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Stoic Real Estate Blog

January 2024.

We start a new year…..

This year is coming strong…..

Why do I think so?

Because I am convinced that a new era begins…

for the world and also for me.

And also for this beautiful town of Altea.

I don’t know what happened this last year of 2023, but at least in Altea we have had much more tourism than in all the previous years that I have lived here.

People everywhere, in the streets, in shops, in cafes, and in supermarkets, I won’t even tell you!

That makes me think that many people are very tired of living where they live and have decided that since the world is already screwed everywhere you look at it,

it is better to live in a beautiful place,

with a great climate, spectacular food, and on top of that being cheap compared to most cities and similar tourist sites.

So I particularly expect an avalanche of new residents who will come to enjoy the benefits of this land.

The negative is that at the real estate level there are not many properties for sale, therefore prices are going to inevitably rise.

20230628 204621 scaledAnd I’m afraid that this year they will go up much more!


As for me personally,

I am starting my second occupation that I also love: that of an emotional, life, well-being and health coach.

I have been preparing for it for years and I feel that the time has come to go all out.

I have already started giving talks to small groups of people with very satisfactory results.

And this January I already have several scheduled……GA Charla Escoicos 7 1

Now I will start with social media campaigns.


And as for the world,

I’m going to tell you that you don’t already know: old wars, new ones that will begin and I don’t even want to think about what awaits us with AI.

Anyone know what the guys pulling the strings are up to………

banquero ventrilocuo sobre sus rodillas un titere politico alegoria del control del poder economico sobre la politica humoristica caricatura politica taar5e


So friends,

Go take a look at Stoic Philosophy and take good note of what you must change if you don’t want to go crazy with what is going to come.

I recommend three golden books:

This first one was the one that awakened my curiosity about Stoic Philosophy.

I recommend it to you

20231116 221932 1 rotated

This second can be a good introduction.
It is written by two executives who are not philosophers, which always helps to understand better for those of us who do not know philosophy.

20231112 143016 1 rotated

And I recommend reading these two first,


and then Pigluicci’s, since this man is already a philosopher and specialist on the subject.

20240104 192839

I hope they benefit at least a little.

Whatever you can apply to your life, that you will gain.




In the coming months, the 5-star ZEM Wellnes Retreat Hotel will be inaugurated in Altea Hills.

It will be a spectacular hit for the area.

Here are some photos of the current state of the pools and leisure area:

20240106 123023 20240106 123025 20240106 123027


since they have renewed the concession for the Greenwich Marina Port,

they have told me that they are going to make it beautiful and open new high-end businesses, so the area will not stop going up.


That means I have a hatter!

As Isra Bravo says:

“The number of hatters you have says how important you are.”

More haters, more important!

The fact is that I have started the new one and we are still making the final adjustments.

The only thing I am not going to put back up are all the blogs written since March 2019 (there are more than 140), because although I have them on the computer, putting them up would be an infamous job that we don’t feel like doing.

Furthermore, many of them are already outdated.

That’s why today I also begin a new era of blogs.

I hope I haven’t lost my creativity or grace.

In my new real estate era I will be an Independent Real Estate Advisor, so I will no longer do the usual Real Estate.

Now I will work only through contacts.



We almost looked like chops…..


As I suppose you all already know from the news, the Kings brought us a little scare…

which for some has been a big scare!

With a photo you can see how spectacular it has been:

IMG 20240107 WA0000

part of the urbanization of Altea Hills, Mascarat and Puerto Campomanes evicted from the houses……

and almost the entire Three Kings Day without light!

And here 100 meters from my house in Altea Hills:

IMG 20240106 WA0008 One more anecdote on my resume!***************************************************************************************************

I leave you with a plot that I have exclusively to build a piece of mansion with amazing views of the sea and surrounded by spectacular houses….

20231201 170245 1 20231201 170249 1 It has an entrance through two streets:

the upper one (Calle Zabalvide) that ends right there in a cul de sac, and the lower one, Calle Loteria Nº17.20231201 170237 1 20231201 170243 1 You won’t find many plots like this.

There are fewer and fewer left!20231201 170345 1 DSC 0008 6 DSC 0033 edited 1 DSC 0051 edited 2 I leave you the link to my website:

Parcela exclusiva con vistas espectaculares a Altea

Well Stoic friends,

I hope and wish very strongly that this year that has just begun brings us everything we ask for, but above all it brings us a lot… HAPPINESS!

See you soon


Abel Micheletti