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New World Order blog 7 (and personal)

Posted by Abel on 16/10/2020
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New World Order blog 7 (and personal)


Hi friends

We are here again in the New World Order blog 7 (and personal)

Another week …

Or less depending on how you look at it….

Nondescript weeks ..

At least for me, I don’t know for you

My life is limited to working, eating (always on a diet), sleeping, exercising and starting over …

How boring!

With what I like to go from one place to another, socialize, meet new people, give hugs, feel strong emotions….

Now everything is sad, with fears, excessive caution … puagh!


Ahhh, I forgot ..

To clear my head I took the broad brush and painted!

I painted all the white parts of my house: balustrades, walls, windows, etc. etc.

Cecilia just took the car away!

What fun!

When I finished the job I was crippled!

The next day totally destroyed!

It shows that I am no longer up to these things of climbing the ladder, painting in acrobatic positions, etc, etc

Me painting like the one in the photo but without help ..

Better not continue….


There are fewer and fewer people around here.

The people of Madrid have already left and the tourists are not coming.

You will tell me.

There are few hours of the day when you see people on the street and in Altea La Vella (usually in the morning), and then people disappear

They lock themselves in their houses and no longer go out

And the truth is that if you go out at night to dinner there is almost no atmosphere anywhere …

So sad.

Anyway, let’s hope it happens soon.


Regarding real estate news, sales fell by 54.7% in the Valencian Community during the pandemic (April-June),

and that prices fell by 5.3% in this Community, while the granting of mortgages fell by 38.7%

And while the wealth of Spanish families and companies has risen almost 5% during the pandemic ……

Do you see where the shots go?

14861514553937 pobre vs rico

¿Do you remember?

I leave it there

draw your own conclusions

Meanwhile, the CPI fell 0.4% in September and what moderated its fall was:


The rise in electricity,

plus the increase in:

fruit (11.8%),

legumes and vegetables (2.4%),

computing (10.9%).

Sugar (8%)

Is it a coincidence or does it seem to me that it is what people consume the most?

Will them be Son of a b..!



In case you don’t know it, a friend of mine Adriana and her son Sebastian, opened a very interesting place on Calle Ferrocarril (the one that is attached to the train tracks in front of Mercadona):

sale of organic products in bulk:

This is what its owner says:

“First, the idea is to stop producing plastic waste, to learn to reuse packaging as was done many years ago. Zero plastic. People can bring their own packaging.

It also allows us to only consume what we need, we live in a world in which large families have almost completely disappeared and where many people live alone with which the way of consumption is different but supermarkets have not made a change in the quantities and the sizes of the products we consume, forcing us to buy more than we need.

All our products are ecological, all with certificates that guarantee them, so that we can feed ourselves and take care of our hygiene and our home healthily. “

It is called Planet Bulk and they are continually incorporating new things into it.

They are on Calle Ferrocarril S / N Local 2C next to the train track behind the Town Hall in Altea.

You can follow them on Face Planet in bulk

Instagram planet – bulk

Web page.

I hope it is useful to you.



This week on New World Order (and personal) Blog 7,

I present something very interesting as an investment to rent:

Apartment in Mascarat Urbanization with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with air conditioning and garage included in the price.

New World Order blog 7 (and personal)


New World Order blog 7 (and personal)


New World Order blog 7 (and personal)


New World Order blog 7 (and personal)


New World Order blog 7 (and personal)


New World Order blog 7 (and personal)


New World Order blog 7 (and personal)


The Urbanization is very quiet and has THREE communal swimming pools as well as TWO glass paddle tennis courts.

What more can you ask for:

Price: € 185,000

Here is the link to my website in case you want more information:



I’m going to give you news …

in the New World Order blog 7 (and personal)

Better said TWO:

Both filled me with joy and satisfaction

And they have given me a lot of encouragement and rejuvenated impulse to continue on the path marked …

The first is that it occurred to me to search Google Chrome for “real estate blogs in Altea” and out of 260,000 searches I come out on the first page in third position.

I clarify that I was not very surprised because in Altea there are not many who write a blog.

Then I looked for “real estate blogs with Humor” and more of the same.

I was not very surprised either because there are not so many who write about real estate with humor… ..

But what did surprise me a lot is that I put “real estate blogs 2020” and out of 168 million searches I came out on the FIRST page in 5th place !!!


At least for me.



Then it occurred to me to make a count of the people who read my blog approximately, and the following came out:

I send Mailchimp every Friday to almost 500 subscribers, and depending on the platform I have between 32 and 36% of people who open and read it.

Then I send directly by mail to the most friends who are not in the Mailchimp list another 100-150 of which I suppose they read me between 30 and 50

I send by whattsup to the closest ones in the blog link to about 300 phones of which I do not have the email, and a large number of them read me (they tell me)

And finally Linkedin tells me that in the last week 168 people entered a friend’s repost.

So adding up I see that without counting Instagram and Facebook, between 400 and 500 people read me EVERY FRIDAY!

Awesome again.

So you know friends ……

The INFLUENCER thing is more serious every week !!!


Well, how are you in the mood this week?

The truth is that you have to be very strong and have things very clear so as not to get depressed (or scared) with the prospects that paint us!

Pay attention to me!

No news with the news!

We are living very special moments … and difficult!

So now you know!

Live the day to day!

Without thinking about tomorrow ..

Tomorrow so many things can happen!

We do not know

And they can even be good!

If we think positive we attract positive things!

Do me a favor ..

Discard negative thoughts.

Put them Outside!

Focus on your goals …


And dedicate all the energy to achieve them.

When one has a clear objective

The media arise alone.

And think big because we can only have a great life if we think big!


I leave you here in New World Order blog 7 (and personal) with an audio of this magnificent pianist CECILIA CALLEGARI

for you to relax for a few minutes:

Scriabin Prelude op. 11 Nº13

It is very short, less than two minutes of real pleasure.

Good luck to all and do not decline!

I leave you with my friend Mafalda who has the unsolicited advice of today.

Have a good weekend




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