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New World Order Blog 4 (and personal)

Posted by Abel on 25/09/2020
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New World Order Blog 4 (and personal)


Good morning friends:

Always REMEMBER that:

Always keep this in mind!

************************************************* ***********************************************************************

If I have to be honest …

I can add little to what I said on the New World Order Blog 4 (and personal) last week.

In my professional situation there has been no change.

I am negotiating two sales but everything is very slow …

And there are no guarantees that they will come out.

Despite the (covert) confinement, to which the politicians are subjecting us to the inhabitants of this planet,

And that is preventing us all from developing our activities normally,

In this beautiful town of Altea,

properties continue to be sold,

and some very good and expensive.

Therefore I reaffirm what I have already said before:

Next year we will be selling a lot, and good!

And I wonder …….

how can we not sell houses in this wonderful place?

Blog 4 del Nuevo Orden Mundial (y personal)

altea hills

New World Order Blog 4 (and personal) New World Order Blog 4 (and personal)


Regarding rentals, if the property is good and has a logical price, it is rented in 10 minutes.

You don’t even have time to put it on the web that is already rented.

So owners, if you see that it is difficult to sell at this time …

You tell me and we put it up for rent quickly.

I am specializing in luxury rentals

And I can advise you on price and conditions ..

Of course, don’t give it to just anyone, it has to be handled by someone expert to avoid later scares …

That based on experience knows how to filter well to delinquent or conflictive tenants …



As for gossip, there have been no new business openings to my knowledge this week.

I must comment in New World Order Blog 4 (and personal)

that I practically don’t go out,

that’s why I haven’t had time to go visit,

not even to have a coffee,

Helen Van Esch, the nice Dutch girl

owner of the restaurant Les Artistes in the Plaza de La Iglesia in Old Town of Altea.

She has opened on the promenade (near the Solbank),

La Terraza de Helen, a very nice corner!

And from what I have seen in photos and whenever I pass I see many people,

is very successful …

Something will have, right?

We will try it.


Like every Friday,

I am going to present you the property of the week in my New World Order Blog 4 (and personal) :

And so that you do not say that I always put very expensive properties, this week I put something within the reach of all pockets… ..


Cozy apartment in Puerto Campomanes

Blog 4 del Nuevo Orden Mundial (y personal)


Located in the heart of Puerto Campomanes (Marina Greenwich).

With a large covered terrace with beautiful views of the port and bay of Altea.

It consists of two bedrooms and a bathroom and has been completely renovated, so it is brand new.

It includes a garage space in the same building.

New World Order Blog 4 (and personal) New World Order Blog 4 (and personal) New World Order Blog 4 (and personal) Blog 4 del Nuevo Orden Mundial (y personal)

For those who do not know the area, on each side of the port there are beautiful beaches with a “chiringuito” included.

Here is the link to my website in case you want more information:



I have to tell you that I have spent a very, very busy week.

From Monday to Sunday…

yes sir,

seven full days,

doing an Online Congress on Personal Development (Re-exist)

Between 4 and 6 hours a day sitting in front of the computer watching very substantial videos.

And I promise you that I have drawn very interesting conclusions.

And not just conclusions, but there has been a change in me much more profound than I was already experiencing!

The speakers, some from my point of view, very competent (you know that there are opinions for all tastes),

They have opened my eyes and made me think …

And not just think …

They have made me take very important decisions,

and above all change my attitude towards certain things in my life …

and of the shit of life that we are living in general most of the human beings on this planet!

They have been 7 very intense days in which I have rethought all my past life but especially future.

I have stopped to think,

which we normally do not do because of the rush and madness in which we normally live:

work, children, school, couple, love, heartbreak, cheating, betrayal, money, bills …

New World Order Blog 4 (and personal)

Anyway, I’m going to tell you that you don’t already know!

And do you know what I tell you?

How incredible one can change simply by stopping to think and draw conclusions….

Of course, it is useless to simply draw conclusions if you want to change some aspect of your life that you don’t like …

Blog 4 del Nuevo Orden Mundial (y personal)

First you have to make the decision to want to change what we don’t like,

And then take action

It is useless to say, and think:

“Damn, I just realized that I don’t like my job, or my wife or husband has fed me up, or my boss or partner are useless, etc, etc”,

if you’re not going to do anything about it.

I have already told you before that you have to take action and ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY for your life,

and be willing to PAY the price.

