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New World Order Blog 6 (and personal)

Posted by Abel on 09/10/2020
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New World Order Blog 6 (and personal)


Good morning friends

Although this is the real estate part,

I start the blog with a news published today in the newspaper INFORMACION

about the pandemic …

you will think:

Damn Abel, we’re up to the hat of the matter!

And I totally agree with you.

What happens that you will see because I say so

Copy and paste:

“The Valencian Community is the only one in Spain that yesterday placed its cumulative incidence rate for the last fourteen days below 100 cases of coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants, according to data provided by the Ministry of Health. Specifically, the Community has a rate of 99.72, far from the 684 cases in Navarra, which has the highest rate. “

“This cumulative incidence rate in the last fourteen days is one of the indicators that experts focus on the most to understand the situation of the pandemic. Above 100 is when the situation begins to be considered worrying and it is the first time that the Community has dropped this figure since August 26. “

And this for me is the most important:

“Another indicator that comes to endorse the better situation of the Valencian Community in this second wave of covid is that of Health Sufficiency developed by the Young Academy of Spain, chaired by the scientist of the University of Alicante Javier García. According to its latest report, the province and the Community as a whole are close to controlling the pandemic. “

Isn’t that great news?

And don’t you think it will have an impact on the real estate market in the area?

You can take it for granted!

And at this very moment my super 5G plasma ball confirms it:

bola plasma xl 9192 400x225 1


I detect clients with money who for one reason or another, are looking for big and safe houses to protect themselves, from whatever, viruses or other threats ..

And where better than Altea?

With this bad weather we have …

(see photos of my meal at De Lab on Tuesday October 6 with 25º)

New World Order Blog 6 (and personal)


New World Order Blog 6 (and personal)


New World Order Blog 6 (and personal)


New World Order Blog 6 (and personal)


New World Order Blog 6 (and personal)


This week I have had clients for very important houses …

We’ll see if there is luck or not,

But the fact is that they have located me through my website and my professional skills and extensive experience in the real estate business in Altea.

They were looking for properties with certain characteristics.

I will not give more information because I like to maintain confidentiality when they are very important clients …

Anyway friends, the overall picture is difficult … but for those who do not have money!

The lucky ones who have it are rubbing their hands!

And if not, ask the investment funds that are landing in Spain.

This week and as far as I know the French Ardian background,

the new owners of Idealista EQT and a few others who are jumping like crazy to buy ..

Why will it be?

And in hotels?

They are going to buy real bargains at a knockdown price!

Lucky for them ..

Right now if you have money and know how to buy (well advised),

in two or three years you can triple the capital.


With nothing more important to review regarding the real estate market,

I tell you a gossip:

My friend Shah, the friendly owner of De Lab, 4 elements, Ziba, the Grill, etc.

A bar has opened next to The Grill,

kind of Show cooking with different types of food

(according to Shah who is a great cook and also has an exceptional team)

he’s having amazing success, especially with young people.

Trust me, go try it!

Worth it.


Here I leave you with the property of the week:

A beautiful three bedroom apartment in Altea Hills with a giant glazed terrace ..

Comfortable and pleasant for confinement!

New World Order Blog 6 (and personal)


New World Order Blog 6 (and personal)


New World Order Blog 6 (and personal)


New World Order Blog 6 (and personal)


New World Order Blog 6 (and personal)


New World Order Blog 6 (and personal)


New World Order Blog 6 (and personal)


New World Order Blog 6 (and personal)


New World Order Blog 6 (and personal)


New World Order Blog 6 (and personal)


I leave you the link to my website in case you want more information:



Hello, friends

(Have you seen how modernized I am?)

Today I am happy,

Very happy…

Yesterday I passed the ITV,

Not for the car



With the endocrine

I do it every six months

Because of the cortisol

The stress hormone

I do not produce it

Therefore I have to take it daily

And an analytical control is necessary every six months so that nothing goes wrong….

I’m not going to bore you with details

But I’ve been with Dra. Pino Navarro in Alicante for ten years

And he told me that it was the best time he saw me!

Not only in appearance but also in… analytics!

I already told you in a previous blog ..

Values ​​from when I was young!

Come on, confinement has not only not made me crazy, but it has rejuvenated me!

Take it now!

There it is.

And I’m not telling you anything about the head!

I’m another.

The secret?

the brain:

you need to trained it

And in my particular case stress control.

New philosophy of life….

I just need to adjust a few more screws and the result will be spectacular, you’ll see!

I need to adjust:

Screw 1.-) finish with the bread

Screw 2.-) finish with the butter

And screw 3:

chachan chachan

Delete what I like the most in the sweet planet …

The dulce de leche!

Since I discovered the Chimbote in Mercadona,

Oh friends ..

I can say that … I screwed up!

But hey

For ironman there is nothing impossible,

ironman 1


So here I go!

Next week I will tell you the result of the adjustments.


And how are you doing?

Have you paid me a little attention?

even a little?

Some diet and move your ass for a bit?

(I have a little verse)

Let’s see your faces …

You’re lucky that I can’t see yours…

Otherwise I would see how you are lying to me …….

What a people!


In Blog 6 of the New World Order (and personal)

there is a small variant, the topic is about videos …..

videos for adults …

my recommendation is that if you are under 40 years old,

don’t watch them …

can be seriously affect!




I leave you with TWO unsolicited advices of today:


second one:

Have a great long weekend.




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