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New World Order Blog 5 (and personal)

Posted by Abel on 02/10/2020
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New World Order Blog 5 (and personal)


Good morning friends

(Have you seen how modernized I am?)

Here you have me, on Blog 5 of the New World Order (and personal)

waiting for the Dutch and Belgians to come.

They are one of the few who dare to travel.

They usually do it because they come in their super cars on the road.

Most are very old and afraid to ride public transport.

But yes friends, today there is good news …

That has been published in the newspaper Información

Super positive!

Copy and paste:

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belgium lowered this Wednesday the travel restrictions to its citizens who move through the Valencian Community and the Canary Islands, which will no longer require quarantine and PCR upon their return, according to the color map on the ministry’s website.

The provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Castellón, as well as all the islands of the Canary archipelago, turn orange, in what is the first relaxation of travel recommendations to Spain since Belgium progressively included all the provinces -except Tenerife- on your red list for the month of August.

After the update on Wednesday, trips to the Valencian Community and the Canary Islands “are possible”, although the Belgian authorities “urge reinforced vigilance” during the displacement.

Furthermore, for travelers coming from these areas, the quarantine and PCR test upon their return to Belgium are no longer mandatory. “

On the other hand, in the area there are Madrid TV working

And others simply enjoying the terreta… ..

But the reality is that there is very little movement in the housing market.

Because there are very few people outside.

Of course, the few cars that circulate normally,

they are high-end cars …

What will that mean?

Do you remember?

World divided …

Rich and poor….

Does it sound like?

Now you have to be patient and wait to see what happens …

as I write this on New World Order Blog 5 (and personal)

is elucidated at the political-health level if they confine Madrid and other cities

And as long as the panorama is not cleared up a bit, I am afraid that we will continue to wait …


It is what it is!


And what of the Euribor? Have you seen it?

Record in its 22 years of existence:


“The prospect of interest rates anchored at zero lasting a long time due to the impact of the coronavirus on the economy and the abundant liquidity in the financial system have plunged the 12-month Euribor into a downward spiral barely imaginable five months ago. The benchmark mortgage index continued to fall in September after the historic low in August (-0.359%), and again hit levels never seen before, this time even below the -0.4% barrier.

The indicator closes the month at -0.415%, although it has sunk to -0.443% in the daily rate. Experts point out that stimulus from the European Central Bank (ECB), which may take more measures in December, is pushing the Euribor down, which could still plummet further.

Although the uncertainty is very high, the market expects the index to remain at negative levels for a long time, given that its evolution is closely linked to the governing rates and it is estimated that these will remain close to zero for at least another three years. “

So encourage you to apply for mortgages …

They are lower than ever!


On the other hand, the construction of new homes also fell, last year 106,000 homes were approved in the whole of Spain, and for this year about 71,000 visas are estimated,

by 2021 no more than 72,000 in the total of Spain.

Draw your own conclusions….


With regard to prices, as of today, the average price in Spain is 13.7% higher than the minimum registered in the financial crisis of 2008

and it remains 33.6% below the maximum level reached during the 2007 real estate boom.

And keep an eye on the data: according to Tinsa, the average year-on-year price in the province of Alicante fell by -4.4% but prices in the third quarter in the same province rose by 2.9%

How do you eat that?

And as for the gross profitability of rents in Altea area it is still high.

4.4% per year

So you know, if you have spare money, buy an apartment and we will quickly put it up for rent now that there are good opportunities.

Another article in CINCO DIAS corroborates what I say in Blog 5 of the New World Order (and personal):

“We also see a very high interest in the residential market due to the potential growth offered by this sector, analyzing the percentage of the population that lives in rent compared to other countries in our environment, the arrival of specialized companies that are professionalizing this sector and the percentage of the demand that has to be directed to this market that cannot cope with the 20-30% entry on the price of the house for purchase ”, says the head of research at BNP Paribas.

Have I already convinced you to come in a herd to buy from Altea?

What are you waiting for?

You have my phone, right?

Just in case I’m sitting waiting ………


On Blog 5 of the New World Order (and personal)

I present you the property of the ideal week to spend a good confinement!

It is in Altea La Vella and has a 5,000m2 plot …

One last!

