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Positive blog 3

Posted by Abel on 25/04/2021
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Positive blog 3

Good morning friends. (male, female and others)

Happy Monday members of my tribe!

Here the Big Boss Sitting Bull greets you from Altea, Alicante (the Big Boss Cow Sitting is not cool)


it’s that I’m breaking!

How can there be so much asshole on the loose?

Anyway, every day I hallucinate more with human beings.


Positive blog 3

This week I have done a lot of master classes of all kinds

and the truth is that I am delighted.

Every day I’m back from everything

And every day I die of more laughter with people

What stupidity!

Going back to the masterclass,

I must say that I am becoming a master of meditation

Positive blog 3


I can see the changes in my way of thinking, feeling and reacting to the various circumstances of life….

Every day I am more positive, and I even have positive dreams, which has not happened to me for many years!

I have the intuition that my life is going to change completely in the next few months.

Various circumstances will occur to make it so.

But before the end of the year my life will be completely different from what I have now

I suppose something similar will happen to many.

Those who during the pandemic have acted with a positive attitude and have faced the various circumstances that occurred with a changed mentality,

Because we must recognize that the world that awaits us

will be very different from the one we have lived in until confinement.

Every day I see more clearly the manipulation to which all the estates subject us with the collaboration of the press, radio and TV.

That is why every day I focus more on myself.

At the moment it is taking my other self an egg to manipulate me!

I’m going to do what my other self wants …….

It will be great because the other me is much smarter than me and will only lead to good things:

Be more positive, be a better person, better, more understanding, calmer

To not waste time with toxic people, to be much more concentrated, more effective, more…., More…., More ……

Uaaa, I’m going out!

Let’s see if the bastard I have inside (my other side) can dominate me …

I will be a totally happy man!


Positive blog 3

Well Indians, Indians and Indies …

I leave you because today I have to go to Valencia all day

I am delighted because today I will meet in person the great copywriter Isra Bravo (, a guy sensational as the top of a pine tree.

************************************************** *********************************************************************

Positive blog 3

I leave you with today’s unsolicited advice:

Have a wonderful week.

ABEL MICHELETTI The Big Boss Cow Sitting


I made a mistake!


Positive blog 3



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