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Posted by Abel on 04/10/2019
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Today’s blog has come to mind because of the strange circumstances I’ve been living lately.

The doubts….

Of homebuyers and farms in Altea

Although this can be transferred to the rest of Spain

Because of the conversations I have had with APIS colleagues in Madrid and Valencia

It is happening to many agents in our profession. Everyone tells me the same …

The sudden disappearance of potential buyers, who once chosen the property, usually after having visited countless of them and studied the pros and cons of each, are decided and then begins the arduous negotiation with the owner on the purchase price .

That I pay you so much … that I don’t accept less than …

Well, you already know it… I’m going to tell you not to know …

If after climbing Everest, crossing the English Channel and crossing the Amazon rainforest, the real estate agents gets an agreement between all parties, and breathing hard and snorting at the success, we began to request documents, and this before asking for a sign!

There is that magical moment that we all fear …  The sudden disappearance of the buyer !, and sometimes already with the contract prepared !!!


They do not answer your phone, or mails, or nothing. And you ask yourself with a silly face: What happened? Will I have done something wrong?

No friend, don’t be martyred, it happens to all of us.

And what can be worse, if he is an acquaintance and you find him there, he makes a soup face and talks about the weather, and his mother-in-law, and the dog that got measles, but no mention of the aforementioned sale.

As if that hadn’t happened with him.

dogs caught in the act 7


What happened? Only he knows …


I deduce that the large amount of information that comes to us every day on the internet and the different media make put doubts about the decisions already made, and if we add to that national and international political and economic uncertainty, the potential buyer simply cushions and brakes dry ..

hombre de negocios en dudas sobre carrera 109556142

So far this may be normal and possibly everyone at some time in our life has happened to us.

I see it acceptable, understandable and very human.

What I do not understand, according to my education, is not picking up the phone or simply writing an email or whattsup saying: “Thank you for the services provided but we have decided otherwise.” Regards…..

Does that cost so much? Does that imply a very large emotional wear? I really don’t understand….

I must be either very polite or a tremendous hard face, but I always try to answer at least with a thank you. It is the least.

It cost me nothing, and the other side thanks it.

Released this, that sure has happened to all of us at some point,

I now give my unsolicited opinion today:

Is it a good time to buy or not?

Well, I think so and no.

And you will say: poor Micheletti either has Alzheimer’s or has become stupid.

I will clarify:

Yes or that will not depend on the property, its price, the views and its location.

Location, location, location!

The client is the King, and he knows it.

It has great information and knows the search area very well thanks to the internet and numerous visits made, therefore it has a very clear price scale. Know what a good purchase can be or not.

And this is where the owners are usually wrong: in the sale price. If you are not well advised and your expectations are beyond logic, hardly sell.

The secret of making a good investment and in order to earn money and not lose it in the future, is to make a good purchase.

If we buy well it is a safe value, in the present and in the future. We will not be wrong. And buyers know it, or at least they intuit it.


So if the purchase is good, and your studies of the various options and after carefully analyzing the market, and the objectives of use (whether to live or as an investment to rent) are met, do not hesitate: BUY, BUY, BUY!

If your intuition (which is always a product of experience) tells you: Be careful, there is something I don’t like! then DO NOT BUY, NO NO, NO

If you have doubts, don’t do anything, NO action. I stand still!

Now that they are reasonable doubts, not the product of fear or interested opinions, because in this real estate, it is enough that the potential buyer meets someone and drinks a coffee, interested or not,

The one with a coffee

 puts him a doubt, then colleague, the sale has been annoyed.

 We all know that.

And for those of you who are thinking of buying, I am going to pass you some official statistical data so you have some serious help from me and you draw your own conclusions.

Do you see that I am not only saying bullshit?

Pessimist’s data:

According to all macroeconomic scales that are managed, and according to all experts predict it, and seeing the crazy and inept politicians who run the world, it is clear that a good one is coming …

They say it won’t be as hard as the latter, but that it is coming, it is coming.

ejemplo de la historieta de la crisis económica 49308931

On the other hand in Spain there is an overvaluation of properties with respect to family income of 8.8%. And in some areas there is a lot of imbalance between supply and demand, which translated: if there is a lot of supply and little demand they will have to lower prices if they want to sell. Obviously not?

Positive’s data:

Good mortgages are being given (below 2% interest)

700x420 alquileres subida mano dreamstime

The Household Effort Rate is below the historical average: 33.5%

Rise in demand for rentals. 24% of Spaniards already live in rent, which translates into a price increase in them.


The rent is renting an average of 7.6%, which is excellent news for investors who do not know what to do with their money.

Anyway, I could extend much more but I don’t feel like it.

If someone wants or needs more information I will be happy to provide it.

Therefore friends, you know: right now it can be very good to buy if we are not mistaken. Therefore I recommend expert advice made by a professional in the area in question where they want to buy.

And you know: In a crisis some people make money..

If you know how to move….

Good luck and good weekend


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