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Positive blog 2

Posted by Abel on 18/04/2021
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Positive blog 2

Good morning friends

Today I invite you to a good coffee in Altea

I pay

Comforting and invigorating why’s that?

because today is monday

Didn’t you know?

And on Mondays you should not fall apart

Nor be sad or melancholic

Blog positive 2

“when you are sad, never lower your head because you can see your double chin and it is very ugly”

And in case someone hadn’t found out …

Today the week officially begins.

It has always been like this although now with the

New Normal everything is abnormal

There are people who only work on Monday mornings

Because with the New Normal they have very little work

Others who don’t care whether it’s Monday or Friday because they don’t have a job directly

And some privileged ones who work as with the Old Normal

And then I wonder:

Positive blog 2

How will the world be when all this is over, if it ever ends?

I’m afraid even my Next Generation 5G Plasma ball doesn’t know

We depend on so many things that we cannot control.

So I have learned a trick to relax and it is doing everything in my power to achieve my goals

comes a point where you realize that nothing depends on you anymore.

Positive blog 2

That is the moment where I say to myself:

Relax, if it has to be, it will be, and if it doesn’t, it won’t be

As my friend Mariano, from the Giardino restaurant says “if it touches you, even if you move away … and if it does NOT touch you, even if you wear …”

and there I totally relax,

because obviously nothing is in my hands anymore.

You have no choice but to relax, because otherwise you belong to the group of those in the vignette below …

Positive blog 2

“there are people who the only thing they have smart is the mobile”

I recommend it, try it.


Positive blog 2

So friends, keep dreaming

That when you want something with great intensity …

Positive blog 2

“wish it so much, so much, so much that life has no choice but to give it to you”

life finally gives it to you.

You must lift the spirit and think:

Blog positive 2

“What’s the fault of not looking your age and looking younger and more handsome”

And remember to be yourself, do NOT care about the opinion of others:

Blog positive 2

“just be yourself, and the right people will come into your life”


This is very important…

Be authentic.

Remember that today with the internet everything is known, at the speed of light….

It takes less time to discover a liar than to catch a lame person….


I hope you do me even a little bit of case ..

And so you will have a better week.

I wish you with all my heart that you have a great time bullet point

Blog positive 2

“inner peace arises when one learns to love oneself”

A big hug to all

ABEL MICHELETTI Gran Cacique Toro Sentado


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