New World Order Blog 5 (and personal)


New World Order Blog 5 (and personal)


New World Order Blog 5 (and personal)

Entrance hall

Blog 5 del Nuevo Orden Mundial (y personal)


New World Order Blog 5 (and personal)


New World Order Blog 5 (and personal)

swimming pool

Blog 5 del Nuevo Orden Mundial (y personal)


New World Order Blog 5 (and personal)


New World Order Blog 5 (and personal)

Front house

I leave the link on my website in case you want more information:



from New World Order Blog 5 (and personal)

On Sunday we were invited by Alex and the majestic owners of the Hotel La Plantación (7 rooms) in Finestrat, Alexey and Tatiana (and their precious son Luca),

to a tasting menu in the hotel restaurant.

They took great care of us and if I have to admit that it is not a three Michelin star, for the price it has (€ 30 person) it is very good.

I recommend that you visit the site.

I find it great to do a kind of retreat with Yoga included (the owners are both yoga teachers),

Well, although it is very close to the town, it is surrounded by a spectacular green landscape and has a beautiful pool.

Ideal for relaxation and teleworking …

It is also very good for weddings and communions (although now with the fucking bug we all have it very bad)

So that you know where it is, I leave you the web:




From New World Order Blog 5 (and personal)

Good guys

(Have you seen how modernized I am?)

Today’s blog is about moving your ass.


I’m afraid you have to move your ass yes or yes.

And if not, read the following article published by CINCO DIAS:

“Sitting for more than a quarter of the day (taking away sleep) has been reported to increase morbidity and mortality from all causes, regardless of whether you exercise two or three times a week. Spending more than four hours sitting has a negative effect on our health ”, says the expert.

“The problem is that in our environment, in our work or school day, they impose that sedentary lifestyle on us. And if we add the free time we spend sitting, it is very easy to exceed that amount. You have to try, at least, to intersperse trips frequently, throughout the day ”, reasons the expert.

In addition, even moderately committed athletes are not saved. Two weekly sessions of physical exercise, three, half an hour a day … Everything falls short when it comes to energy expenditure. “The total movement is what counts,” ditch De la Cruz. His advice is to bet on short journeys in daily commutes: “Walk or use the bicycle to work and shop, use stairs … And also organize our day so that we can be more active. Institutionally we must promote these changes, design environments and conferences in an intelligent way, and individually we must take advantage of any opportunity to stay active.”

And now with this bug we spend many more hours sitting, which affects us directly.

At least it’s killing me from back pain …

I have severe stenosis (narrowing of the lumbar canal) that is worse when sitting because it compresses the nerves,

therefore I am considering sleeping hanging from the ceiling so it stretches everything!


My nephew, who is a traumatologist specializing in cases like this, has recommended some types of exercises and stretches that go very well.

It’s a pity that he has it 10,000km away if he doesn’t put me in his hands.

His name is Christian Molla Villanueva.

I leave you his Linkedin profile in case someone needs his services and is in Buenos Aires… ..

He uses new techniques that do not need an operation except in cases where there is no other alternative.

He is a master in that field.

I have to find someone here to do the same.

Solution for my problem because I am not going to operate or joke …… ..

be as slim and fit as possible …

So, garlic and water…

Do you remember it?

altea inedita parte 3

Do you know it?

By the way…

On the blog before New World Order Blog 5 (and personal)

I told you that I was going to do intermittent fasting for a week …

And that based on the results it would continue or not …

As well,

The results have been spectacular!

In a week I went down….

300 grams!

Yes, you read that right..

After starving shit

Although here I bravely admit that the 16 hours without eating I managed only a couple of days,

But hey, at 1 or 2 p.m. without eating no one took them away from me,

And so I managed to lower 300grs!


Well, as you can imagine, the intermittent fasting will be done by Grandma Federica, because I……


I follow my own quality diet,

several nights a week I only drink cleansing smoothies and my exercises, and thus I am slowly losing my weight and getting in shape.

And that is corroborated by the analytics that I did last week.

I do not tell you the values ​​that have come out because otherwise it will make you so envious that you will hate me,

So we better leave it here.


Here I recommend another very interesting article about what burns more fat:


this is seriouslyooooo,

it has been published by the newspaper  CINCO DIAS El Pais

“This is the best exercise to eliminate fat, according to 30 years of scientific studies”



Well guys,

(Have you seen how modernized I am?)

Do you notice that it is Thursday night and I have nothing done from the blog, and also I no longer want to write?


1.-) You can do the Covid test at home:

New World Order Blog 5 (and personal)

2.-) Move your ass all you can and more!

New World Order Blog 5 (and personal)

3.-) This one is prettier and a little more polite:

Have a great weekend.



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