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Posted by Abel on 14/02/2020
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As I promised in the previous blog last week

Today I will write about the real estate market in Altea

The truth is that we are all in “pessimistic” mode

quien dijo no


And I really think we should change to the “optimistic” mode

quien dijo no


But not only real estate, I say ALL

In all segments of society

There is widespread pessimism in all levels of our society

Will it be for politicians?

Will it be for the newspapers?

Is it because of the coffee conversations?

Will it be on TV?

Will it be for REALITY?

Is it because everyone, in one way or another, has a harder time earning money?

Is it because the world, as I have said a thousand times, is evolving so much that it catches us with the changed pace?

And leave many out of the game?

quien dijo no


As I have said so many times, “poor who is not flexible and knows how to adapt to new times quickly!”

quien dijo no


I have friends in all sectors and segments of society, and they all tell me more or less the same: that their profession or business is getting more complicated, difficult to manage, and with more and more competition … and many times or illegal or they play dirty.

Have the forms in this society so hard and competitive been lost, that we who have an “old-fashioned” education are a bit out of the game?

Are the new times so wild that only the final result matters, that is to say, the success in the task that we set ourselves, without valuing or importing as we get it?

quien dijo no


There is nothing more to look at politicians: today they say white and tomorrow black, and no problem!

What the newspaper library says doesn’t matter: “that was me in other circumstances” “now it’s different”

Or they just shut up and pass everything like poop.

quien dijo no


I could tell you thousands of examples, but that is not the case and it would be a waste of time.

Let’s go to ours.

What happens to real estate agents in Altea?

Nothing really sells or is it that we are so many that for us to touch a “piece of the cake” we must be very lucky?

These days in addition to what I have sold and what I am negotiating, I have learned that a lot of things have been sold, that if we were 9 or 10 as in the year 2000 we would now be celebrating and thinking that we are going to be a fucking mother. .

quien dijo no


Of course, what has been sold has been because the owners adapted to the reality of the market and put some logical prices.

As I call it: “MARKET PRICES”

What is not logical is that if a new house that has cost between the construction and the plot supposes a million euros, the developer intends to sell it at € 2,500,000, and then as he sees that it does not sell it drops to 1,950,000 €, and then € 1,750,000 and then comes a buyer and buys it in € 1,500,000…..

quien dijo no


And all so happy!

It’s okay man, we have to be more realistic!

Life has changed, and therefore our mentality has to change.

We Spaniards ( now I’ve learned not only spaniards…) are accustomed to the pitch, and then go to the bar, sitting at the sun and drink a pint … that’s what we really like!

quien dijo no


And don’t work hard to win the “normal”

The problem is: what is “normal” for each of us …?

But well, all this is nothing more than a reality of the market, it is the law of supply and demand.

You already know: if there is little demand and a lot of supply, prices go down, and vice versa.

What really happens in Altea and its urbanizations?

That there are areas (sometimes happens with one specific building), that suddenly everything that was for sale has been sold and on top there are customers looking for something in that place precisely.

Can you imagine how long it takes for potential sellers to find out how the situation is, and therefore what prices they will put on their properties?

That is why it is necessary and important that potential vendors find trusted professionals.

They can get more return on the sale of their property!

Until here, all normal…

Now I change the matters…

Well folks, are you ready for today’s unsolicited advice?

Here it goes:

Pass all the negative that surrounds us and concentrate on your life, activity, family or passion you have (what they call MIndfullness) and go ahead !!!

quien dijo no


Work hard, because nobody gives anything away, and try to enjoy every second of your life, which is unique, and bear in mind that nobody will live it for you.

quien dijo no


Look how good you have around you, how safe it is a lot, and enjoy it, that tomorrow it could be that you no longer have it

don’t suffer for the loss of small battles and go for the next ball (as in tennis) because you must finally win the war, which is to live …

quien dijo no


The secret is in the little things, in the day to day, passing through this world should not be a martyrdom, neither for you nor for those who are with you, because the end one day finally will come, and at that moment we will make a review of our life, surely we will only look at what we have not done, what we missed from living …

quien dijo no


Here I leave you, reflecting a bit.

And pay attention to the bird:

quien dijo no


Next week, more

Have a good weekend


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