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New World Order blog 3 (and personal)

Posted by Abel on 18/09/2020
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New World Order blog 3 (and personal)


We are here again with a new World Order blog 3 (and personal)

Another week has passed as if nothing else

At least me

I don’t know about you… .

In the subject that refers us, real estate,

and in this beautiful town of Altea….

New World Order blog 3 (and personal)

Little to review, at least on my part.

Everything is still very calm and the good thing is that we are already staying with the good ones… .

The Spanish tourists have left with a lot of noise and few nuts,

and not many tourists have come…

They continue to threaten us with the bug and continue without having flights with many places, therefore little can we wait.

Few visits…..

Few demands….

And we hope that better times come.

We continue in the hands of what our politicians want to do with us, and so we are…

Anyway, we better not get into that topic .


Today in the New World Order blog 3 (and personal),

I am going to give you a review based on statistics so that you have a slight idea of ​​who and how much they buy properties in the province of Alicante.

Look at the data:

The province of Alicante was the third in sales in the second quarter of 2020.

Madrid first place with 11,612 purchases,

followed by Barcelona with 9,333 purchases,

and in third place Alicante with 4,906 purchases,

ahead of Valencia and Malaga,

nothing more and nothing less!

I clarify that I sucked the pictures that they give in the College of Registrars of Spain because I had taken data from an article in the newspaper and since I no longer trust them, and I have done well, the data did not coincide …

It is true that where more foreigners buy properties in Spain is in the province of Alicante, ahead of any other

The newspaper said that for the first time since 2013 more nationals than foreigners have bought in the second quarter, they spoke of 62% -38%

As I have been able to see in the statistics of the College of Registrars, this is not the case.

The College of Registrars says 64.57% nationals 35.23% foreigners.

There have always been more nationals than foreigners.

In any case, sales have dropped by one in the second quarter. 49.7%

That’s nothing!

Another curious fact:

Average purchase price paid by Spaniards: € 101,673.

For foreigners: € 153,394

Clear conclusions… .

Who leaves us more money?

And by nationality and despite Brexit,

The English are still the ones who bought the most homes in the province of Alicante in the second quarter with 351 purchases,

followed by the Belgians with 239, then the Swedes with 161 (who would I say), Russians with 96, Dutch with 94, Germans with 92 and French with 83 and then other varied nationalities.

Well, I do not want to bore you more with statistics but in view of them the outlook for this winter looks dark…

The airlines have had a 70% drop in passengers in the second quarter.

How much are they going to fall this winter?

Who are we going to sell to?

Chi lo sa?

I guess all this madness will have passed by March …

But we have to spend the winter!

Just in case I have already bought several blankets! unless it is very cold ……


On the other hand, what I already anticipated in other blogs …

Good restaurants have been full in August … (Ca Joan altea, Live 4 elements, The Grill albir, Noa restaurant, De Lab gastrobar, etc, etc)

they worked at full capacity like never before … …

But only a few …

the best….

The rest will see….


We continue to do our thing,

with faith and optimism trying to sell and rent everything we can and more.

In this beautiful Altea…

New World Order blog 3 (and personal) New World Order blog 3 (and personal) New World Order blog 3 (and personal)


I present to you the property of the week, to see if you dare …

lest we have another quarantine …

Where are you going to have a better time?

It is a beautiful apartment in Altea Hills with amazing views …..

Two bedrooms (originally there were 3) and two bathrooms with a large terrace with Jacuzzi

and the complex where it is located has an indoor and outdoor pool and gym with sauna …

New World Order blog 3 (and personal) New World Order blog 3 (and personal)

Price: € 449,000

Come on, for a quarantine is not bad, right?

Here is the link to my website in case you want more info:



Although this week I have not sold a pepper,

I have prepared myself to the full!

I have done several webinars and courses on the internet about personal improvement, marketing, business… .etc, etc

and how to sell even a pepper!


here I am …

with my permanent smile …

Trying to overcome my limitations and my fears …

trying to control my thoughts (that is the basis of everything),

“on an emotional level there IS NOT anything external to you that has the ability to hurt you”

Unless you allow it …

With your own thoughts ….

“the only thing that has the ability to harm you are YOUR own thoughts”

and I want to face this last stage of my life full of energy, vitality, optimism, and above all joy!


what else can we expect from life but spend it with joy?

Why be sad?

Is it worth wasting it that way?

With hatred, grudges, bad vibes… .

Forget it….

We have only one, not one more!


Faced with any circumstance that you face at every moment of your life,

you always decide on TWO ONLY alternatives:

LOVE in all its forms = kindness, tranquility, patience, warmth, tolerance, understanding, etc., etc., etc.

FEAR in all its forms = anger, intolerance, pride, haughtiness, hatred, etc, etc

Love is your strength, fear is your weakness.

We are conditioned by our own beliefs that were instilled in us and absorbed between 3 and 7 years of our childhood.

Our parents, our education, our environment,

EVERYTHING has shaped us as what we are now.

Those beliefs form our thoughts,

Those thoughts produce emotions in us,

those emotions drive us to an action,

and the result of those actions is what we live

And you will agree with me that the result of an action of ours carried out under the emotion of love will not be the

The same as if we do it from fear… ..

Therefore friends, if we want to change because we do not like how we are now, or rather how we feel now

(this does not apply to those who are “delighted to have met”),

what should we do first? try to change our beliefs

If we succeed, we will change our thoughts under any circumstance and therefore our action will be different ..

And what does that lead us to?

To obtain a different result than what we had obtained before ..

Easy, no?

In future blogs I will delve into the subject.


I will try to share my experience with you and explain my new personality.

To achieve this you have to go step by step and little by little.

You do not have to set very big goals that are difficult to meet ..

And be patient .. a lot of patience.

And not despair and throw away all the effort overboard at the slightest stumble,

you have to get up and start over..

this is how heroes are forged!

Be your own hero, defeat yourself..

I assure you that the satisfaction you will feel with every little success you achieve will be so much ,

that you will radiate happiness on all four sides …

Now you can’t give me the excuse of lack of time,

because most of us have a calmer life with this bug …

And at least you should try

Decide to take control of your life

Be responsible

Tell yourself the truth,

be honest and sincere with yourself.

But remember:

If you want to achieve lasting results,

the change must be from within you, from the depths of your interior …

I promise you that the reward to be obtained is worth the effort you will have to make.


Well friends,

next week more…..

I leave you with the unsolicited advice today:

Have a good weekend

Big hugs





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