offers.


Well, that’s how long it lasted: 10 minutes!


The other fact that draws attention in the area is the type of tourist that is coming:

Last summers in June Altea was packed with tourists.

This year no.

And why does that happen?

From my point of view, tourists in June are LOW COST, and this year everything is so expensive that low cost is over.

It’s that simple.

While on the other hand, people who work with high-income clients (stores, restaurants, etc.) continue to perform very well.

What will it be due to?

can you guess it?

Are you able to see the New World that is coming?



Since I have already satisfied my need to give my opinion without being asked by anyone, and this is a Real Estate blog, I will get to the point.




The price of used housing for sale in Altea Hills in the month of May has risen 2.2% compared to April

2.2% in ONE MONTH!

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The price of used housing in Altea Hills has registered an increase of 2.2% during the month of May, standing at 3,363 euros/m2, according to the latest idealista real estate price index.

This increase is 3.3% higher than the same month last year, and even though the ZEM Wellness Retreat has not yet opened its doors.

This event, expected in September or October of this year, will cause prices in the urbanization to rise by more than 20%.

According to my experience, when the SHA Wellness Clinic opened in El Albir, I experienced this increase firsthand.

Here are some photos of how the works are going as of yesterday, June 17, 2024:

20240617 102032



20240617 102620



20240617 102810



20240617 103042



20240617 103324



20240617 103327



20240617 103413


20240617 111627



I guess everyone knows that Altea has suspended tourist rental licenses for a year.

Politicians make me laugh, or rather those who believe in politicians…

Now that they do not grant the famous piece of paper that says that your property is compatible with the Tourist Rental, necessary for the Generalitat to grant you the License, properties with a License already granted are highly sought after and therefore…

guess what?

Yes, you are geniuses!

Skyrocketing prices!





This is general news from Spain, and as the world is, I think it can be extended to the entire world:

This is how politicians have distorted statistics and data since the real estate crisis

I love how it is written because I don’t see any political overtones.

He hits Zapatero with a pipe, continuing with Rajoy and ending with the egomaniac that we currently have as president.

With this article, you don’t have to be very intelligent to realize that we are simple puppets in the hands of “innocent little friends.”


Article written by economist Miguel Córdoba in Idealista

Full article in en Idealista



The latest and greatest news is:

if you buy a property now in Altea, next year your pockets will be a little fuller…

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Don’t give it any more thought!


Well Stoic friends, I hope and wish very strongly that you have a lot of HEALTH, without ever forgetting to always practice…….HAPPINESS!

See you soon


Abel Chulo