¿Looking for a property in Altea?

Follow all these simple steps, you will be able to enjoy your new property without any problem.

And remember… if you don’t want to have a bad time, trust professionals!!


Personal shopper

Contact me.

We will do an online or in-person interview….

In which I will ask you a series of basic questions to know your tastes and demands.

And they will help me find the property you want.

Once we agree on the conditions, we sign a collaboration contract and I get to work.

As a personal shopper, we charge a fixed fee per transaction, and the amount varies depending on the type of property.

For the properties we have in ourportfolio, there are no management fees charged

I will present you several properties that more or less fit your basic requirements.
I’ll send you photos and videos, so you choose…
Then we will visit the selected ones…
If you find one you like, start the negotiation.
I’ll help you.
Remember that I only represent you,
so I will try to lower the price as much as possible.
When you and the seller reach a verbal agreement,
you have to make a reservation or earnest money deposit.
Sometimes this step is not carried out and it is agreed between the parties to go directly to the notary.
If you wish, at this point, I can present you with a lawyer to advise you.

From that moment on, I check all the documentation and a sales contract or penitential deposit is drawn up.

 Once signed by both parties, You have a week or ten days to transfer 10% of the agreed price.


Once the transaction is completed, if you wish, I can make changes to the ownership of all services for you.


Non-residents in Spain must obtain the NIE (Tax Identification Number)

MANDATORY for any procedure they want to carry out (deed of sale, opening of a bank account, etc.)

Procedure that must be carried out with the presence of the interested party at a Police Station in Spain or at any Spanish Embassy or Consulate abroad.

I can also help you with this, count on me.

Thank you