Ufff, another agency more!!

It’s the first thing we all think!!!

They all say the same or similar thing: “We are the best, the most serious, the ones who sell the best properties, etc, etc.”

Well, sorry, before continuing I introduce myself:

“I am Abel Micheletti and I began my career in Altea as an API in 1995

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At that time there were only 8 real estate agencies with open offices in the entire town of Altea.

The Internet was barely used in the real estate business.

Currently in Altea there are more than 100 real estate offices in operation and about 15 or more with magnificent websites that work comfortably from the living room…


Can you imagine how everything has changed?

And since there are almost no exclusives, almost ALL have the same properties and almost ALL advertise them on portals such as Idealista, fotocasa, Kyero, Habitaclia, etc, etc, etc and many times with different prices!!.

So what did I think?

In this world that is so computerized and so cold and impersonal,

I think the best thing is to return to the old, the human, the personal…

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I specialize in the area that I have always dominated and in which I have sold more than 1,000 properties:

Altea, Mascarat, Campomanes, Altea Hills, Sierra de Altea golf, and the urbanizations near Altea la Vella.


I have picked up the backpack again and, wow, let’s work hard and offer personalized, old-fashioned service.

Exquisite treatment, serious and very professional advice, and above all: honesty and transparency.


And probably, you will say:

“well, so what?

“Everyone says the same thing…”

If you want to meet me in person, I’ll invite you to a coffee.


Abel Micheletti