For women

What is this? A man doing empowerment coaching for women?


It sounds strange doesn’t it?

The normal thing is that it is a woman who empowers other women.

What is not normal is that it is a man who does it.

But since I am not normal, rather I am very special, I always try something different from normal…

That’s why I love empowering magnificent women who want to be empowered so they can take on the world.

I have had three marriages and have lived with 5 other great women throughout my love life, so I think I have some experience about female behavior.

Imagine… 8 different characters that I have had to deal with throughout my life!

What I have learned!

and I have gotten along very well with all of them!

I must admit that I am an admirer of women, they seem to me to be the most surprising, valuable and selfless beings….

in addition to workers!

Men (the majority) can’t even reach the soles of their shoes, as they say in Spain.

As a business executive, I have always preferred to work with women, I consider them much more practical and efficient than most men.

For all this, and much more, I have decided to become their advisor.

I can help you, a lot, to:

Define a purpose in your lives

Develop self-esteem

Acquire more mental flexibility

Learn to be resilient and disciplined.

Become more assertive and know how to express feelings.

Act without feeling guilty.

Learn to say NO

Know how to rest and relax

And above all, to be grateful.


Woman, you are worth it.

Take the step forward without fear.

Free yourself once and for all from those moral ties that take you nowhere.

Take your place in the world and freely express out loud: “here I am.”

Once you do it, you will see how good you will feel.

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