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Altea real estate blog. October 2022

Posted by Abel on 7 October, 2022
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Hello friends,

here is the first blog of La Nueva Era.

I title it:

Altea real estate blog. October 2022

Un paseo por Altea. Blog de la Nueva Era 2022


Let’s reminisce a bit about the past:

“it’s to talk about a beautiful place,

it’s called Altea, do you know it?

Then you know what I’m talking about,

I’m sure you’ve been captivated by its beauty,

its climate,

its gastronomy and the tranquility that breathe.

Don’t you know it?

I’m sorry, you don’t know what you’ve missed.

Take the car, the plane or the AVE and in a moment you leave behind the boredom, the routine and the stress of daily life.

I did it,

And the truth is that I changed my life several times,

but I already have it clear,

I’m not moving from here anymore!”











They are all excerpts from the blog published on 06/21/2019, before they changed our lives!

It continued like this:

“Shall I tell you a little about an ordinary day in my hard life in Altea?

I wake up normally between 7:30 and 8:30, depending on whether the night was hard or soft…

I do my exercise routine (at my age that is more important than eating),

then I have a very warm and relaxing shower…

and I have breakfast at the kitchen or the terrace…

300 days a year with sun…

can you imagine it?

sea so blue and that light so typical of the Mediterranean…

Whoever reads this and is not in the area is allowed to dream a little…”



El blog de Altea de la Nueva Era


So far, nothing has changed…

“If I don’t have an appointment

I go to the office in Puerto Campomanes to enter the labor sphere,

I can’t forgive my delicious coffee with milk that they prepare for me at Miau.

office I start to work very hard, eh??

Don’t think badly,

If I can and I don’t have clients,

at 2:30 p.m. I go home to eat organic broccoli with quinoa, buckwheat and tuna or mackerel or sardines, how do you suppose I keep the type?) Then I go back to the office until 8 or 9 at night.

Some days I am lucky and I have a very light dinner at home but many not because my wife,

who is much younger than me,

pulls me out of the hair to the street

Again, how do you think I keep my cool?

Go for a drink at a fantastic gastrobar or restaurant around here.”


Several things have changed from here:

1.- I no longer have an office. I work from home

2.-Miau no longer exists. Now I drink coffee in the different (and good) places that are in Puerto Campomanes or in the Internacional in the center of Altea

3.- I don’t have a wife anymore. We are divorced (although we are very good friends and partners in the business)

4.- With the pandemic I got used to not going out and now the reality is that I go out very little. (this happens to many people)





The 2019 blog continued like this:

“If I go to Altea it usually takes 5 minutes,

except in summer

when I get very angry because of the number of cars there are, and instead of 5 minutes it takes 10!

Anyway, I keep telling you?

Better No,

I’ll let you know little by little and in several chapters so you don’t hate me!

Shall we talk about microclimate?

best microclimates in the world.

I don’t know if it’s true or not, about the study…

But the microclimate is, I can attest to that.

I’ve lived in many places in the world, and none like this. In exchange, I don’t always want heat or always cold, and Altea has an average temperature of 19 degrees.

In summer it doesn’t rise above 26-27 degrees in the hottest hour of midday and in winter it doesn’t go below 7 or 8 in the hottest hours. cold at night (during the day 12-14º)

Overwhelming, right?

And what can I tell you about the sea and beaches of Altea?

The truth is that I have already gone to the beach a lot,

And now,

and above all on medical advice, I hardly go.

Could it be that I am getting older?

But whoever likes the beach and the serene and warm sea, you know…

you have to enjoy about 8 km of calm and transparent waters in areas of cliffs and small coves alternate with stretches of beach, generally gravel and pebbles.

La Olla, Cap Negret, Mascarat, La Roda, Cap Blanc…

They are perfect beaches for relaxing and sunbathing without large crowds of people,

as can happen in other areas such as Benidorm.”




Nothing has changed here

Well, yes.

In Playa de la Roda.

Photos of how the works of the new beach where the parking of the sea was:


We continue with the old blog:

“And if you like nature…

Living in Altea is living with nature,

The mountains and the sea merge and the incredible views they form… You can’t even imagine it if you don’t see it. And for intellectuals…

Altea has been named City of Culture in 2019-20

Altea has an artistic-cultural charm that characterizes it,

and despite the urban changes that the entire Costa Blanca has undergone,

it has always managed to preserve a bohemian atmosphere for what is considered the cultural capital of the Valencian Community.

Without a doubt,

if you decide to buy or rent a house to live in Altea,

you will enjoy the very special artistic and bohemian atmosphere.

And finally for athletes….

Sea, clean air and a climate exceptional…

what more could sports lovers ask for?

There is everything: water sports, diving, mountaineering, paragliding, golf… etc, etc.

Whatever you want…

In short, living here is a privilege that some 25,000 people enjoy.

No more.

If you want…

you know.

Don’t think twice and come live with us in this wonderful place.”




Well, since I wrote this blog,

I don’t think we are 25,000 people,

because from that moment the pandemic taught people that they don’t need to be in the office for so long…

and they work telecommuting

if we also add those who flee from wars of the son of the Great Putin,

we will no longer fit in this little paradise….


So far, all said.

Until next time.




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