Yes, because ALWAYS in life there is a price to pay for everything!

You will not be comfortably sitting on the couch watching your favorite series and by magic they will offer you a new job … or the Wizard of Sickle will come and make your husband / wife disappear at a stroke,

Or your boss or partner will fall down a hole in the ground …


I am afraid that you will have to move your ass and bother to suffer the consequences that all change normally carries

that many times are insignificant if we compare them with the advantages and happiness that the new situation produces.

For example, if you want to be in shape, you have no choice but to do some sport, or gymnastics, alone or with a coach …

and that something always takes a permanent and constant effort that you have to be willing to assume, otherwise there will be NO results …

And if you want to lose weight … you know what to do, right?

And so with everything!

But I assure you that one begins to feel such a great well-being and satisfaction that it is worth all the effort that has to be made


Separate chapter in New World Order Blog 4 (and personal)

Dream ….



Dream how you would like your new life to be,

imagine it ….

in colors

with smells

with sound

do it every day twice a day …

and one day,

when you least expect it ,

it will come true …

New World Order Blog 4 (and personal)


If it serves as an example, I am going to tell you my personal experience of these days:

I suppose I have already told you that I am planning to lose weight… ..

To remove at least 10 kilos …….

I want to look slim because it seems more elegant to me

Well, I don’t get it in any way!

And that I take great care of myself,

I do all the gymnastics that my body and age allow me … and yet I am stuck at a weight and I can’t even lower it!

Yes it is true that I have lost fat and I have gained muscle, which makes me feel better and fitter, but I still have a lot of love handles,

And although I don’t aspire to have the chocolate bar (I have to be realistic),

I want to remove my belly yes or yes.

Well, these days I have decided to take the bull by the horns (don’t be offended by the animalists), and do an intermittent fast on 8/16 for a week,

that is, eat for 8 hours and fast for 16.

I admit that I made the decision after finding my friend, the architect Ramón Gandía, much thinner than the last time I saw him, and he told me that I have to follow this diet for 21 days.

Well, I’m going to try a week and based on the results I see and how I feel, I will continue the next two weeks, or not.

I tell you that it is not costing me much because I was already fasting between 12 and 14 hours regularly, so going to 16 is not very complicated.

I have the problem in the morning because if I have dinner at 8:00 p.m. I can’t have anything until 12, and that for me is very complicated because I’m used to having a good breakfast.

That is the most important meal of the day for me.

It is the one that gives me the march to start well …

But hey, I’ll see for a week how I manage and especially how I feel …


Returning to the Meeting, I will tell you that I have found very interesting speakers:

I really liked Maria Fernandez.

She is a coach, speaker, and team motivator.

María has a very defined personality that gives you certainty and confidence.

She has written a book called “the little book that will make your life great”

It is written in a very simple but at the same time very comprehensive way, so it is very easy to take the action that it asks you to achieve the expected results.

I recommend it to you.

Another that I really liked is Juan Carlos Castro (,

This is a very special character… ..

I must admit that at the beginning of the video I thought: “what’s this guy about?”

He has such a peculiar way of saying things that at the end of the video I not only saw the last part again but I said to myself: “this guy is great” Chapeau !!!

Another, a young boy who paints very well, but who is very good is Jesús Honrubia

It says very interesting things!

I also liked a psychologist who described the 9 types of personality that there are.

Very useful to know what kind of person we are dealing with.

Therapist specialized in enneagrams: Raquel Rús and her website is

If you can, take a look at these people, I can assure you that you will get something good.


Message to all the boys and girls who follow me in the New World Order Blog 4 (and personal)

Do not decay !!!

Rather, do not DECLINE:

I mean morale, spirit, and encouragement.

Despite the fact that we are falling, DO NOT pay attention to the news (please, throw the television in the trash), and the press neither written nor online.


Out of info, out of whatupps, and out of social media.

AT LEAST a few hours a day.

By default, I don’t connect the phone until after 10 o’clock and I usually turn it off or put it in airplane mode from 8 p.m. or 9 p.m. depending on what I want.

I have decided to take life differently and focus my thoughts ONLY on what interests me. NOTHING MORE

New World Order Blog 4 (and personal)

And do you know what I tell you?

I’ve been putting it into practice for a few days now, and I can’t even believe it.

Next week I’ll tell you a little more.

Here I leave you with today’s unsolicited advice:

Blog 4 del Nuevo Orden Mundial (y personal)

Have a nice weekend



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