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Posted by Abel on 11/10/2019
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Today I will address the issue of changes.

Changes in the behavior of society,

changes in the way of life,

changes in the way we relate,

changes in everything

God, can’t things stay the way they are?

No, everything has to change …

Internet, has changed ours life …

For better and worse

And don’t worry, they say those who know that next year the 5G will be extended and that we will have a new society.

Oh, the elders, as we don’t talk and update ourselves, we take it clear …

maxresdefault 1

And young people too, because today what they study in a few years will be obsolete and will be all new

refranes graciosos reir social 2

I don’t know about you, but I try to keep up with everything, although I clarify that many times I realize that I am not up to date on anything….

New terms are invented every day.

In social media: ADS, organic reach, viral reach, avatar, CPC branding, CPM, crowdsourcing and so on.

And in sex? polyamory, sexting, grisexuality, pansexuality. I’m lost…

Poor one who thinks he knows everything ..

Surely you know some character of those ..

so conceited that he thinks he knows everything.


clientes hablando 02 1

Anyway, let’s go to what I wanted to tell you today and I’ve already gone through the branches

The other day I read an article in El País Negocios written by Sandra López Letón very interesting, I advise you to read it

He was referring to the change in consumer habits of citizens that is transforming the economy and businesses.

If not, you can ask to taxi drivers in New York! read the articule

vintage amarillo taxi de nueva york nueva york eeuu dacexh 1

It seems that people instead of buying, owning, prefer to rent, that is, use and throw away …

This is putting traditional businesses in check as well as governments that have to hurry to regulate the so-called “platform economy”

It is what the journalist calls “the new rental society”

According to her, young people show less attachment to property, and I totally agree with her, since they are more digital and have more environmental awareness.

But let’s not fool ourselves, it is also that every time everything is more expensive and it costs more and more to earn a euro. In addition, jobs are less durable and there is more job insecurity, which does not help to buy anything.

That’s why rent is the solution.

Today it is possible to rent everything:

Of course cars, bicycles, scooters, computer equipment, cutting-edge technology, sportswear and even street clothes!

alquiler coches 1
nbici 1
patinete electrico 1
neopreno de alquilerfianzaportes de ida 1

I hallucinated when I read it. I had no idea that that could be done!

It doesn’t fit in my head to wear clothes that other people have worn!

103570465 gettyimages 984381074 1

But you see that there is everything and for everyone in this world today.

But I totally agree in some cases for example if I lived in Madrid, I would not have a car. I would drive by public transport or Uber and / or walking, and if for whatever it was I needed a car, then I rent it.

Today there are very cheap options.

And if you make numbers, you get much more profitable.

In houses the same thing is happening, but for another reason. Not because of a change in trend (if it could be in vacation rental) but because they can’t buy it.

deuda hipotecaria01 488x272 20190304084701@lavanguardia web 1

The sense of possession in real estate is very large, and although there may be very cold people who make a strictly financial calculation, practically everyone if they can buy prefers to rent.

What happens is that not everyone can buy.

Although there are now very interesting mortgages, the bank if you do not have a minimum of 30% of what it costs does not give you the loan, nor do they give it to anyone as it happened before the 2008 crisis.

Now you have to have a very healthy economy and good payroll to get the mortgage.

This has increased the traditional rent and also the holiday rental.

All great, but I wonder: will someone have to be the owner of the rented homes, right?

It is true that there are Funds that have bought entire buildings to rent, but with the idea of ​​selling in three or four years, when the house is supposed to rise in price …

And it won’t be a great time to invest in apartments to rent them?

fondo diseno plano alquilado 23 2147779885 1

I have a very clever Dutch customer who has already bought several in this area and has created his own Vacation Rental company. And in addition to buying very well priced, reform and rent them, and take out a good money…

There are some clever! And they have money to be.

Don’t think that everyone who has money is very smart …

Anyway, here I leave you with an unsolicited opinion from today’s blog.

“Buying one apartment to rent is a great business”

Happy weekend

A hug


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